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Wishbone Chatenet sells suspension triangles for Chatenet. has thought of everything, with discount prices, to ensure you have a smooth ride!

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Suspension triangle chatenet barooder - 118003

CHATENET BAROODER These suspension triangles with exceptional finishes have been developed with the greatest respect for European standards. They can only be fitted to cars without a licence Chatenet Barooder.
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Suspension triangle chatenet media - 11433

CHATENET MEDIA This triangle of suspension is purely designed to adapt to the Chatenet Media. It will make proven by its simplicity of installation followed by its high performance during your daily commute.
€39.00 €54.00
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Suspension triangle chatenet ch26 - 0126093 / 0126094

CHATENET CH26 / CH30 / CH32 These suspension wishbones have been manufactured under the best possible conditions and with great care to obtain a remarkably reliable product. They are specifically compatible with the models Chatenet CH26 / CH30 / CH32.
€34.90 €49.90
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Left-hand suspension triangle Chatenet CH26 / CH28 / CH30 / CH32 / Sporteevo

Chatenet CH26 / CH28 / CH30 / CH32 / Sporteevo The adaptable left-hand suspension triangle for license-free cars ensures a stable and safe ride by helping to maintain vehicle stability. Made from durable, high-quality materials, this suspension wishbone guarantees reliable performance on the road, reducing vibrations and ensuring precise handling. Opt for this adaptable suspension triangle to ensure a smooth, safe ride on a variety of road types
€34.90 €49.90
Straight suspension triangle Chatent CH40 and CH46

Suspension triangle left or right Chatenet CH40 and CH46 The link between your car's chassis and the hub carrier, it ensures good roadholding and, above all, your safety. Vibrations, longer braking distances or abnormal tire wear should be signs that your suspension wishbone needs replacing.
Silent bloc chatenet - 11434

Chatenet Media / Stella / Barooder   This silent block to vehicle without a permit of the brand Chatenet - Media, Stella and Barooder models - fits perfectly and easily mounts on the triangle, avoiding the game in the front.
Rear triangle - Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, CH33, Sporteevo, CH40, CH46 Improve the visibility and safety of your licence-free car with our high-quality rear triangle. Designed to provide clear signage to other drivers, this rear triangle is an essential accessory to ensure safety on the road. Made from durable, hard-wearing materials, this rear triangle is easy to install and compatible with a variety of licence-free car models. Choose our rear triangle now and drive with confidence, ensuring the safety of your licence-free vehicle.