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Windshield wipers JDM

Piecesanspermis offers a full range of windshield wipers for JDM license-free cars. To maintain good visibility while driving, check the condition of your wipers regularly.

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Brooms Flex for JDM Abaca albizia aloes

Wiper before JDM Abaca / Albizia / Aloe You can see that the wiper of your car without permit JDM Abaca, Albizia or Aloe is very effective and leaves from important trace on the windshield, thus reducing the visibility when driving. So it is best to replace it, with our flexible wiper suitable for the JDM Abaca, Albizia and Aloe you are sure to have the perfect for your VSP wiper.
€10.90 €12.90

Wiper before JDM Aloe / Abaca / Albizia This reference is an adaptable Front wiper for the Aloe, Abaca, Albizia brand model JDM . This model will satisfy all your expectations in terms of quality and especially in terms of price! Note that the piece measures 550 mm, crucial information when your order.
Rear wiper arm Aixam Cut out, Crossover and Crossline

Aixam Coupé, Crossover and Crossline (brand Impulsion, Vision and Sensation) Make sure that your no-licence car always has the right rearside windscreen wiper so as to guarantee the best visibility. propose a complete original wiper at a price defying all competition.
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Flexible front wiper Microcar Virgo

Towel ice before Microcar Virgo This flexible wiper marry perfectly the shape of your windscreen for effective cleaning. To allow better visibility when driving in your VSP, regularly check the State of your brushes for windshield wipers. If you notice traces during the passage of the wipers or they don't properly wipe your windshield, it's that they are damaged and that it is time to replace. With our brooms of wipers at discount price, don't miss the bargain. Discover our range of wipers for cars without permits Microcar.
€10.90 €12.90
Rear wiper aixam - 1004305

Front wiper for Microcar MC1 and MC2 This adaptable wiper is designed to perfectly fit your MC1 and MC2 of the mark Microcar . Reliable and durable, this room with a higher life expectancy and especially an unbeatable price! Note that this reference is 550 mm, information to be taken into account when the portion of your order.
Rear wiper aixam - 426006

Front wiper for Chatenet CH26 This adaptable wiper is reserved, CH26 manufacturer model Chatenet . With superior construction quality, this model allows to save money without sacrificing quality! Note that this model is 450 mm and that it sells to the unit. Attention: On the Chatenet CH26, there are 2 brushes the front wipers
Rear wiper aixam

Wiper rear Aixam This rear wiper is adaptable on models from the brand Aixam . This piece has a length of 280 mm, information was taken into account when the portion of your order.