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Aixam A540

Active filters


Mastic polyester bi-component by SINTO, flexible to repair, refill and bond substrates exposed to thermic variation or frequent vibrations, in 350 gr.

Bi-component mastic by SINTO to repair, refill and bond for example, repairs to car bodywork, motorcycles...
Aixam 540 twin hood

Hood AIXAM 540 TWIN You have damaged the hood of your Aixam 540 TWIN? No need to panic! Here's a cover which will perfectly replace the former. It will perfectly fit to your cart and its very low price will satisfy you that. 
Rivet body

RIVET BODY  These body extra-large head rivets allow you to set all your body reinforcements. They are reusable and easily arise at a glance.  

Glue for windshield 310 ml  Bumpers, fenders, windshield glue This glue for windscreen and bodywork suitable for all models of VSP is the essential accessory to ensure a good attachment of your windshield! Easy to use, it will ensure a keeping perfect your windshield or your body parts by absorbing all the vibrations.
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Support barrier shocks aixam 540

AIXAM 540 This bumper support is adaptable on the carts Aixam 540. It will allow you to install your bumper efficiently. It is an essential part which will surprise you thanks to its robustness and its small price.
€39.08 €49.08
Deflector aixam a540

AIXAM A540 These air deflectors for no-license cars Aixam A540 are among our most popular products. In addition to being very sturdy, they are very inexpensive. Do not hesitate to consult our catalogue for any other article
Back bodywork for aixam a540

AIXAM A540 This superb rear bumper for Aixam A540 will fit perfectly to your cart. Inexpensive and very robust, it will give you complete satisfaction.
Barrier shocks before aixam a540

AIXAM A540 Your front bumper has been damaged? Thanks to this product that we offer, it is now very easy to replace the element of your A540, of the brand Aixam . Of very good quality and at a very low price, this front bumper will seduce you.
Kubota air filter

FILTER AIR KUBOTA ROUND FOR AIXAM MODELS ALUMNI AND A540 This air cleaner is adaptable on the Aixam A540 and earlier models. is willing to offer you several choices among many products. An air filter is changed around 10000 kms.
Aixam headlight

AIXAM 400I / A540 These headlights mounted 400I Aixam and A54. They have been developed taking into account the strict European standards. If your model of cart is different, you will find on our other site models of lighthouses.  
Flashing before aixam

AIXAM 400i ORANGE These front lights for car without a licence Aixam 400i we offer will perfectly replace your old flashing. They have a great life and their price is very attractive.  
Cable inverter aixam 540

Cable AIXAM A540 This crossover designed for cars without a permit cable Aixam A540 was manufactured according to the strictest European standards. The material used to manufacture this crossover cable is great resistance to give him greater longevity.  
Aixam 540 suspension triangle

AIXAM A540 This triangle of suspension at discount prices is only for vehicles without a permit Aixam A540. Suspension triangle is an essential link in the suspension system. A failed triangle results in loss of control of the vehicle. If the arm is broken the vehicle can no longer roll at all.
Windscreen for aixam

AIXAM 325I / 400I / A540 This designed windscreen to the VSP Aixam 325i, 400i and A540 was manufactured in accordance with European standards more stringent. The glass used to make this windshield is great resistance to avoid any shine or crack.
Rod direction aixam

AIXAM A540 This Steering rod is specially compatible with the Aixam A540. Other models of rods are available on our website.  Each replacement of ball's direction, ball inner direction or steering rods, the vehicle must soon undergo a parallelism in a specialist setting.
Cradle engine aixam 540

AIXAM 540 This engine cradle with impeccable finishes, is adaptable on the Aixam A540.  The cradle is a metal bracket attached to the chassis. It role is to assemble metal parts such as the tank, the engine, shock absorbers etc.
Belt idler for aixam 540

TENSIONER BELT AIXAM 540 This original belt tensioner is reserved for the model 540 brand Aixam . It will perfectly replace your defective part, with the advantage of a discount price!
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Gear box for aixam 540

AIXAM 540 origin This original box Aixam is a model which is compatible with the model 540. With a discount price and easy installation, don't wait to order!
€490.83 €540.83
Injector cleaner

CLEANER DIESEL INJECTOR NOZZLE   Cleaner diesel injector is recommended to clean and lubricate the pump and injectors   It restores engine performance, removes the holes to acceleration by cleaning the combustion as well as the valve Chamber. Facilitates cold starts.
Support box speed aixam

AIXAM 400 I / A540 / A550 / 500I This adaptable box support is designed for the 400i, A540, A 550 and 500i models of the brand Aixam . This reliable and robust reference will meet your expectations without ruining you thanks to its discount price!
Support engine aixam

AIXAM 400 I / A540 / A550 / 500 I This adaptable engine mount is for the 400i, A540, A550 and 500i models of the brand Aixam . Reliable and resistant, it will meet your expectations with its unbeatable discount price!
Lights rear aixam

AIXAM 400 i AND A540 These rear lights have been developed for the 400i and A540 Aixam They have an excellent life span and offer an exceptional lighting quality.
Flashing before aixam

AIXAM A540, 400i, 500i These front indicators will be perfect to replace your old defective indicators on your AIXAM A540/400i/500i . Very well designed, they will bring you great satisfaction. Moreover, our discount price will only suit you.