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Engine mounts / gearboxes Microcar, the specialist in VSP parts for all makes, offers you the full range of engine and gearbox mounts at the best prices. We have selected for you silent blocks, alternator brackets and gearbox mounts.

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LIGIER / JDM / MICROCAR / CHATENET This type of motor / gearbox is compatible with: LIGIER : 162, AMBRA, NOVA, XTOO JDM : ALBIZIA / ABACA / ALOE MICROCAR : MC1 / MC2 / MGO with YANMAR engine CHATENET : CH26 and certain BAROODER-mounted
€8.90 €12.90
MICROCAR engine mount

MICROCAR LYRA / VIRGO / MC1 / MC2 with LOMBARDINI engine. This support of box / engine adaptable is compatible with Lyra, Virgo, MC1 and MC2 of the mark Microcar, fitted with an engine Lombardini . Reliable and resistant, this piece will seduce you with its discount prices and its easy installation!
Motor support Microcar MGo 1 and 2, M8 and F8C

Engine brackets Microcar MGo 1 and 2, M8, F8C and Dué Coupé Your engine tends to vibrate abnormally, check it and think of replacing your engine brackets.  The latest ones are specificallly made for  Lombardini engines  (LWD 502, 442 and 492) fitting models from the  Microcar  make.
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Front engine silencer Ligier, Microcardué

For Ligier XTOO S / RS / IXO / JS50 / JSRC / Optimax and Microcar MGO 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 and M8 DCI Discover our Silent Bloc engine dedicated to the Xtoo S / RS and Ixo / JS50 models of the brand of vehicles without license Ligier and Microcar. This model is also compatible with
€11.90 €18.90
Flange with motor silent block stop Microcar

Flange with engine silent block plate Microcar Need to replace your front engine brackets for  Microcar   MGO 2, 3, 4, M8, F8C, First, Dué 3 and 4 and Cargo?  Choose our silent as well as the flange with plate at the best price on
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Motor support kit Ligier, Microcar

Kit of 2 front engine brackets for Microcar MGO 1, 2, 3,4, M8 and F8C offers you a kit of 2 engine brackets with their cups for licence-free cars of the  Microcar  make. This kit is made for  MGO 1, 2, 3, 4, M8 and F8C  models fitted with a  Lombardini Progress and DCi engine
€36.90 €38.90
Motor starter bracket Yanmar

Engine starter bracket Yanmar bicylinder Is your starter bracket for your licence-free car fitted with a Yanmar engine faulty? Replace it with our spare part which strictly conforms to the original at a price 3 x cheaper than the competition. Starter bracket for licence-free car makes  Microcar, Chatenet, JDM, Bellier.
Motor support Lombardini

Front engine frame Microcar MGO1 Essential part for a good connection of the engine and cradle, the engine frame must be replaced as soon as cracks or other damage is noticed.  Specially developped for Lombardini engines fitted in the Microcar MGO 1 and 2.
Alternator bracket for Lombardini Focs and Progress

Engine Lombardini Focs and Progress This support helps keep your alternator car without a license in the best position so that it works correctly. If it turns out that your support is broken or about to be, consider replacing it, with our adaptable room and quality.
Support microcar mc straight - 1001589

Right engine support for Microcar MC1 / MC2 The right engine support of your model Microcar MC1 and MC2 is defective? Change it to this adaptable model at discount prices!  Robust and reliable, this room will meet your expectations of quality and durability.
Motor connection ligier xtoo / r / s / rs - 12995

Motor connection support for ligier XTOO / R / S / RS from 2009 This engine binding support is designed to adapt to XTOO, R, S and RS models in circulation from the brand 2009 Ligier . This element of fixing, reliable and robust, will all meet your expectations. With a discount price, don't hesitate to replace your defective part.
Motor link support microcar - 1006562

SUPPORT REAR MICROCAR MGO This piece is a rear engine liaison support designed for model MGO in the constructor Microcar . A piece of attachment, reliable and robust, that allow you to edit your defective part at lower cost!
Motor link support microcar - 1006561

SUPPORT BEFORE MICROCAR MGO This front bracket adaptable engine link is reserved for the MGO in the range model Microcar . This piece of fixing, robust and reliable, will allow you to change your defective part at lower cost through its discount prices!
Motor link support microcar - 1001588

MICROCAR This adaptable engine binding support is compatible with the majority of the models of the brand Microcar . This piece, which ensures the maintenance of the engine in the cradle, robust and easy to install will fully satisfy you!
Lombardi DCi engine mounting screws

Engine fastening screw Lombardini LDW 442 and LDW 492 DCi If you need to replace your engine brackets don´t forget to replace your fastening screws too in order to give the best possible maintenance to your Lombardini DCi engine 
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Motor - gearbox link pin Ligier / Microcar

Connection axel engine - box Ligier and Microcar Strong vibrations are felt from the connection of the engine and the box, make sure your connection axel engine - box is tightened and not damaged.  If necessary, replace it with our spare part specially designed for Lomardini Progress engines. 
€9.90 €11.90