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Car bellows

Your bellows is cracked, replace it as soon as possible because if the dust gets into the bearings it will cause big damages.

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Rack bellows

AIXAM / LIGIER / MICROCAR / JDM / CHATENET / ERAD / BASHER... This bellows of rack or also called "bellows direction" is standard and compatible with all brands of cars without a permit. Also find on our website of fat in order to install your bellows direction.
Transmission bellows

ALL TRADEMARKS, SIDE BOX / SIDE WHEEL SIMILAR = This bellows of cardan is a piece that will fit in your car without a license without difficulty. Compatible with most major brands of cart, it works both at the level of the box as the wheel!
Transmission bellows kit

1 BELLOWS + 1 BAG OF FAT + 2 NECKLACES This kit includes 1 bellows, 1 bag of fat as well as 2 attachment clips. This comprehensive package will fit to your cart Aixam , Ligier , Microcar , Chatenet , Bellier and Erad. At this price discount, hard to beat!
Grease sachet

Bag of grease for transmission This bag of grease is an indispensable product for your cart. It will be your best ally to maintain your mechanics!
Spy gasket for stilfreni gearbox on cardan side

SPY GASKET FOR STILFRENI GEARBOX CARDAN SIDE. This quality spy gasket 20x47x7 for Stilfreni gearbox is mounted on the cardan side of the gearbox. Its purpose is to retain the oil contained in the reversing axle of the vehicle, and thus avoid a breakage of the bearings and pinions present in the gearbox
Clamping collar

For all vehicles without a permit This lot of 2 clamps is ideal to ensure a good attachment of your bellows on the ends of your VSP transmission. The necklaces are usable on the bellows side wheel as in the side box. You are not required to have specific pliers for tightening of the clamps.
Mounting cone for cardan bellows

You encounter difficulties to perform the replacement of the bellows of cardan? Don't want to waste time? With this cone, the mounting of your bellows will very quickly and with its very attractive price you will be more than satisfied.
Left rack bellows

Casalini Sulky, Ydea, M10, M12, M14, M20, 550 Preserve the performance of your Casalini by ordering this original left-hand rack bellows today. Order now! Please visit our Transmission category.