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Set of 4 jaws diameter 160

AIXAM - BELLIER - CHATENET - JDM - LIGIER - GRECAV - MICROCAR - MINAUTO. DRUM DIAMETER : 160 / WIDTH : 40 MM These discounted brake jaws are sold in sets of 4 and are compatible with many cars without a license equipped with drums at the rear. Remember to check the diameter and width of your drums.
Lombardini original starter

STARTER LOMBARDINI WITH CROWN FLYWHEEL 73 TEETH This starter Lombardini with Crown of the flywheel, is adaptable to engines of the same brand. This piece features of 73 teeth information to take into account when placing your order. It can arise on the Virgo (2 and 3), MC1 and MC2 by at Microcar , as well as from many brand vehicle Ligier .
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Repair kit box stilfreni

STILFRENI (LIGIER, JDM,...) This repair kit allows the repair of Stilfreni gearboxes for small cars at a low price Ligier JDM ,... With, nothing could be easier than to make a new look for your small car at an unbeatable price.
€59.00 €69.00
Tyre 145/60/r13 13 inches

TYRE 145/60 R13 13-INCH  145/60 R13 tires are used for small sized vehicles equipment and offer a lower rolling resistance. Mounted on the 13 inch rims, these tires are a solid basis is therefore are ideal for all cars without a permit.
Tyre 145/70/r13 13 inches

TYRE 145/70 R13   This 145/70 R13 tire 13 inches is very reliable and will give your car without a permit a very good aderence. Excellent quality/price ratio is one of our flagship products.  It will satisfy the most demanding.
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Ball of direction microcar

MICROCAR MC1 / MC2 / CARGO / MGO3, 4, 5, 6, Ligier BE two, Be upNova, XTOO1, XTOO2, XTOO R, RS, S, Optiamx, Ixo, JS50, Dué 2, 3/5 and 6 These ball joints have been machined to fit the Microcar and Ligier . They will stand out for their great capacity to resist shocks on bad roads as well as for their exceptional price. 12 mm thread diameter
€11.90 €13.90
Bearing 25 x 47 x 12 / 6005

AIXAM rear / LIGIER 162 / AMBRA / NOVA rear / MICROCAR MC1 MC2 (rear) 1st and 2nd version with full disk without grooves: 2 wheel bearings / VIRGO (front) / CHATENET STELLA These bearings are mounted mainly on some models of Ligier , Microcar , Aixam and Chatenet as stated above.
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Tailgate ligier xtoo verin

Tailgate actuator rear LIGIER XTOO This tailgate actuator is suitable for cars without a permit Ligier Xtoo. Your budget-conscious Piecesanspermis has negotiated the best rates from its manufacturers to allow you to make your repairs at cost price.  
€10.90 €20.90
Rear-view mirror aixam 400sl

AIXAM 400SL Often broken or deteriorated but little changed because of the price, we offer price discounts for mirrors of your cart. This part is compatible with the model Aixam 400SL.

Glue for windshield 310 ml  Bumpers, fenders, windshield glue This glue for windscreen and bodywork suitable for all models of VSP is the essential accessory to ensure a good attachment of your windshield! Easy to use, it will ensure a keeping perfect your windshield or your body parts by absorbing all the vibrations.
Rivet body

RIVET BODY  These body extra-large head rivets allow you to set all your body reinforcements. They are reusable and easily arise at a glance.  
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Caliper rear ligier

LIGIER NOVA / XTOO (right or left) These left and right brake calipers are compatible to the back of Ligier XTOO and Nova. Unbeatable prices, they may bring you great flexibility of braking. The calipers for the front of your cart are also available on our site.
€116.90 €129.90
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Caliper front ligier

LIGIER XTOO and NOVA (last edit) These left and right front brake calipers complete are ideal for your Ligier Nova or XTOO. Sold to the unit, you'll be surprise by its perfect finishes developed by our best supplier. These products are the latest models of Nova for another installation, we recommend that you consult us.
€124.90 €138.90
Bulb 12v 55w h4

This high intensity (12 volt, 55 watt) H4 bulb is very reliable. It is perfect to replace headlamps or the dipped-beam headlamps damaged on your car without a licence.
Grille before ligier nova

LIGIER NOVA ZENITH FRONT GRILL This superb grille was designed for the model of cars without licence Ligier NOVA ZENITH. You will be very satisfied and its price can only delight you.
5w40 engine oil

Oil for all vehicle without a permit This engine oil 5W40 100% synthetic has been specially manufactured for all cars without a permit and recommended for vehicles without a permit from 2008 (motor inns,...). The tank is with a capacity of two litres knowing that you have need of a liter and a half when your drain. Remember to check your oil level regularly.
Wiper rear aixam

Rear wiper for ligier This rear wiper is adaptable on models Ambra and Nova brand Ligier . This has a length of 350 mm piece information to take into account when moving from your order.
Wiper rear aixam

LIGIER NOVA FRONT WIPER This adaptable wiper is a model intended for the Ligier Nova. With an optimal production quality, this important element for your visibility is proposed to you at an unbeatable price! Note that this reference measures 600 mm, an important information for your order.
2 battery terminals +/-

For all vehicles without a permit.   To avoid an electric outage, remember to replace your battery terminals which oxidizes often.  
Tire winter HANKOOK 145/60 / R13 13 inch

Tyre 145/60 R13 13 inch It is very important to regularly check the wear of the tires on your VSP. To whether to change your tires, you need to check if there are not signs of aging of the tire or deformity which may affect security.
Expansion tank plug

Ligier Nova, Xtoo 1/2/r/s/rs, Optimax, Ixo The CAP allows to keep the sealing of the jar of expansion tank, if you notice a loss of tightness of the cap of your Ligier, think to replace it quickly. It allows your cooling circuit work correctly.
Kit révision caliper Ligier

Ligier Nova and Xtoo 1/2 you're having a problem at the level of your calipers, and you do not want to replace your caliper completely. This kit will allow you to replace the bellows around the guides as well as the dust and the Stirrup Cup cache.
Crimp transmission nut

Cardan shaft nut all models You have replaced your drive shafts and you have noticed that your drive shaft nuts were scratched or not reusable. Replace them with new drive shaft nuts for more security and it will ensure an easier installation.
Self-locking transmission nut

Cardan nut all models You have replaced your cardan shafts and at the same time found that your nuts were seized or not reusable. Replace them with new cardan nuts for greater safety and this will ensure easier installation, and by simply tightening it will prevent it from loosening during vibrations.
Joint de pare-brise Ligier

Ligier 162 / Ambra / Nova / Xtoo. Xtoo R /. Xtoo S / Optimax Change of windshield, it is advisable to check the condition of the seal that the maintenance. In case of default of it replace the in order to ensure a seal. With quality product, replace it at discount prices.
Injector seal lombardini Focs - 4670082

Engine Lombardini Focs / Progress Replace the joint of copper from your injector with this perfectly compatible piece for the vsp an engine Lombardini Focs / Progress. Think also to control the State of the PARE flame injector This just above the joint in copper, it is may be useful to replace at the same time
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Cover Ligier Nova

Ligier Nova You are the happy owner of a Ligier Nova, but the bonnet it is damaged to the point of having to be changed? offers you this cover plastic ABS dedicated to your car without a license. This piece being gross it should be primed and painted.
€134.00 €139.00
Cleaning brakes

Brake cleaner for VSP Whether you are changing the brake discs and/or pads on your unlicensed vehicle or simply maintaining your braking system, this brake cleaner degreaser will make your job easier and restore the shine to your brakes.
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Starter lombardini adaptable - 5840209

Starter adaptable lombardini for crown wheel engine 73 teeth This starter is dedicated to the vehicle without a permit with a Lombardini engine, such as the Microcar Virgo (2 and 3) and MC1 / MC2 and many vehicles of the brand Ligier. The engine flying Crown to your vsp must have 73 teeth for this starter is compatible.
€99.00 €189.00
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Brooms Flex for Ligier Xtoo and Ixo

LIGIER NOVA FRONT WIPER As soon as a windshield wiper makes noise, has difficulty in passing over the windshield or simply leaves traces, it means that it is at the end of its life and that it is time to change it. With our flexible windshield wipers, take the opportunity to replace them at a discount price, they will fit perfectly to your vehicle to clean your windshield and allow you a better visibility. We offer a wide range of windscreen wipers at discount prices for cars without a licence Ligier.
€9.90 €12.90
H4 light bulb set

This set of H4 bulbs consists of:   -1 bulb H4 12V 60/55W -1 stop bulb 2 studs 12V 21/5W -1 white flashing bulb 12V 21W 1 plot -1 bulb 12V 5W (fire position or taillight) Oiler -1 witness without nerve 12V 5W bulb -1 fuse 10 amp -1 fuse 15 amp
Black steering wheel cover

Need to recover a damaged wheel or just want to customize your vehicle? This universal wheel covers of black color is right for you! Its 39 cm diameter will fit the majority of vehicles on the road.
Couvre volant noir offers this wheel covers of quality at discount prices. 39 cm in diameter this product of red and black will fit most models of vehicles without a permit.  
Round gear knob

Whether your gear knob is broken or you decide to customize your vehicle without a license, this brushed aluminum and carbon knob will bring a whole new style to your car. In the shape of a ball and covered with a texture that makes it easy to grip, this quality product will fully satisfy you.
Pommeau de vitesse rond

Need or want to change your gear knob? Choose this classic black model in brushed aluminium and leather for an easy grip.
Enjoliveurs 13 pouces

You lost a hubcap on your VSP and you want to harmonize the 4 wheels or simply change the look of your car without a license. It is now possible with this set of 4 Hubcaps of 13 inches. They fit perfectly on your cart if it is equipped with 13-inch tires. Check the size of your tires before you buy.
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Starter cable

Your car has trouble starting, but you don't have the right equipment to avoid this problem. Don't worry anymore with this starter cable kit, this he dreaded moment when your license free car won't start will be a distant memory.
€12.40 €15.90
Universal PVC floor mat

4 floor mats are used to protect the carpets of your vsp of wear or stains. If you notice that your carpets are in poor condition, so it is better to buy this kit of universal mat PVC, it consists of 4 mats (2 front and 2 rear). These floor mats easily adapt to all cars without a permit of the market.
Oil filter clamp

This oil filter clamp will facilitate the assembly and disassembly of your filter. This tool is dedicated to filters with a maximum diameter of 105 mm.
Puncture tool

This tubeless puncture repair kit allows you to repair a punctured tire easily and quickly from the outside (no need to remove the tire from the wheel).
Universal tank cap

If you have lost your original cap, you can replace it with this cap. It will fit all types of cars without license. This cap is keyless.
Steering rack Ligier - 0170014 / 0170011

Ligier Xtoo 1 / 2 / Max R / Optimax / S / RS and Dué The steering rack is an important part of your VPS, in case of wear of this part it can become dangerous during the use of your VPS. A problem of the steering rack is quickly noticed because the car does not keep its line of trajectory in straight line and makes the driving complicated in the bends