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If you have problems starting the engine, you should not necessarily blame the battery or the starter motor, but first check the operating condition of your alternator. When the alternator fails, the battery is no longer recharged. In the long term, the battery runs down and the car will not start. Driving with the battery indicator light on is a sure sign of a breakdown! That's why Mini-auto parts offers you all its range of alternators for cars without a licence (lombardini jibs, yanmar, kubota,...).

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2-wire load coil lombardini - 8565080

SUPPORT 2-WIRE COIL If you need to change your load for your engine coil Lombardini This piece is made for you! This has 2 son original part, information to take into account when placing your order.
3-wire load coil lombardini - 8565094

COIL LOAD 3 WIRES If you need to change your load for your engine coil Lombardini This piece is made for you! Original has 3 wires, information to take into account when placing your order.
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LOMBARDINI ALTERNATOR (FOCS - PROGRESS and DCI)   For Bellier / Chatenet / Ligier Due Italcar / Grecav / JDM / Ligier and Microcar with engine Lombardini This alternator is compatible with the engines of the brand Lombardini . The amperage of this model is 40 amps, an information to be taken into account when ordering.
€109.00 €189.00
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KUBOTA engine alternator for AIXAM

AIXAM ALL MODELS FROM 1997 This alternator will fit to your Aixam If it was put in circulation after 1997. Note that this part is reserved for Kubota z402 and z482 engine, information to be taken into account for your order.
€109.00 €189.00
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YANMAR engine alternator for MICROCAR / CHATENET / JDM / BELLIER

MICROCAR / JDM / CHATENET / BELLIER For Microcar MC1 / MC2 / MGO1 Chatenet barooder 1st assembly / Bellier Divane / Bellier Opale / JDM Titane / JDM Albizia and Abaca This part is reserved for the engines of the brand Yanmar. Robust and reliable, it will perfectly replace your engine alternator on your Microcar or your JDM .   Remember to check the connector plugs.
€116.00 €187.00
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Alternator for YANMAR engines for CHATENET, BELLIER and JDM

CHATENET BAROODER (2nd assembly) / CH26 - CH32 / JDM XHEOS / ROXSY / ALOES / ABACA from chassis number 921364 YANMAR ENGINE ALTERNATOR (with new connector) / BELLIER JADE This alternator is designed to fit the engine Yanmar with a new connector. This alternator will fit on your Chatenet Barooder (2nd assembly), CH26 - CH32, JDM Abaca, AloesRoxsy, Xheos. For the JDM Abaca check that your chassis number is later than 921364.
€129.00 €189.00
Adaptable Mitsubishi alternator

Casalini Ydea, Sulky, M10, M12, M14 with Mitsubishi engine Alternators are very important to the proper functioning of your VSP car. It enables the battery to be recharged after starting the engine and ensures the production of the vehicle's electricity. 
KUBOTA alternator brush holder

ENGINE KUBOTA AIXAM This brush door is designed to work with the Kubota trademark alternators. These engines are generally used by the trade mark Aixam . Do not hesitate to carry out this bargain!
Alternator brush holder yanmar

YANMAR ENGINE This brush door is adaptable to the generators of the mark Yanmar . grade, this piece will perfectly replace your original without difficulty of installation part. You always get a discount price guarantee!
LOMBARDINI alternator brush holder

ENGINE LOMBARDINI FOCS This brushes door has the specificity of fit on the generators of the mark Lombardini . Ideal to replace your defective part, this reference will seduce you by its attractive price!
Alternator regulator lombardini

ENGINE LOMBARDINI FOCS This alternator regulator is adaptable on the brand engines Lombardini . With an exceptional quality, this product will meet your expectations!
Alternator bracket for Lombardini Focs and Progress

Engine Lombardini Focs and Progress This support helps keep your alternator car without a license in the best position so that it works correctly. If it turns out that your support is broken or about to be, consider replacing it, with our adaptable room and quality.
Alternator support kubota - K198966442

For alternator Kubota   Dedicated to the Kubota brand engine alternators, this support will adapt smoothly to your vehicle without a permit. Its discount prices made him a must!
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Alternator bracket for Ligier JS34

This bracket keeps your Ligier JS34 alternator in the best position for proper operation. If your support is broken or about to be, consider replacing it with our quality, adaptable part.
€67.90 €70.90