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Accelerator cable Ligier

Take advantage of our gas pedal cables for brand-name carts Ligierspecially designed for these vehicles, we guarantee you a quality product at the best price. Available on

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Ligier XTOO R, RS, S, Ixo, JS50, JS60, Optimax, Microcar M.Cross , MGO3, 4/5, 6, Cargo, Dué 2, 3/5, 6 This gas pedal cable, specially designed for licence-free vehicles from Ligier, Microcar and Dué, is one of our best-sellers, a quality product at an unbeatable price. Loved by our customers for its long life and robustness, it will satisfy the most demanding customers.
Gas pedal cable ligier xtoo - 117075

Accelerator cable LIGIER XTOO 1 / 2 / Max This cable fits on models XTOO 1 / 2 and MAX of the LIGIER brand. We offer you a price defying any competition. It will allow you to help out you any breach of it.
LIGIER accelerator cable

Cable LIGIER 162 and AMBRA This specially designed carts Accelerator cable Ligier It is part of our featured due to its low cost and its high quality products. Loved by our customers for its exceptional ruggedness and longevity, it will satisfy the most demanding.  
Throttle cable Ligier, Microcar

Ligier JS50, Microcar MGO2, M8, F8C with Lombardini DCI engine The original gas pedal cable is a crucial component for the smooth operation of your car. Designed with durable materials and impeccable precision, this cable ensures reliable throttle response, guaranteeing smooth, hassle-free driving. Choose this genuine cable for optimum vehicle performance, delivering a safe and enjoyable driving experience every time. - Specially designed for JS50, MGO2, M8, F8C models with Lombardini DCI engines.
Câble d'accélérateur -...

Microcar MGO1 & 2, M8, F8C, Ligier JSRC The gas pedal cable is an essential component of your car's engine control system. It connects the driver's accelerator pedal to the engine's throttle valve. When you depress the accelerator pedal, the cable transmits this movement to the throttle valve, increasing the amount of air and fuel admitted to the engine. If you own a car with a Lombardini engine, this adaptable gas pedal cable is perfect for smooth, responsive driving.
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