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Microcar Cargo - DCi

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Rocker cover screw gasket Lombardini 442 DCI

Microcar Cargo, MGO 2, F8C, M8, Ligier Xtoo R, Xtoo RS, Optimax II, Ixo, JSRC, Chatenet CH28, CH40, CH46, Bellier B8, Jdm Roxsy, Dué P85 and P88, Grecav Sonique... All models with Lombardini DCI engine Thanks to its robust construction and resistance to high temperatures, this gasket offers reliable protection against oil leaks and keeps your engine running smoothly. Its easy installation and compatibility with a variety of D.I.C. models make it an ideal choice for maintaining optimum engine performance. Order today to ensure smooth running and maximum engine durability
Left front brake hose Ligier

Ligier XToo MaxR, RS, S, Optimax Your brake hose is leaking? Replace it with our brake hose for Ligier XTOO MaxR, RS, S and Optimax, high quality parts at discount prices

For all vehicles Protect yourself effectively from the sun's rays on hot summer days! Made from quality materials and robust construction, our sun visor is durable and long-lasting, offering reliable protection. Easy to install and adjust, our adaptable sun visor is an essential accessory for all comfort-conscious drivers. Order today to enjoy a more pleasant ride. Dimensions : 60X130
Top dead center (TDC) sensor Lombardini DCi

Ligier Microcar, , , , , Dué Chatenet Bellier JDM Grecav Ensure optimum performance of your Lombardini 442 and 492 DCi engine with our original top dead center (TDC) sensor. By accurately detecting the engine's top dead center position, this sensor facilitates ignition timing adjustment, helping to improve engine performance and overall efficiency. Its easy installation and exclusive compatibility with Lombardini 442 and 492 DCi engines make it an ideal choice for mechanics and car owners alike. Order today to ensure optimum performance from your Lombardini engine
Oil filter wrench 3 claws

For all cars Simplify your oil changes with our adaptable 3-jaw oil filter wrench for all non-licensed cars. Designed to fit a variety of oil filters, our wrench offers a secure, firm grip for easy oil filter removal and installation. Featuring an ergonomic design, our wrench makes working under the hood easier, allowing you to perform necessary maintenance without hassle. Order today to make oil changes easier and maintain the performance of your no-license car Size: 63 -120 mm
Old-style top bearing

FORMER MODEL AIXAM / LIGIER / MICROCAR This top pad is designed for older models of cars without a permit. This type of pad will fit older models Aixam , Ligier and Microcar .
Carpet floor mats (set of 4)

Universal Spruce up the interior of your no-license car with our set of 4 adaptable carpet floor mats. Designed to fit any model of licence-free car, our mats offer stylish, effective protection for your vehicle's interior. Install them easily for a precise fit and enhanced safety while driving. Order today to refresh your car's interior and drive in style
Motor variator spacer before 2008

STRUT SUPPORT BEARING This support bearing spacer is adaptable to many brands such as Aixam , Ligier , Microcar , JDM , Chatenet or Bellier .
LED flashlight

LED flashlight This flashlight has been designed to make it easier for you to assemble your parts. It features a hook and magnet, two LED lights and a charger. It has a battery life of around 3 hours Dimensions: 155 X 40 X 30 mm
Motor drive nut

AIXAM / LIGIER / MICROCAR / JDM / CHATENET... This Variator nut is a quality piece that will fit your motor controller on the Bell. This reference can be used on marks Aixam , Ligier , Microcar , JDM and finally Chatenet .

Glue for windshield 310 ml  Bumpers, fenders, windshield glue This glue for windscreen and bodywork suitable for all models of VSP is the essential accessory to ensure a good attachment of your windshield! Easy to use, it will ensure a keeping perfect your windshield or your body parts by absorbing all the vibrations.
Plastic putty 500ml

Highly flexible polyester putty, specially designed for plastic repairs. Ideal for repairing minor defects and scratches on bumpers. 500ml capacity
Bulb 12v 55w h4

This high intensity (12 volt, 55 watt) H4 bulb is very reliable. It is perfect to replace headlamps or the dipped-beam headlamps damaged on your car without a licence.
Universal body filler 2kg

Two-component polyester putty designed for car body repairs. It is a multi-purpose product, easy to process and sand. It has the hardness and flexibility suitable for filling cavities. It is characterized by good adhesion to different types of surface, including unprimed metal surfaces. Color: Yellow Capacity: 2 kg Hardener included.
Brake cleaner

Cleaning brakes for VSP You can change the discs and/or the brake pads of your vehicle without license or simply for maintenance of your braking system, this degreaser cleaner brake easier and will give all its brilliance to your brakes.
Universal central locking kit

Adaptable to all licence-free car models Simplify the security of your licence-free car with our adaptable central locking kit. Designed for convenience and peace of mind, this kit lets you lock and unlock all your vehicle's access points in a single gesture. Its simple installation and intuitive operation make it an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts and automotive professionals alike. With its universal compatibility, this kit fits all models of license-free cars, offering a practical and reliable locking solution. Order it today to add an extra layer of protection to your everyday driving
Lumbar cushion

Adaptable to all licence-free cars Optimize your driving comfort with our adaptable lumbar cushion, designed to fit all models of licence-free cars. This ergonomic cushion provides extra support for the lower back, helping to reduce fatigue on long journeys. Its adjustable design and high-quality materials guarantee a perfect fit and optimum comfort for all drivers. Easy to install and adjust, this lumbar cushion is the ideal accessory for improving your posture and reducing back pain while driving. Treat yourself to a more pleasant driving experience by opting for our adaptable lumbar cushion today!
Carbon stickers

For all cars Enhance the appearance of your licence-free car with our adaptable carbon door sill, designed to fit all vehicle models. Our carbon door sill also offers extra protection against scratches and wear, preserving the finish of your original door sills. Easy to install, our adaptable carbon door sill is an essential accessory for personalizing your vehicle to your taste. Order today to enhance the interior appearance of your hatchback, while providing extra protection against daily wear and tear
Universal horn

Your trusty Horn no longer responds to your requests? Change it to this new brand Horn proposed by This essential security element will be with ease on your vehicle without a permit.
Multi-purpose rust remover

MULTI-PURPOSE DEGREASER FOR VSP This multi-purpose degreaser is recommended for degreasing, cleaning, lubricating, protecting and against humidity. It can be used against different surfaces such as rubber, door hinges, tools, chains, bolts, etc..
Mini compressor 12V

Make sure you're ready for emergencies on the road with our 12V mini compressor. Designed to be compact and easily transportable, our mini compressor offers a practical solution for re-inflating the tires of your no-license car in case of emergency or regular maintenance needs. Powered by your vehicle's 12V socket, our compressor provides reliable inflation pressure, enabling you to maintain tire pressure in line with the manufacturer's recommendations. With its robust design and ease of use, our mini compressor is the perfect accessory for safe driving. Order today to ensure peace of mind on the road, wherever you go
Transmission bellows

ALL TRADEMARKS, SIDE BOX / SIDE WHEEL SIMILAR = This bellows of cardan is a piece that will fit in your car without a license without difficulty. Compatible with most major brands of cart, it works both at the level of the box as the wheel!
Hydraulic tappet motor Lombardini 442, 492 DCi

Microcar Cargo, MGO 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, F8C, M8, Ligier Xtoo R, RS, Optimax II, Ixo, JSRC, JS50, Chatenet CH28, Ch46 , Bellier B8, JDM Roxsy, Dué 2, 3, 5 and 6, Grecav Sonique with Lombardini 442 and 492 DCI engines Optimize your engine's performance with our original hydraulic tappet. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, this hydraulic tappet offers exceptional durability and reliability, ensuring long engine life. With its robust design, it is able to withstand the most demanding operating conditions, ensuring optimal motor performance without compromise. Order today to optimize your motor's performance and ensure its longevity
Gratte givre

An efficient ice scraper to de-ice your windshield in the morning.
Reversing radar

Electronic reversing radar  Radar electronic recoil for all vehicles without a permit. This reversing radar is perfect for any vehicle without a permit. It installs very easily at the level of the rear bumper. Very discreet, it emits a "beep" warning with the approach of an obstacle. Avoid shocks when your parking!
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Front brake disc JDM, CHATENET , MICROCAR

JDM ALBIZIA AND ABACA With these before for brake discs JDM Abaca and Albizia, you are certain to be able to stop in an emergency. Mindful of its clients, has developed these discs with flawless finishes. Our discs are of a diameter of 210mm
€27.50 €30.50
Rear shock absorber Ligier, Microcar

Ligier Xtoo 1, Xtoo2, Xtoo max, Xtoo R, Xtoo S, Xtoo RS, Optimax, Microcar Cargo Ensure the safety and stability of your car with this original rear shock absorber. Designed with meticulous attention to safety and performance standards, this shock absorber guarantees effective shock absorption to protect your vehicle in the event of a rear-end collision. Enjoy confident driving and enhanced protection with this genuine rear shock absorber, designed to meet stringent safety requirements while maintaining the structural integrity of your vehicle. Opt for this high-quality replacement part to restore the optimum functionality and safety of your licence-free car
Alternator regulator lombardini

ENGINE LOMBARDINI FOCS This alternator regulator is adaptable on the brand engines Lombardini . With an exceptional quality, this product will meet your expectations!
Cylinder ball joint fastener

Universal The Universal Adaptable Cylinder Ball Mount is an essential accessory for holding your cylinder securely in place, ensuring safe and reliable performance. With its versatile design, this mount adapts to a variety of license-free car models. Opt for the Universal Adaptable Cylinder Ball Mount to guarantee the stability and durability of your cylinder system diameter: 10 mm thread length: 16 mm
LOMBARDINI alternator brush holder

ENGINE LOMBARDINI FOCS This brushes door has the specificity of fit on the generators of the mark Lombardini . Ideal to replace your defective part, this reference will seduce you by its attractive price!
Body varnish

SINTO bodywork varnish 400ml container
Lower ball joint ligier - 152066

LIGIER AMBRA / 162 / NOVA / X TOO These lower bearings developed for Ligier Ambra/162/Nova/xtoo have an essential role in the system of suspension and direction of your cart. They 'cash' efforts at any time due to the State of the roads and thus help you have effective handling.
Paint for wheel rims

Special paint for touching up and decorating the rims of SINTO cars 400 ml capacity
Bearing 17x47x14 / 6303

BEARING 17 X 47 X 14 These bearings are mounted onto many cars without a permit. They have been designed to withstand high temperatures and have been tested for quality control to ensure a better strength.
Bearing 20x47x15 / 6204

BEARING 20 X 47 X 15 A faulty wheel bearing takes the game and eventually break. Once broken bearing decomposes and the outer ring of the bearing will result in his downfall the hub with the wheel. recommends that you take the dimensions of your bearings before the command.
MICROCAR spray paint

This 400-ml can of spray paint, specially developed for Microcar vehicles, will enable you to easily paint your fenders, bumpers, tailgate... of any brand Microcar . It's worth noting that aerosol paint generally yields 5 m2 per liter. This means that a 400 ml can of paint can cover around 2 m2. Find out more about our bodywork range Microcar Choose your color code from the drop-down menu below.
Bearing 25x52x15 / 6205

BEARING 25 X 52 X 15 These dimension bearings 25 X 52 X 15 per car without permit of high quality have been manufactured to perfectly withstand the shock. It is recommended to replace the wheel with pair bearings because when one of the bearings is replaced, the second has a very limited remaining life expectancy.
Mini clamp

Mini hose clamp 9mm   This mini clamp is dedicated to fastening of hoses of fuel your vehicle without a permit.
Tripod gearbox side transmission kit

Transmission kit (gearbox side) This transmission kit makes the connection between the drive shaft and the gearbox. It consists of a gearbox end cap (tripod mounting), a bag of grease, two clamps and a cardan bellows. Check your car carefully to see whether it is fitted with a ball or tripod mount Number of flutes: 19
25m hose

Fuel hose for diesel Ø 7 mm This fuel hose can be used for the majority of cart models. The dimensions of this reference are Ø 7 x 13 mm. Reliable and robust, this part is sold by the meter but always with the assurance of a discount price!
Gearbox drive nut

Nut to dimmer box This nut allows the fixing of the controller's box on some cars without a permit.