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Drums has developed two models of drum rear for aixam, grecav and also for your ligier, chatenet, jdm in order to better respond to your request

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Brake drum Aixam City, Crossline and Coupe range Sensation

Rear brake drum for Aixam City, Crossline and Coupé from the Sensation Need to rebuild your rear brakes for your car? Aixam offers this drum faithful to the original in terms of manufacturing quality. Do not hesitate to replace it for your Aixam City, Crossline and Coupé from the Sensation. The corresponding bearings per drum are : -RO6305 x1 -RO6005 x 1
Drum rear

ALL TYPES AIXAM AND MINAUTO These rear drums can be mounted on most carts Aixam . Piecesanspermis has negotiated its prices to provide you with solid drums at a unique price. Remember to check also your brake shoes and replace them if necessary. Center distance: 115mm
Drum rear

LIGHT 162 / AMBRA / NOVA - STELLA / MEDIA / BAROODER / CH26 (1st Model in Coram) - JDM TITANE 1-2 These rear drums are specially designed for certain models of , Chatenet and JDM . Other models of carts are equipped with brake discs and rear brake pads that you can consult on our site. It is highly recommended to change both drums. Centre distance: 100mm
Brake attachment kit / jaws

Brake fixing kit / jaws This brake fixing kit is compatible with a large number of cars without licence. This set includes 2 springs, 2 rods and 2 clips ideal to modify your braking system without difficulties but also without ruining you!
Rear drum Chatenet - 0117309

Chatenet after 2011 The braking system is an essential thing for the safety of your car without license. As soon as your car has a loss in braking (difficulty to brake, or does not stop at all). Your drum may be damaged (broken, cracked) and therefore prevents your system from working properly. This drum is mounted on the Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, Sporteevo.
JDM Brake Drum - 0204032

JDM Roxsy and Xheos / BELLIER Jade / GRECAV EKE and Sonique. You have a problem braking with your car without a license. Remember to check the drums of your vsp regularly to ensure the safety on board your car without a license. That's why we offer you this perfectly adaptable part and a discount price for your JDM, Bellier and Gecav.
Handbrake rod

All models This hand brake linkage is adaptable on all cars equipped with rear drum unlicensed. As soon as you press your hand brake, this piece must push your machoirs to curb your vsp. If this is not the case, the rod may be broken and can no longer function properly and replacement is necessary.
Grecav rear drum

Rear brake drum MICROCAR / JDM / Grecav / BELLIER Center distance 115 mm Microcar Lyra, Virgo1, Virgo2, Virgo3 Jdm Albizia, Abaca, Aloes Bellier Divane, Opane, Jade Grecav Sonique