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Microcar Virgo 1-2-3


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Lombardini air filter

Cylinder LOMBARDINI 15 LD engine This air filter fits cars without a permit an engine boasting Lombardini Mono cylinder 15LD. If you do not know the characteristic of your engine, you can contact one of our specialist who can guide you.
Starter original mono lombardini

MONO 15LD LOMBARDINI This original Starter is usable for carts equipped with a cylinder 15 LD of the mark engine Lombardini . A top quality, this reference easily arises and you still get a discount price!
Microcar rear lamps

MICROCAR VIRGO These rear lights will be perfect to replace your old faulty lights. Very well designed, they will bring you great satisfaction for your Microcar Virgo. In addition, our discount price can agree you.
Filter diesel lombardini

Origin for former model This fuel filter is adaptable to the majority of cars without a permit with an engine Lombardini FoCs before 2004. You will be captivated by its effectiveness in filter impurities and water from the condensation of the air inside the tank .
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Bumper rear microcar virgo3

MICROCAR VIRGO 3 (A PAINTING)  Here is a very good bumper car without a license Microcar VIRGO 3. It is, like all our products, proposed at discount prices. Its great quality and its great solidity have fact the happiness of many customers.
€72.50 €82.50
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Bumper before microcar virgo3

MICROCAR VIRGO 3 (A PAINTING) This bumper is adaptable to Microcar VIRGO 3. It will be perfect to change your old bumper. Do not hesitate to, consult our catalogue in order to enjoy our quality products at discount prices!
€56.67 €81.67
Bumper before microcar virgo2

MICROCAR VIRGO 2 (A PAINTING) You want to replace the bumper before your Microcar VIRGO 2? In this case, we recommend you this superb product. Sold at an unbeatable price, it is very well designed and its strength will allow you to ride with confidence.  
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Barrier shocks rear microcar virgo2

MICROCAR VIRGO 2 (A PAINTING)  Your cart Microcar VIRGO 2, it is essential to have a bumper in good condition. Here's a bumper replacement that is perfect from every point of view: price, robustness and design.
€72.50 €82.50
Belt distribution 108 teeth

108 TEETH ORIGINAL LOMBARDINI 2ND MOUNTING FOR PUMP HAS WATER 19 TOOTH This original timing belt has 108 teeth, she settled on the motors Lombardini . It corresponds to 19 teeth water pump models, information to be taken into account when ordering!
Barrier shocks before microcar virgo 1

MICROCAR VIRGO 1 (A PAINTING) This bumper that is offered here is designed for cars without a permit Microcar VIRGO. You will be very happy: the proposed price is unbeatable and the material used makes this bumper very solid.
Belt distribution 109 teeth

109 TEETH ORIGINAL LOMBARDINI This original timing belt has 109 teeth, she settled on the motors Lombardini . It corresponds to the 21 tooth water pump models, information to be taken into account when ordering!
Cable inverter microcar virgo

Cable MICROCAR VIRGO (forward) This cable switch (forward) has been developed for all cars without a permit Microcar Virgo.  This product, of very good quality, is consistent with the origin and its small price will delight fans of the discount.  
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Roller tensioner

Idler distribution This idler for distribution is intended for engine Lombardini original jibs LDW502. Breaking it may cause engine case-insensitive, so don't wait any longer to replace your defective part!
€43.90 €55.00
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Cradle engine microcar

MICROCAR VIRGO 1 / 2 / 3 This engine cradle is made only to adapt to the Microcar Virgo 1/2/3. Piecesanspermis appealed to some highly qualified manufacturers in order to have a product of high reliability at prices the lowest in the market. Don't hesitate to discover our other cradles for all brands.
€155.00 €165.00
Microcar virgo windshield

MICROCAR VIRGO Specially designed for the specific shape of car without a license from Microcar Virgo, the pare brise will give you any satisfaction thanks to the qualities of the glass used: transparency and resistance. Still at sweet price, this product is a must to ensure a good visibility on the road.
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Cable counter kilometrique microcar

Odometer cable MICROCAR VIRGO (with 2 Sockets clip-on) The odometer cable Microcar  Virgo is the product you need to replace a faulty cable. You will appreciate its quality as well as its attractive price.
€10.58 €11.58
Deflector for microcar virgo

MICROCAR VIRGO This air deflector is adaptable only on cars without a permit Microcar VIRGO. He set by his finish of a great cleanliness and its very high strength. Do not hesitate to go see our other products to your cart.  
Cables inverter microcar virgo

Cable MICROCAR VIRGO (reverse) The cable Microcar Virgo (reverse) has been designed to give a long service life. It is easily installed and its very affordable price makes it one of our flagship products. 
Nova-xtoo rear brake disc

LIGIER NOVA / XTOO until serial number 9556 One of our Bestsellers, these brake discs moved to the rear of a vehicle without a trademark license Ligier Nova and XTOO. has implemented the mounting sheets to assist you with your replacement drives
Protection under engine microcar virgo

MICROCAR VIRGO 1-2-3 This protection under engine is exclusively for carts   Microcar VIRGO. It is considered by its quality design impeccable but also by its very low price. If you want cheap and quality parts for your car, you are in the right place!
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Radiator microcar virgo 3

MICROCAR VIRGO 3 / MC1 / MC2 with BY PASS (2 outputs) engine LOMBARDINI FOCS (aluminum origin) This heater is designed to adapt to the 3rd generation of the mark Virgo / MC1 / MC2 model Microcar . It should be noted that this model is intended for engine Lombardini Jibs with by-pass, it therefore has two outputs on the lower level of the room. Its quality of manufacture will immediately seduce you!
€89.17 €99.17
Brake cable has hand microcar virgo

Cable MICROCAR VIRGO Your brake cable is defective? Do not hesitate! Choose this cable of high reliability, and durability at an unbeatable price! It is specially designed for carts Microcar Virgo.  
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Train rear for microcar

MICROCAR VIRGO This also called rear axle "rear axle" is suitable for Microcar Virgo. It was developed by the best manufacturers in order to obtain a product of solid resistance at lower cost. Don't hesitate to discover our other models of rear for Chatenet and JDM
€155.83 €165.83
Injector cleaner

CLEANER DIESEL INJECTOR NOZZLE   Cleaner diesel injector is recommended to clean and lubricate the pump and injectors   It restores engine performance, removes the holes to acceleration by cleaning the combustion as well as the valve Chamber. Facilitates cold starts.
Lombardini original starter

STARTER LOMBARDINI WITH CROWN FLYWHEEL 73 TEETH This starter Lombardini with Crown of the flywheel, is adaptable to engines of the same brand. This piece features of 73 teeth information to take into account when placing your order. It can arise on the Virgo (2 and 3), MC1 and MC2 by at Microcar , as well as from many brand vehicle Ligier .
Hood microcar virgo

MICROCAR VIRGO 3  The Microcar VIRGO 3 ÉSZT a car without a popular license. But if you have damaged your own, don't panic! Here is a piece that will fully replace the old hood of your cart. We have many other products for your car without a licence.
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Lighthouse before chatenet

CHATENET MEDIA AND BAROODER This headlight designed for cars without a license Chatenet Media and Barooder licence-free cars has been manufactured in accordance with the strictest European standards. It is very robust and will allow you to replace your damaged headlight with peace of mind.
€34.83 €40.83
Mano contact oil pressure sensor

Mano touch of oil pressure is an electrical sensor mounted on engines Lombardini focs or progress. This pressure contact mano instructs the witness in operation oil pressure. This type of probe is electric and adapts to the engines Lombardini JIBS or Progress. Robust and accurate it will totally satisfy you!