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Chatenet Radiators

Mini-auto parts, leader on the market of spare parts for cars without license, has developed especially for your Chatenet a whole range of radiators at unbeatable prices. All our parts are manufactured in accordance with European standards.

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Radiator microcar mc1 lombardini

MICROCAR MC1 with by-pass (2 outputs at the bottom) for engine LOMBARDINI FOCS  This heater for Microcar MC1 is equipped with two outlets located at the bottom of the piece type By Pass. This reference adaptable is only compatible with the brand engines Lombardini .
€64.00 €99.00
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Radiator chatenet barooder / media

CHATENET BAROODER AND CHATENET MEDIA (Last generation) LOMBARDINI engine This radiator is compatible with the following models Barooder and Media models, only the last generation, of the brand Chatenet . With an irreproachable quality and an attractive price, it is difficult to resist !
€84.00 €114.00
Radiator chatenet barooder

Radiator aluminum for CHATENET BAROODER with YANMAR engine. This aluminum radiator is compatible with the model trademark Barooder Chatenet . It should be noted that this heater is reserved for models equipped with a Yanmar engine. Easy to install and with its price discount, difficult not to succumb!
Radiateur moteur Chatenet CH26,40 et 46 DCi

Engine radiator Chatenet CH26V2, CH28, CH40 and CH46 DCi engine You are experiencing engine overheating problems, replace your defective cooling radiator with our new part of equivalent quality to the original one.
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Radiator chatenet speedino

Engine radiator for CHATENET SPEEDINO This adaptable engine heater is reserved for the Speedino of manufacturer model Chatenet . This quality piece will replace your original radiator easily and at low cost! Don't wait any longer to make your repairs.
€89.00 €119.00

Cooling liquid -25° You have to carry out a supplement of the  cooling liquid  or a draining of your cooling circuit, choose our professional cooling liquid which will guarantee the optimal cooling of your engine
Silent bloc de radiateur Chatenet Barroder et Speedino

Silent radiator block Chatenet Barooder and Speedino Your engine radiator is vibrating more and more and tends to come out of its housing, this is the symptom of an aging silent block. Don't hesitate to make this small repair thanks to our new and discounted parts on
Check valve closure chatenet

Heating valve Chatenet This heating valve is intended for radiators of the brand Chatenet . It manages the heating of the interior of your car without license. Do not think any more and take advantage of its discount price!
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Blowing propeller

Blower fan for engine LOMBARDINI FOCS This blower propeller is designed for the cooling of the radiator for the carts equipped with a motorization Lombardini Jibs. 
€24.90 €27.90
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Aspirant propeller

Propeller hood for engine LOMBARDINI FOCS This ducted propeller is designed for the cooling of the radiator, for the models of cars fitted with an engine Lombardini Jibs. Reliable and strong, its discount price can que séduire vous!
€24.90 €27.90
Radiator microcar virgo 1 / 2

MICROCAR VIRGO 1 / 2 This part is an adaptable radiator for the model Virgo1st and 2nd generation, of the brand Microcar . Easy to assemble and with an attractive price, hard to resist!
Radiator heating aixam

AIXAM ALL MODELS FROM 1997 + CLOSING VALVE This heater dedicated to the Aixam put into circulation from 1997. It role is to cool the water circuit and therefore ansi to cool the engine to give it its optimal functioning. is here to offer you quality products always at discount prices!
Aixam heating valve

This shut-off valve is mounted on heating radiators to Aixam . It allows to manage the interior heating of your vehicle. A quality part, robust which will correspond to your expectations!