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Discover our product range for the exterior maintenance of your cart. This section includes bulbs, cover fixing kits, a reversing system and everything you need for your car without a licence.

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Anti-puncture spray

Bomb anti-puncture 300 ml + 100 ml free Bomb anti-puncture for all vehicle without a permit. This bomb from 400 ml is recommended for all vehicles without a permit in the event of a puncture. It fills and re-inflates without disassembly or tools, punctured tires.
Gratte givre

An efficient ice scraper to de-ice your windshield in the morning.
Reversing radar

Electronic reversing radar  Radar electronic recoil for all vehicles without a permit. This reversing radar is perfect for any vehicle without a permit. It installs very easily at the level of the rear bumper. Very discreet, it emits a "beep" warning with the approach of an obstacle. Avoid shocks when your parking!
Reversing radar microcar (complete)

For Microcar MC1 / MC2 / MGO / M8   This radar full recoil kit origin intended for models MC1 / MC2 / MGO and unlicensed vehicles brand M8 Microcar comprises sensors, the housing, the buzzer and the beam. Ensuring maximum safety during your back markets, this product will be installed without difficulty on your car because 
Reversing radar box Ligier, Microcardué

Ligier Ixo, JS50, Optimax, JSRC, Microcar MGO 3, 4, 5, 6, Dué 3, 4/5, 6 Ensure maximum safety while performing reversing maneuvers with this genuine reversing radar box. Specially designed for cars without a license, this box offers unrivalled reliability and optimum functionality to assist you during parking maneuvers. Thanks to its sturdy construction and ergonomic design, this OE reversing radar box integrates perfectly with your vehicle, ensuring simple, effective installation. Opt for this quality product for a safer, more convenient driving experience with your license-free car, offering peace of mind during all your reversing maneuvers
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Radar de recul

Casalini M10 , M110 , M12 , M14 , M14 2.0 , M20 The audible reversing radar is an electronic device designed for unlicensed cars to assist the driver during parking maneuvers. It emits progressive sound signals according to the proximity of detected obstacles, enabling the driver to find his way more easily and avoid collisions. Find your audible reversing radar now on our website selling spare parts for licence-free cars. Order now!
Wheel widener kit for AIXAM / GRECAV

Aixam Grecav , JDM, Casalini, Italcar and Tasso These wheel wideners allow you to customize most Aixam, Grecav, JDM, Casalini, Italcar and Tasso vehicles, giving them a unique look. This kit includes 4 parts.
Bumper grille

Bumper grille Black color This honeycomb bumper grille will give a more assertive look to your car without licence. The grid is made of aluminium mesh. It will be easily cut to fit precisely on your VSP ( Chatenet , Microcar ,...) This grid is available in dimension 1.25m * 30cm
Bumper grille

Bumper grille This dimpled bumper grid honeycomb will bring a "look" more assertive in your car without a license. The grid is aluminium mesh. She will easily cut to fit precisely with your VSP) Chatenet , Microcar ,...) This grid is available in size 1.25 m * 30 cm
400ml aerosol fitting thinner

Aerosol thinner specially designed to blend old and new varnish in the joint area Ensures perfect homogeneity . 400ml capacity
Fiberglass putty 1kg

Fiberglass-reinforced polyester putty designed for automotive bodywork. Recommended for filling nicks and large cavities in vehicles. It ensures strong adhesion to metals, short curing time and good sanding properties 1.1kg capacity
Aluminium putty 1L

Flexible putty with high aluminum powder content. Flexible and easy to sand. Specially designed for repairing metal surfaces subject to vibration and frequent temperature variations. This putty ensures good adhesion to metals, high thermal conductivity and smooth sanding properties. Color: Gray 1l capacity
Plastic putty 500ml

Highly flexible polyester putty, specially designed for plastic repairs. Ideal for repairing minor defects and scratches on bumpers. 500ml capacity
Universal body filler 2kg

Two-component polyester putty designed for car body repairs. It is a multi-purpose product, easy to process and sand. It has the hardness and flexibility suitable for filling cavities. It is characterized by good adhesion to different types of surface, including unprimed metal surfaces. Color: Yellow Capacity: 2 kg Hardener included.
Nitro putty 200g

Ideal for repairing small imperfections such as scratches, micro-bullages, craters, impacts, . .. Very effective also for filling small pinholes in spoilers and fiberglass parts. Easy application Fast drying Smooth, silky and highly elastic surface No burying in repaired surfaces 200g container
Hood mounting kit

For all cars without a licence This fixing kit is intended for all makes of carts. The fasteners allow you to keep your bonnet in place if, for example, it has been replaced by a "tuning" body part, if you have modified your engine bay and the original bonnet lock has been removed or simply for looks.
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Support d'échappement tunning

Exhaust system tuning The tuning exhaust support is an essential accessory for personalizing and enhancing the aesthetics of your licence-free car's exhaust system. Made from high-quality material, it ensures optimum support for the exhaust while adding a sporty, stylish touch to your vehicle. Compatible with many models of licence-free cars, this bracket is easy to install and guarantees long durability. Order now!
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Visières rétroviseur

Mirror visors Ligier carbon effect Choose these flocked Ligier mirror visors to add a touch of elegance and personalization to your licence-free car. Carefully crafted and specially designed for Ligier vehicles, they offer not only unique styling, but also effective protection against glare and prying eyes. Easy to install, these rearview mirror visors are an essential accessory for enhancing the appearance of your licence-free car, while ensuring your comfort and safety on the road. Order now!
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Film Solaire 75cmX3m

Anti-UV solar film for glass roofs Solar window film for licence-free cars is a practical solution for protecting your vehicle's interior from UV rays while keeping it cool. Easy to apply, it offers effective protection against heat and prying eyes. Ideal for improving driving comfort and preserving privacy on board your licence-free car. Order now!
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Housse de protection extérieure

Outdoor protective cover for Citroën AMI and Opel Rock-e The exterior protective cover for no-license cars is specially designed to protect your vehicle from UV rays. It also features elastic bands for a perfect fit and secure attachment. It's easy to install and remove, making it the ideal accessory for preserving the condition and durability of your licence-free car. Buy now!