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Glove box Microcar unlicensed car

Optimize the storage of your licence-free car Microcar with our high-quality glove boxes. Specially designed for Microcarmodels, these glove boxes are easy to fit and offer practical, secure storage space for your personal belongings.

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Glove box lighting MGO, F8C, DUE

Microcar MGO / F8C, Ligier JSRC, Dué 2/3 Need to easily find the items in your glove box? Install low-cost original lighting for your VSP.
€9.72 €10.80

Ligier XTOO R, RS, S, Optimax, Microcar Cargo The black glovebox Push Clip is a small fastener used to secure and hold in place various components of your vehicle's glovebox. These clips, often made of plastic, can be used to secure panels, lids or other glovebox components. Genuine clips are specifically designed to fit your car model, ensuring perfect integration. Opt for our black OE Push Clip to ensure reliable attachment and effective restoration of your car's glovebox. Order now for a precise, high-quality solution.
Glove compartment base...

Ligier JSRC, Dué Coupé, Microcar MGO2, M8, F8C The original glovebox floor designed for Ligier and Microcar vehicles is an essential replacement part specially adapted to these models. This glovebox base replaces or repairs the lower part of your vehicle's glovebox, ensuring a clean and functional storage space. Opt for this genuine glovebox base to maintain the functionality of your vehicle's storage space and keep the interior clean and organized. Order this replacement part today for a worry-free drive and a cabin in perfect condition.