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Rear windows Aixam

Find out more about the brand's range of rear goggles for licence-free vehicles Aixam. Low prices for quality products.

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Rear window Aixam Crossline

Aixam Crossline Sensation range The rear window on your no-license car has suffered an impact or cracked, so you need to replace it. Thanks to our quality parts and discount price, you can replace it for less. This rear window can only be fitted to 2016 Aixam Crossline models.
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Tinted rear window Aixam City and GTO

Heated and tinted rear window Aixam City and GTO Need to replace your rear window for an Aixam City and GTO for the Impulsion or Vision range? Take advantage of our window part specially developed for these modules. Part of equivalent quality to the original, it will satisfy you with its production quality and discount price.  
€148.90 €218.90
Rear window Aixam City and GTO

Rear window Aixam City and GTO impulse range and Vision offers you this tailgate window for Aixam City and GTOwe offer you the possibility to replace your rear windscreen at a lower cost with a part strictly in conformity with the original.