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Accelerator cable JDM

Discover the different models of gas pedal cables specially designed for JDM vehicles., the specialist in discount car parts.

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Jdm gas pedal cable Aloes and Roxsy - 201032

JDM Aloe and Roxsy If you notice that your engine is not responding when you press the gas pedal of your vsp, it's probably that your accelerator cable don't refers not information pressure on the pedal. So remember to check its status if you are in this situation, it is can be broken or severed.
Jdm gas pedal cable abaca and Albizia Yanmar - 101015

JDM Abaca and Albizia This accelerator cable is designed only for the vsp Jdm Abaca and Albizia equipped with a Yanmar engine. You need to change this cable, as soon as you feel the acceleration pedal is too hard when you press it, it means that your cable is either worn or it may all simply broken.