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Mini-auto parts offers you a range of exhaust accessories such as clamps or exhaust manifold gaskets

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Focs exhaust nut

Lombardini Focs exhaust nut This exhaust nut Lombardini FoCs model Progress LDW502. This nut copper allows you setting the manifold and tube through your engine.
Exhaust manifold gasket Lombardini DCi

Leaking gasket collector Lombardini DCi 442 and DCi 492 The gasket collector ensures the airtightness on the collector exit of exhaust emissions, in the event of failure do not hesitate to replace it.   
Collar flange u

Collar exhaust mounts on the flexible Ligier and Microcar... Reference: ASLIG1003 and ASMIC1003
Engine exhaust manifold gasket Yanmar

Exhaust manifold gasket Microcar, Chatenet, Bellier and JDM engine Yanmar The function of the exhaust manifold gasket is to prevent exhaust gas leakage at the junction of the engine block and the exhaust manifold.
Chrome exhaust tip Aixam

Aixam Crossover, Coupe and GTO (Impulse range) Make sure you have the best possible finish for your model Crossover, Coupe or GTO of the Impulse range with this chrome exhaust tip. In addition, this tip delays the appearance of rust in the exhaust pipe.
Dual outlets Aixam

Aixam Coupe and GTO impulse range and Sensation Give your car a makeover without a brand name licence Aixam with that fake exhaust outlet that's typed sport for your Coupe and GTO of the Impulse and Sensation.

Mastic by SINTO to fill and repair large holes and cracks in exhaust systems. Without dismantling.