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Wishbone Aixam offers suspension triangles for Aixam at discount prices. Stop being fleeced, buy at, quality at the best price! The suspension wishbone connects the vehicle frame to the wheel.

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Suspension triangle aixam 540 - 4G005

AIXAM A540 This triangle of suspension at discount prices is only for vehicles without a permit Aixam A540. Suspension triangle is an essential link in the suspension system. A failed triangle results in loss of control of the vehicle. If the arm is broken the vehicle can no longer roll at all.
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Suspension triangle aixam 400 - 4K005

AIXAM 400 This high performance suspension triangle is strictly reserved for vehicles Aixam 400. It ensures the junction between the chassis and the wheel through a silent block chassis side and a ball joint on the wheel side.
€35.60 €43.60
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Suspension triangle aixam 500.4 - 4L005

AIXAM 500.4 These exceptional quality suspension wishbones are dedicated exclusively to the Aixam 500.4 According to the different types of triangles, the bearings and bushes can change quite easily by hand, others need a hydraulic press in a conciliatory garage.
€35.60 €43.60
Silent bloc triangle aixam - 4A7

Silent block triangle Aixam This piece is a silent triangle block for Aixam. It mounts on the triangle and avoids the game in gear. Reliable and robust, it will seduce you with its rates!
Silent bloc stabilizer bar

Stabilizer bar silent block The sway bar silent block is an essential part of your vehicle's suspension system. This part is designed to absorb unwanted vibration and movement of the sway bar, helping to improve stability and ride comfort. Choose this quality stabilizer bar silent block to maintain the performance of your suspension system and ensure a stable ride. Order this replacement part today for peace of mind and improved comfort on the road
Silent bloc stabilizer bar Aixam 500sl

Stabilizer bar silent block Aixam 500sl The sway bar silent block is an essential automotive part designed for your Aixam 500sl. This part secures the sway bar, helping to maintain stability and control while driving. Choose this stabilizer bar silent block to maintain your vehicle's performance and ensure safe driving. Order this replacement part today for a smooth ride and well-balanced suspension.