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Mini-auto parts has many models of bearings adaptable to all cars without a licence. Do not forget to take the dimensions of your bearings to be able to drive quietly!

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Kit repair box comex

COMEX (AIXAM, MICROCAR,...) This repair kit is specially adapted for the carts) Aixam , Microcar ,..) equipped with a gearbox Comex. It includes the seal of carter, spy joints as well as all the bearings you need to revitalize your inverter bridge.
€47.50 €57.50
Comex 2 Kit

This repair kit is specially adapted for AIXAM carts from 2008 to nowadays with a Comex gearbox. It includes the crankcase gasket, the spy seals and all the bearings you need to bring your reverser back to life.
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Repair kit box stilfreni

STILFRENI (LIGIER, JDM,...) This repair kit allows the repair of Stilfreni gearboxes for small cars at a low price Ligier JDM ,... With, nothing could be easier than to make a new look for your small car at an unbeatable price.
€47.50 €57.50
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Repair kit Stilfreni Ligier

Ligier XTOO R / S / RS / OPTIMAX / IXO Discover this complete kit for the repair of the reversing bridge of your Ligier. With this kit you can easily replace the bearings and spy seals of your reversing gearbox. Take advantage of a discounted price to repair your gearbox without having to replace it entirely.
€47.50 €57.50
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Box repair kit microcar mgo m8

Microcar MGO and M8 Replace bearings and seals your inverter bridge spy entirely without performing a complete change of your inverter bridge. With this kit you can replace all the bearings and joints spy cheaply.
€47.50 €57.50
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Repair kit Stilfreni Bellier / JDM

Bellier and JDM You need to replace all the spy seals and bearings of your VSP but you don't want to replace the whole gearbox. Thanks to our complete repair kit for stilfreni gearbox, it is now possible
€47.50 €57.50
Bearing controller

FOR ALL MODELS You think you have heard a suspicious noise coming from your motor controller? Don't panic, it is not useful to change the complete drive. This bearing of motor dimmer is compatible with all models to drive without a licence.
Bearing wheel front 30 x 60 x 37

AIXAM / BELLIER / CHATENET / LIGIER / MICROCAR MC1 MC2 / JDM ALBIZIA - ABACA This front wheel broken priced bearing is dimension 30 X 60 X 37, it is adaptable to vehicles without a permit Aixam, Bellier, Chatenet, Ligier, Microcar and JDM.  The wheel bearing allows the axial guidance and rotation without resistance to the weight of the wheel.
Bearing 30 x 55 x 13 / 6006

MOUNTING with 2 bearings on front wheel MICROCAR / JDM titane / LIGIER before 162 / AMBRA / NOVA 1st generation These bearings are compatible with brand carts Microcar but also with the JDM Titane, Ligier 162/Ambra/Nova. They are inserted between the rocket and hub or between the rocket and the brake drum (when fitted).
Bearing 25 x 47 x 12 / 6005

AIXAM rear / LIGIER 162 / AMBRA / NOVA rear / MICROCAR MC1 MC2 (rear) 1st and 2nd version with full disk without grooves: 2 wheel bearings / VIRGO (front) / CHATENET STELLA These bearings are mounted mainly on some models of Ligier , Microcar , Aixam and Chatenet as stated above.
Bearing 20 x 47 x 15 / 6204

BEARING 20 X 47 X 15 A faulty wheel bearing takes the game and eventually break. Once broken bearing decomposes and the outer ring of the bearing will result in his downfall the hub with the wheel. recommends that you take the dimensions of your bearings before the command.
Bearing 25 x 52 x 15 / 6205

BEARING 25 X 52 X 15 These dimension bearings 25 X 52 X 15 per car without permit of high quality have been manufactured to perfectly withstand the shock. It is recommended to replace the wheel with pair bearings because when one of the bearings is replaced, the second has a very limited remaining life expectancy.
Bearing 17 x 47 x 14 / 6303

BEARING 17 X 47 X 14 These bearings are mounted onto many cars without a permit. They have been designed to withstand high temperatures and have been tested for quality control to ensure a better strength.
Bearing 17 x 40 x 12 / 6203

BEARING 17 X 40 X 12 A bearing wears begins by taking the game then its rings deteriorate, decompose and eventually break. Is the entire management and the suspension of your cart that takes a shot. To avoid these inconveniences, stay alert, anticipate failure and choose your bearings according to the characteristics specified on the technical guide.
Bearing 20 x 52 x 15 / 6304

BEARING 20 X 52 X 15 Besides being a piece that provides comfort in your car, the wheel bearing is above all a vital element of the functioning thereof. Is not an auto part that replaces itself very often but this is one of those that should not be overlooked because wear led to a failure that always leads to another much larger and more expensive failure.
Bearing 20 x 42 x 12 / 6004

BEARING 20 X 42 X 12 These bearings are specially made to be mounted on cars without a permit. The main function of the wheel bearing is to minimize friction and friction related to the rotation of a wheel despite its weight.
Rear wheel bearing

MOUNTING with 1 single bearing wheel / MICROCAR MC1 MC2 3rd version with drilled and grooved discs + MGO / LIGIER XTOO mounting with drilled and grooved discs These rear bearings are mounted pricnipalement on the Microcar MC1/MC2/MGO ansi on the Ligier XTOO.      
Rear wheel bearing Ligier

Ligier XTOO1, XTOO2, XTOO Max, XTOO R (2nd assembly) Replace your rear wheel bearing at the best price thanks to our new and adaptable part specially developed for the models of the brand Ligier