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Belt dimmer origin aixam 400 i / 500i / 600i

AIXAM 400I / 500I / 500SL / 600I / A550 TWIN / TQM550 This reliable original belt is specially manufactured for Aixam 400I/500I/500SL/A550. One of our flagship products, it will ensure a good road holding and you will gain more speed.
Variable origin bellier truck belt

BASHER truck engine YANMAR If you make a change in your drive belt on your Bellier TRUCK equipped with a Yanmar engine, this piece is for you! Robust and at discount prices, it is a safe value of our catalogue!
Belt dimmer origin aixam 400/s/sl

AIXAM 400E / 400S / 400L / 400SL / 400.4 / 400EVO This variator belt also called "transmission belt" is entirely dedicated to the carts Aixam 400. Of superior quality, it will fit your variator perfectly. For smaller budgets, don't hesitate to check our adaptable belts
Belt dimmer origin aixam 721/741/751

AIXAM A721 / A741 / 751 You have noticed cracks in the rubber of your belt? This original Variator belt is specially manufactured for vehicles Aixam 741-721-751. If you detected a loss of speed or shaking at idle, it can also come from your controller.
Belt dimmer aixam city 2008

AIXAM CITY 2008 with central internal grooving If you are looking to replace your drive belt for your Aixam CITY dating from 2008, this original model will be perfect. In fact, this piece with central Groove Interior easily replaces your old drive belt.
Drive belt Aixam - AD522172

Aixam impetus and Vision This belt of original speed control is specially designed for the pulse Aixam and the Aixam Vision. Check to see if your belt needs to be changed, if it has signs of wear (cracks, belt that is Cup, cut belt). If you notice any of these signs, quickly replace your belt.