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We offer a wide selection of cooling parts for your VSP.

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Water pipe gasket Lombardini DCi

Water pipe gasket Lombardini LDW 442 and LDW 492 DCi If you notice a leak from the water pipe of your Lombardini LDW 442 or LDW 492 DCi engine, replace your gasket which could be porous or cracked with time.
40 mm diameter sanding pad

Engine Kubota cylinder - diameter 40mm   Need to change a lozenge of sanding on your vehicle? This model of diameter 40 mm for cars equipped with a cylinder Kubota engine is what need you.
Injector flame arrester - 5989007

Shield flame Lombardini This shield flame injector mounts on the engine Lombardini LDW502. This piece of original, high quality, will satisfy all your expectations!
Sandblasting pad diameter 22

Engine Kubota cylinder - diameter 22mm   Need to change a lozenge of sanding on your vehicle? This model of diameter 22 mm for cars equipped with d ' a cylinder Kubota engine is what ' need you.
Fuel quick coupling 5-16 engine Lombardini DCi

Quick-release coupling 5-16 green for VSP with Lombardini DCi 442 and 492 engine Over time and due to the weather, the fuel hose quick-release coupling may break and leak. Replace it quickly with our new original part.
Engine fuel quick connector Lombardini DCi

3/8" quick coupling for models with motor Lombardini 442 and 492 DCi The fuel quick coupler may leak over time, so don't hesitate to replace it as soon as possible with our new and original part at a discount price.
Sandblasting pad diameter 20

Kubota cylinder - diameter 20mm engine   Need to change a lozenge of sanding on your vehicle? This model of diameter 20 mm for cars equipped with a cylinder Kubota engine is what need you.
Sandblasting pad diameter 28

Engine Kubota cylinder - diameter 28mm   Need to change a lozenge of sanding on your vehicle? This model of diameter 28 mm for cars equipped with d ' a cylinder Kubota engine is what ' need you.
Crankcase plug - 9040026

Cap Carter Sump plug will fit perfectly in your engine Lombardini JIBS. Its price and its easy installation will seduce you without a doubt!
Cooling propeller Aixam and Minauto

Aixam 400sl, 400.4, 400 Evo, 500.4, 500.5, 721, 741, 751, City, City S, Crossline I, Scouty, Roadline, City, Coupé, Crossline Crossover, GTO Impulsion range, Vision and Sensation, Mega 1 & 2, D-truck, Minauto offers you this cooling propeller for Aixam equipped with a Kubota Z402 and Z482 engine at an unbeatable price.
Banjo connector screw

Live Banjo fitting   The screw of your banjo fitting is no longer young? Change here for this model of quality at discount prices.
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Upper radiator hose Aixam

Upper radiator hose Aixam Your radiator hose is porous or completely cracked, do not hesitate to replace it with our hose specially designed for Aixam models 400SL, 50SL, 400.4, 400Evo, 500.4, 500.5, 721, 741, 751, City, City S, Roadline, Scouty, Crossline Crossover, Coupé GTO and Mega phase 2
€12.90 €13.90
Supply pipe gasket

Gasket hose for engine Lombardini FOCS Progress LDW502 This inlet seal is a piece of origin of superior quality designed for engines of the mark Lombardini . This type of seal will fit perfectly in your Lombardini FoCs progress LDW502.
Banjo connection for diesel pump

Banjo fitting of pump in diesel engine Lombardini FOCS LW502 This fuel pump banjo fitting is designed for engine Lombardini model Focs LW502. Reliable and high quality, this piece will satisfy all your expectations!
Temperature sensor aixam - 1W070

Probe electrical temperature for AIXAM 540 motor, 400, 5004.4, 721, 741, 751, CROSSLINE... This electric motor temperature sensor is intended models 540, 400, 5004.4, 721, 741, 751 and mark crossline Aixam . This room will meet all your expectations in quality and price!
Water pump lower hose Kubota

Water pump hose Aixam (Kubota Z402 engine) The purpose of the hose is to allow coolant exchange in the engine and radiator circuit. If the hose shows signs of wear, replace it quickly and avoid engine overheating problems.
Fuel gauge gasket Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH32, CH40, CH46, Pick Up and Sporteevo Avoid fuel leaks by replacing your fuel gauge gasket for VSP models Chatenet. Take advantage of our expertise in license-free car parts.
Temperature sensor Aixam Vision and Sensation

Aixam City, Coupé and Crossline Vision and Sensation range The radiator temperature sensor (or thermocontact) Aixam City, Coupé and Crossline from the Vision and Sensation range informs you that the cooling system is operating correctly. In the event of failure, incorrect information may be displayed on the instrument panel
Metal water pipe Aixam and Minauto

Metal hose for Aixam and Minauto with Kubota Z402, Z482 and Z602 engines Metal hoses can leak, especially at the weld joints, causing coolant loss and engine damage.
Thermostat gasket Lombardini DCi

Thermostat gasket Lombardini LDW 442 and LDW 492 DCi If you notice a leak in your thermostat, your gasket must be faulty! Do not hesitate to replace it with our gasket specially designed for Lombardini DCi engines.
Pump blanking plate (+ gasket) - 3800037+4400075

Stopper plate This plate is useful if you want to change your gas to your engine oil pump Lombardini JIBS. Indeed, this piece allows you to seal your pump during your visit to the electrical system. 
Oil pressure switch probe

Mano touch of oil pressure is an electrical sensor mounted on engines Lombardini focs or progress. This pressure contact mano instructs the witness in operation oil pressure. This type of probe is electric and adapts to the engines Lombardini JIBS or Progress. Robust and accurate it will totally satisfy you!
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Air intake duct Aixam range Sensation and Emotion

Aixam City, Crossline, Crossover, Coupé and GTO Sensation and Emotion ranges Over time, and especially with engine vibration, air intake ducts can crack or tear completely. Consider replacing it with our new, original air intake duct for VSPs Aixam from the Sensation and Emotion ranges
€38.90 €39.90
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Thermostat Lombardini LWD 442 and 492 DCi

Engine thermostat for Lombardini LDW 442 and 492 DCi Your thermostat is faulty and does not allow the cooling of your engine radiator.  Choose our adaptable thermostat of equivalent quality as the original for Lombardini LDW 442 and LDW 442 engines.
€13.90 €18.90
Cylinder head screws Lombardini DCi

Cylinder head screw Lombardini LDW 442 and LDW 492 Cylinder head screws have a crucial importance in the proper functioning of your engine, ensuring the tightening of the cylinder head with the engine, it enables the correct squashing of the cylinder head seal and the gasket in the combustion system.
Coolant flange Lombardini DCi

Cooling liquid flange Lombardini LDW 442 and LDW 492 A leak occurs in your cooling liquid flange, replace your flange with our part at a discount price.  Specially designed for vehicles fitted with Lombardini LDW 442 and LDW 492 DCi engines
Water temperature sensor for motor Lombardini

Water temperature sensor for Lombardini DCI engines This water temperature sensor is designed to work with Lombardini DCI engines. High-quality, it will solve your cooling problems at a discount price!
KUBOTA thermostat

Aixam 400.4, 500.4, 500.5, 721, 741, 751, City, City S, Roadline, Scouty, Crossline, Coupé, Crossover, GTO (Impulsion, Vision range) This KUBOTA engine thermostat is an adaptable, reliable and easy-to-install part for your small car. With such an attractive price, it's hard to resist!
Thermostat kubota - K155317301

For Aixam old model This thermostat brand Kubota is dedicated to vehicles without a license of the brand Aixammore precisely to the 400.4, 500.4, 500.4 pickup and 500.4 minivan.
Spring 9kg - 5655185

Spring 9 KW This spring of acceleration of 9 Kw is intended for the model of the brand Lombardini . This reference will delight you by its price as well as quality. Note that this room is reserved for models normally 4 places, 2 places its use on a model is considered to be a breach of the code of the road because increase you the power of the engine.
Temperature sensor Lombardini Focs and Progress

Thermo electrical contact probe This thermo electrical contact probe is for the engine Lombardini . It informs and raises the temperature of the engine.
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Thermo contact sensor for radiator LIGIER,MICROCAR , DUÉ

Sensor Thermo-contact for radiator LIGIER and MICROCAR This Thermo-contact for heater probe is adaptable on trademarks Ligier and Microcar car without a licence. Sturdy and reliable, it will allow you to make your repairs quickly and inexpensively!
€12.90 €13.90
Injector cleaner

CLEANER DIESEL INJECTOR NOZZLE   Cleaner diesel injector is recommended to clean and lubricate the pump and injectors. It restores engine performance, removes the holes to acceleration by cleaning the combustion as well as the valve Chamber. It also facilitates cold starts.
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Calorstat lombardini - 9195124

Engine Lombardini This thermostat is intended for engine Lombardini JIBS LDW502. Feel free to replace it in the event of cabin heating problem. If any malfunction can damage your cylinder head gasket.
€13.90 €18.90
Electric fan Aixam Vision and Sensation

Electric radiator fan Aixam range Vision and Sensation Take advantage of our cooling part for the models City, Crossline, Crossover and Coupé ranges Vision and Sensation. New and adaptable part, it will be perfectly suitable as a replacement for the original part Aixam.
Thermostat cover Lombardini LWD 442 and LWD 492

Thermostat cover for Lombardini LDW 442 and LWD 492 DCi engines Your thermostat cover is broken and causes leaks in the throttle, replace it with our new and original part on Specially adapted for vehicles fitted with a  Lombardini DCi engines
Cullasse gasket kubota - 1582103310

Cylinder head gasket for engine KUBOTA Z402 The cullasse engine gasket Kubota Z402 is mounted on the carts of the mark Aixam . This piece of quality, easy to install, will allow you to make your repairs without breaking the Bank, through its discount prices!
Thermo contact probe - 9195030

FOR FORMER MODEL LOMBARDINI ORIGINAL If you are looking for a former thermal probe model for your engine Lombardini This original part is made for you! With superior quality and a discount price, our reference has all the assets to please you!
Stopper jar - 9710105

Jar full cooling water for LOMBARDINI engine