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Ligier JS 50 Phase 1

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Upper front crossbar Ligier, Microcar

Upper front bumper crossbar Ligier and Microcar Following a frontal impact or a simple collision you have damaged your front crossbar, please replace it with our new and adaptable part of equivalent quality to the original one
JS50 grille

Ligier JS50 Your ligier JS50 has suffered a shock to the front and the grille is damaged. To replace it at a lower cost, we offer you this ABS grille, specially designed for the Ligier JS50. It will easily fit your VSP. Attention this is only the grille, the bumper for the JS50 is sold separately.
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Front bumper Ligier JS50 - 1403895

Ligier JS50 This bumper is designed for Ligier JS50, enjoy a quality ABS part at a discount price. This adaptable part will fit perfectly on your VSP to replace the bumper of your car broken or cracked.
€63.62 €81.82
Front bumper Ligier JS50

Ligier JS50 Your car without licence needs a small blow of youth or quite simply to have a new front bumper following a shock. Thanks to our adaptable part, in ABS, you will be surprised by its robustness. Don't wait any longer to replace it.
CARBON front bumper for LIGIER JS50

CARBON front bumper for LIGIER JS50 Lovers of beautiful parts, this bumper is made for you. Give a unique side by customizing your Ligier JS50 thanks to this carbon effect bumper. Elegant and modern, this bumper will give a resolutely dynamic look to your vehicle.
Front bumper Ligier JS50 and JS50L Elegance

Ligier JS50 and JS50 L Élégance  finish The front bumper is an integral part of a car's bodywork. It protects you while improving the appearance of your VSP car. The Ligier JS50 Élégance finish is yours at a very reasonable price. 
Calender Ligier JS50 Elegance

Calender Ligier JS50 Elegance (phase 1) Your grille is broken or damaged after a collision? Take advantage of our new and adaptable part for the Ligier JS50 Elegance phase 1. Strictly conform to the original part, it will seduce you by its quality of manufacture and its competitive price.
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Wing before Ligier JS50

Ligier JS50 You have suffered a shock at the front of your bike and the fenders are in very bad condition. You can replace them thanks to our model perfectly adaptable for the Ligier JS50 Please check the side of the part before adding it to your cart.
€39.17 €49.17
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Rear bumper Ligier JS50 - 1402150

Ligier JS 50 This bumper, in ABS quality, is specially designed for the Ligier JS50. It will fit perfectly to your car. If your car without licence was damaged, this part is made for you. Moreover with this discount price, you will be very satisfied.
€60.81 €95.83
Rear bumper Ligier JS50 Sport (phase 1)

Ligier JS50 Sport (phase 1) Rear Bumper Do you need to replace your rear bumper following a collision or an accident? Our bumper has been specially designed for the Ligier JS50 Sport phase 1 model
Front left wheel arch Ligier JS50

Front left wheel arch Ligier JS50 (phase 1) Your front left wheel arch of Ligier JS50 is defective, replace it by our new and adaptable part endowed with a quality identical to that of origin with a discount price.
Right front wheel arch Ligier JS50

Right front wheel arch Ligier JS50 and JS50L (phase 1) Your wheel arch is to be replaced, choose our body part especially developed for the models JS50 and JS50 L phase 1. proposes you here a new and adaptable part with a quality equivalent to the original one.
Cover ligier JS50 - 1402151

Ligier JS50 For the replacement of the engine hood of your Ligier JS50 go for quality at a discount through ABS plastic this piece of bodywork adaptable to your vehicle without a permit will please you. This product is gross, it will have to be appete and painted.
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Protection under the motor Ligier - 055250

Ligier JS50 and IXO You have hooked an edge and your protection under engine broke or does not hold any more correctly under your VSP. Take the opportunity to replace it with our part perfectly adaptable to your cart. Made of fiber, it will be moreover very resistant to the shocks.
€39.75 €48.75
Chrome mirror cover Ligier

Ligier Ixo, JS50, JS50L, JSRC Replace your rear view mirror shell (right or left) of your car without licence Ligier with a new and adaptable part at a reasonable price
Rivet body

RIVET BODY  These body extra-large head rivets allow you to set all your body reinforcements. They are reusable and easily arise at a glance.  

Glue for windshield 310 ml  Bumpers, fenders, windshield glue This glue for windscreen and bodywork suitable for all models of VSP is the essential accessory to ensure a good attachment of your windshield! Easy to use, it will ensure a keeping perfect your windshield or your body parts by absorbing all the vibrations.
Handle for aerosol paint can

Universal spray paint can handle If you want to paint with a professional finish, buy this can of paint handle to make it easier to apply your paint and get a professional finish.

Bi-component mastic by SINTO to repair, refill and bond for example, repairs to car bodywork, motorcycles...

Mastic polyester bi-component by SINTO, flexible to repair, refill and bond substrates exposed to thermic variation or frequent vibrations, in 350 gr.