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Air filters other brands stocks all makes of air filters chatenet, grecav, jdm, bellier. Whatever the model of your car, Piecesanspermis has the air filter you need.

Active filters

Air filter LOMBARDINI focs

LOMBARDINI FOCS ADAPTABLE RECTANGLE AIR FILTER This air filter is compatible with the majority of cars without a permit with engine Lombardni jibs. It is part of our flagship products by its price defying all competition and replaces itself normalemement all 10000 kms. Fits on most models Microcar (Lyra, MC1/MC2...) and most models LigierErad, Bellier, Chatenet, JDMMarden, Savel
Air filter LOMBARDINI focs Origine

LOMBARDINI FOCS ORIGINAL AIR FILTER This high quality original air filter is mounted with ease on engines lombardini focs of cars without a permit. Its manufacture was conducted with the utmost care in order to extend the life of your filter. Fits on most models Microcar (Lyra, MC1/MC2...) and most models Ligier Erad, Bellier , Chatenet , JDM Marden, Savel
YANMAR air filter

YANMAR engine (cartridge filter + filter holder) This air filter fits cars without a permit holding a motor Yanmar (jdm, chatenet, microcar,...) Sold with its filter holder, you will appreciate its strength and its ability to fulfil its role. The filter without its filter holder is also available online.
CASALINI air filter

Engine MITSUBISHI This air cleaner is suitable for cars without a permit Casalini equipped with a Mitsubishi engine. Because knows how difficult it is to find parts not expensive for Casalini, we try to find these parts for you at the best price.
Mitsubishi air filter

Mitsubishi air filter This air filter is specially designed for the Bellier Jade equipped with a Mitsubishi engine. It will collect all impurities and prevent your engine from clogging. Its quality construction guarantees optimum air/fuel mixing.
Mitsubishi engine air filter

Air filter Casalini with a Mitsubishi engine This air filter is specially developed for Casalini make cars fitted with a Mitsubishi engine of 635 cm3 as of 2014. Do not hesitate to replace it and thus giving power back to your licence-free car!
PERKINS air filter

For PERKINS engine air filter This air cleaner is adaptable to the voituretttes with Perkins engine. also has a stock of other brands of air filters. Feel free to inquire with our services or visit our other products.
LOMBARDINI air filter

Cylinder LOMBARDINI 15 LD engine This air filter fits cars without a permit an engine boasting Lombardini Mono cylinder 15LD. If you do not know the characteristic of your engine, you can contact one of our specialist who can guide you.
Robin air filter

Air filter for ROBIN engine This air filter is exclusively dedicated to cars without permits who have a Robin engine. If you need advice for the choice of your filter, the team of will be a pleasure to answer you
Cylindrical engine air filter housing Lombardini Progress and DCi

Lombardini Progress and DCi engine cylindrical air filter housing The air filter housing is an essential part of your engine's air supply system. If it's no longer airtight, the air pressure will no longer be optimal, and your engine won't run properly.
Air filter holder for Grecav Eke, Eke pick-up and Sonique

Original air filter holder for Grecav Eke, Eke pick up and Sonique on Lombardini Focs engines This original air filter holder will allow your air filter to be correctly held and to play its filtration role perfectly. Piecesanspermis offers you this support at the best price. Discover also all our parts for Grecav.
Air filter LOMBARDINI single cylinder 6LD325

Engine LOMBARDINI single cylinder 325 LD for MICROCAR LYRA This air filter has been specially manufactured for Microcar Lyra with a motor Lombardini focs single cylinder. Its good finishes as well as its price make this filter a reliable product. You can find our instructions for installation on each of our product.
Air filter ligier xtoo - 2175166

Adaptable on LIGIER XTOO (also Motor Inn) This air filter mounts to Ligier XTOO and many models of cars without a license with a motor Lombardini focs or dci. found it to you at discount prices. Feel free to visit our other crazy price air filters that correspond to your cart.
Air filter housing strap Lombardini DCI

Ligier Microcar, Dué The cylindrical air filter housing strap holds the filter in place and prevents damage to other moving parts of your engine. Genuine part for models equipped with Lombardini Progress and DCi engines
Filtre à air Lombardini

Ligier, Microcar, Dué, Chatenet, Casalini, Grecav, Bellier The Lombardini air filter is an essential part of your car's performance. It filters the air entering the engine, eliminating harmful particles and ensuring optimum combustion. This top-quality filter is specially designed for Lombardini engines, ensuring perfect compatibility. By regularly replacing your Lombardini air filter, you'll preserve your engine's longevity and enhance its performance.