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If your meter no longer works properly or is simply broken down, don't forget to change it, come and discover our range of meters for cars without a licence on Mini-auto parts.

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Meter Aixam

Aixam 721, 741, 751, City, Roadline, Crossline, Scouty, City, Coupé and Crossline ( impulsion range) Your speedometer unit fromAixam has failed, you can replace this complete unit with our genuine part specially designed for Impulsion models 721, 741, 751, City, Roadline, Crossline, Scouty, City and Crossline.
Meter Aixam Sensation

Aixam City, Crossline, Coupé and GTO Sensation range Your odometer handset no longer displays the necessary information, replace it with our genuine Aixam part to repair your Sensation range model.
Electric meter (top)

Meter electronics for Microcar MC1, MC2, and MGO / Ligier XTOO... A speed display problem or your glow doesn't work anymore? Replace the meter of your Microcar MC1 / MC2 (Lombardini and Yanmar engines) or your Microcar MGO (Yanmar engine) or Ligier XTOO with this original electric meter. This edge handset is new. Choose quality and reliability!
Meter Aixam impulse and Vision

Aixam City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover Impulsion range and City and Crossover Vision range Need to replace your speedo fromAixam? Piecesanspermis offers you the speedometer for the impulsion and Vision range models from the VSP brand Aixam.
Meter Aixam City GTO gTI Coupé (range Sensation and Emotion ranges)

Aixam City GTO, Coupé GTI from the Sensation and Émotion range The original speedometer for your car ensures accurate monitoring of speed, mileage and other essential parameters. Reliable and durable, this original speedometer is designed to deliver precise, consistent performance, guaranteeing safe driving. Opt for this high-quality original speedometer for precise management of your vehicle's data and an optimum driving experience