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Don't wait until you have a total breakdown, change your starter at the first sign of weakness. A tired starter usually doesn't survive the winter! If the engine is running but does not start, it is not necessarily a battery, starter or alternator failure, but it may be due to another failure (e.g. ignition, fuel failure, Mini-auto parts therefore offers its starters at unbeatable prices for cars without a licence!

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Motor starter kubota

Mounted AIXAM except MONO cylinder This starter is designed to operate on engine Kubota except mono cylinder. Reliable and easy to install, this piece will fill your expectations also by its attractive price.
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Starter lombardini adaptable - 5840209

Starter adaptable lombardini for crown wheel engine 73 teeth This starter is dedicated to the vehicle without a permit with a Lombardini engine, such as the Microcar Virgo (2 and 3) and MC1 / MC2 and many vehicles of the brand Ligier. The engine flying Crown to your vsp must have 73 teeth for this starter is compatible.
€99.00 €189.00
Original starter Lombardini LWD 442 DCi

Original Lombardini LDW 442 DCi ignition part This original ignition part has been specially designed for VSP cars that have an LWD442 DCi motor, including Microcar Ligier, Chatenet, JDM and Grecav, and is  perfect for your VSP car. 
Starter yanmar

Starter YANMAR double This starter is designed to be mounted on engines two of the mark Yanmar . Essential if your cart is equipped with this type of engine, it will fill your expectations with an impeccable quality and an attractive price!
Starter lombardini origin - 5840209

STARTER LOMBARDINI WITH CROWN FLYWHEEL 73 TEETH This starter Lombardini with Crown of the flywheel, is adaptable to engines of the same brand. This piece features of 73 teeth information to take into account when placing your order. It can arise on the Virgo (2 and 3), MC1 and MC2 by at Microcar , as well as from many brand vehicle Ligier .
Starter lombardini origin - 5840194

STARTER LOMBARDINI ORIGINAL WITH CROWN WHEEL ENGINE 90 TEETH FOR MICROCAR LYRA - VIRGO 1 / LIGIER / JDM / CHATENET / BASHER / ERAD / ETC... This starter of origin with Crown of the flywheel is adaptable on the engine of the Lombardini brand. This model has 90 teeth and can be adapted on Lyra and Virgo 1 as well as on different models, models of Ligier, Chatenet , JDM , Bellier and Erad.
Adaptable starter for Mitsubishi engines

Mitsubishi adaptable starter for Casalini Make sure your Casalini equipped with a Mitsubishi engine starts reliably with our Mitsubishi adaptable starter. Designed to adapt perfectly to Mitsubishi engine specifications, our starter offers optimum starting power to ensure trouble-free operation of your vehicle. Easy to install, our Mitsubishi adaptable starter is the essential accessory for maintaining your vehicle's reliability Casalini. Order today to ensure confident starts on every journey
Original Mitsubishi starter

Original Mitsubishi ignition for Casalini If you have problems starting your Casalini and it has a Mitsubishi engine, you can purchase this original ignition at a discount price at
Starter lombardini mono origin

MONO 15LD LOMBARDINI This original Starter is usable for carts equipped with a cylinder 15 LD of the mark engine Lombardini . A top quality, this reference easily arises and you still get a discount price!
Starter yanmar single-cylinder

Starter YANMAR cylinder mounted on MICROCAR LYRA, etc... This starter of origin is adaptable on cylinder of the mark engine Yanmar . It will adapt to your Microcar without difficulty. With a hard to resist as attractive price!
YANMAR starter brush holder

Starter HITACHI (YANMAR) This brush holder Hitachi is intended to adapt the motor Yanmar . With a discount price and easy installation, this piece is made for you!
Starter brush holder LOMBARDINI FOCS 73 teeth

Motor flying Crown 73 teeth This brushes door of origin for Starter Lombardini FOCS is a piece that fits to the crowns of the flywheel to 73 teeth. With a great price and quality, do not hesitate to order this reference!  
Starter brush holder LOMBARDINI FOCS 90 teeth

Motor flying Crown 90 teeth This brushes door of origin for starters Lombardini FOCS is reserved to the Crown of the engine with 90 teeth. Information to take into account when placing your order, do not hesitate to replace your defective part!
LOMBARDINI starter relay

LOMBARDINI FOCS BI CYLINDER The Starter relay is adaptable to engines Lombardini FOCS bi cylinder. Very good Bill, this easy to assemble coin will seduce you with its discount prices!
YANMAR starter relay

STARTER HITACHI (YANMAR) This Hitachi Starter is compatible with starters of the Yanmar . Easy a-laying, with a purchase price of attractive, this reference has everything to seduce you!
Starter relay aixam denso

Denso Starter for Kubota engine relay This starter relay for Aixam mounts to the original DENSO starters. It will prevent your full Denso Starter replacement. A piece of quality and reliability while keeping a discount price.