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Pads Casalini

Brake pads for CASALINI offers a wide range of discount brake pads for your CASALINI. Select the brake pads you need according to the model of your CASALINI.

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4 front brake pads - (25mm)

Front brake pad Braking is an important safety feature. If your car's brake pads are worn out, this product will replace your defective part without any problem. With a lining height of 25mm, you will regain the full braking potential of your vehicle without a licence for a very competitive price. Pad height: 25mm For disc diameter 210 mm Attention for Chatenet CH26, only for CORAM disc brakes
Set of 4 brake pads 25mm *Prenium quality*

Set of 4 new front brake pads. Aixam - Minauto - Ligier - Microcar - JDM - Bellier - Chatenet - Casalini - offers you the best in brake parts for VSP all brands. Height of pad : 25mm For 209mm diameter disc
CASALINI M10 / M14 rear brake pad

Set of 4 rear brake pads for Casalini adaptable These brake pads have been specially designed to fit the rear of the Casalini M10 and M14. Don't forget to check your brake discs, which may also be the cause of abnormal brake pad wear.
Set of 4 rear pads casalini - F0040000735

Set of 4 pads rear for adaptable Casalini These brake pads have specially designed to be mounted to the rear of the Casalini . Remember to check your brake disks which can also be the cause of abnormal wear of your brake pads.
Cylindrical brake pad axle

All models (sold to the unit) These axes of platelets are compatible with all models of car without a permit) Aixam , Microcar , Ligier , Chatenet , Grecav , Bellier ,...) It is recommended to replace the axes at each change of brake pads