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Wishbone Microcar invites you to discover its suspension triangles for Microcar at unbeatable prices. has selected its best suppliers to ensure optimum quality!

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Triangle Microcar MGO 3 and 4 and Dué 2 and 3

Left suspension triangle Microcar MGO 3/4 and Dué 2/3 Crucial part for the good roadholding of your licence-free car, the suspension triangle ensures the linkage between your chassis and the wheel. Don’t wait any longer to replace it in the case of excessive vibrations.
Suspension triangle Microcar MGO 3/4 and Dué 2/3

Right suspension triangle Microcar MGO 3/4 and Dué 2/3 A real linkeage point between the chassis and the wheel hub, the suspension triangle plays a major role in both the safety of your licence-free car and its good roadholding. In the case that yours is defective, replace it with our brand new part of equivalent quality to the original
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Triangle suspension microcar mgo - 1008041

MICROCAR MGO This triangle of suspension is specifically aimed at unlicensed cars last generations Microcar MGO. Its effectiveness and its impeccable finishes let you marble. All our triangles are sold to the unit.
€33.00 €45.00
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Suspension triangle microcar - 1001391

MICROCAR MC1 / MC2 CEST adaptable on suspension wishbones Microcar MC1/MC2 are the result of a remarkable work. With its extreme solidity and its price, it has become one of our best sellers amongst all our products.
€33.00 €45.50
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Suspension triangle microcar lyra - RO669401 / RO669400

MICROCAR LYRA This suspension triangle is strictly reserved for carts Microcar Lyra... Premium quality, it is here that you will find your parts at prices the lowest in the market., it is safety and quality at the best price.
€33.00 €45.00
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Suspension triangle microcar virgo - 0669623 / 0669624

MICROCAR VIRGO This triangle of suspension is only made to be mounted Microcar Virgo. It has been tested by addition time to provide high resistance to shocks that occur or the vibrations of the cart.
€33.00 €45.00
Silent bloc microcar

Microcar Virgo / MC1 / MC2 / MGO   This silent block to vehicle without a permit of the brand of Microcar - Virgo, MC1, MC2, and MGO models - fits perfectly and easily mounts on the triangle, avoiding the game in front.
Silent triangle and arm blocks LIGIER, MICROCAR, DUE, BELLIER

Ligier, Microcar, Bellier Ligier Xtoo R , S , RS , Optimax , Ixo , JSRC , JS50 , JS50L , Flex , Be-sun / Microcar M.go , F8C , M8 , Cargo , Flex , M.Cross / Dué JS42 / Bellier ( 10x22x30x33 )