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Barrier shocks before ligier xtoo max

LIGIER XTOO MAX You want to replace the front bumper of your Ligier XTOO MAX? Here is the product you need! Easy to install and inexpensive, it will delight everyone with its excellent quality/price ratio.
€63.62 €81.82
Calender Ligier Xtoo 1 and 2 and Xtoo Max

Calender Ligier Xtoo 1 / Xtoo 2 / Xtoo Max Take advantage of this quality grille at a discounted price for Ligier Xtoo 1, Xtoo 2 and Xtoo Max which fits perfectly on your vehicle.
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Hood ligier kussai 1-2

Ligier Xtoo 1-2 This cover is suitable for LIGIER XTOO 1 and 2, it is thermoformed and cut with great precision. A damaged bonnet is very dangerous on the road, so don't hesitate to change your bonnet.
€102.50 €132.50
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Barrier shocks rear ligier xtoo max

LIGIER XTOO R with 1 exhaust Thanks to this superb rear bumper, you can repair your cart Ligier XTOO R . Its design makes it easily adaptable. It is very solid and we offer you at discount prices. 
€62.50 €82.50
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Bumper rear ligier xtoo r

If you want to replace the rear bumper of your Ligier XTOO R SPORT, this is the ideal part. Thanks to it, your car will have a second wind. Many other parts for your car are available in our catalog, consult it!
€56.67 €81.67
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Left front wing for ligier xtoo max

LIGIER XTOO MAX  The wing front left of your cart Ligier XTOO MAX has been damaged? Here is the part need you: it will perfectly replace your damaged wing. In addition, it is available at a price that will fit even small budgets.    
€38.25 €48.25
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Wing right ligier xtoo max

LIGIER XTOO MAX This wing front right has been specially designed for cars without a permit   Ligier XTOO MAX, it will satisfy both lovers of quality that buyers wishing to do good business.    
€38.25 €48.25
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Coté conducteur / gauche - 0086189

Ligier Xtoo 1/2/Max In order to avoid too many projections around your wheels when you ride on muddy or rough roads, it is better to have a wheel arch in good condition. If you notice that the wheel arches of your Ligier Xtoo 1/2/Max are damaged, it is better to replace them with our adaptable part specially designed for your vehicle. Choose the left or the right side.
€32.03 €49.83
Facing rear sport ligier

LIGIER XTOO MAX / R / RS This rear cladding for Ligier XTOO MAX / R / RS that we propose you will be perfect to replace an old one or to give a better "look" to your car without licence. It is of very good quality and it is proposed at a very interesting price.
Cover lock support Ligier - 0081796

Ligier XTOO 1/ 2/ Max The cover of your car is no longer closing properly and the lock of this one is not very stable. Check if your support is not broken or about to be. This support is only for the models Ligier Xtoo and Xtoo MAX. For some models, check your chassis number if it corresponds to the characteristics of the product.
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Protection under engine xtoo

LIGIER XTOO1, XTOO2, XTOO MAX This superb under-engine protection for Ligier XTOO1, XTOO2 and XTOO MAX is a very appreciated product. Designed to protect your engine in an optimal way, it is proposed to you at small price
€29.99 €49.99
Deflector for ligier xtoo

LIGIER XTOO Here is a perfect part to replace your old air deflector on your Ligier XTOO. Very well designed, you can easily install it on your cart. We also have many other parts for your Ligier XTOOFeel free to browse our catalog!
Rivet body

RIVET BODY  These body extra-large head rivets allow you to set all your body reinforcements. They are reusable and easily arise at a glance.  

Glue for windshield 310 ml  Bumpers, fenders, windshield glue This glue for windscreen and bodywork suitable for all models of VSP is the essential accessory to ensure a good attachment of your windshield! Easy to use, it will ensure a keeping perfect your windshield or your body parts by absorbing all the vibrations.
Handle for aerosol paint can

Universal spray paint can handle If you want to paint with a professional finish, buy this can of paint handle to make it easier to apply your paint and get a professional finish.

Bi-component mastic by SINTO to repair, refill and bond for example, repairs to car bodywork, motorcycles...

Mastic polyester bi-component by SINTO, flexible to repair, refill and bond substrates exposed to thermic variation or frequent vibrations, in 350 gr.

SINTO special bumper paint, black