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Second hand radiators

Mini-auto parts makes you discover a whole selection of second-hand radiators. These parts are almost new and are offered to you at second hand prices.

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Radiator microcar opportunity

Used radiator for Microcar MC1 and MC2 with one engine Lombardini Focs without bypass (only 1 outlet at the bottom)
Radiator Aixam before 2005

Radiator Aixam before 2005. Copper plated, adaptable on Aixam 400I and A540, delivered with cap.
Radiator Microcar Lyra or Virgo

Radiator Microcar Lyra or Virgo. In aluminium adaptable for Microcar Lyra and Virgo 1 and 2. Delivered with cap.
Radiator Ligier 162

Radiator Ligier 162. In aluminium for Ligier 162 Lombardinidelivered without its cap.
Radiator Microcar MC1/MC2

Radiator Microcar MC1/MC2. In aluminium with two outlets, delivered with plug, adaptable on MC1 and MC2 (Yanmar or Lombardini).
Radiator Ligier Ambra

Radiator Ligier Ambra. Without cap, in aluminium for Ligier Ambra (FOCS) only if radiator on the side.
Radiator Ligier XTOO / IXO

Radiator Ligier XTOO / IXO. Aluminium and plastic radiator for Ligier XTOO and IXO delivered without cap.
JDM ALOES Radiator

Radiator JDM ALOES. Aluminium and plastic model for JDM ALOES motor Yanmardelivered with cap.
Radiator Chatenet CH30

Radiator Chatenet CH30. Second hand model in aluminium and plastic for Chatenet CH30 sold with its cap.