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Cable box reverser Casalini

Discover our selection of gearbox reverser cables for VSp Casaliniwith, you're guaranteed to make the right choice - quality at the best price.

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Inverter cable casalini sulky - F2158000112

CASALINI SULKY / M10 / M110 / M12 / M14 / M14 2.0 / M20 REVERSING CABLE Dedicated to the Casalini Sulky M10 / M12 / M14, this reverser cable will solve your problems of switching from forward to reverse. With a long life, this essential cable at a competitive price meets the strictest European standards.
Inverter cable Casalini, Microcar

Microcar Lyra Single Cylinder and Casalini Ydea Keep your drivetrain running smoothly with our high-quality, adaptable reversing cable. Its easy installation and compatibility with many models of license-free cars make it an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts and automotive professionals alike. Thanks to its robust construction and ability to withstand tough road conditions, our adaptable shuttle cable ensures precise, reliable transmission control, allowing you to enjoy driving with complete peace of mind. Order today to guarantee optimum transmission performance and a safe driving experience