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Driving assistance

Piecesanspermis is here to help you stay mobile, even on your VSP. On our site, you'll find all kinds of accessories to make life on board your vehicle easier.

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Handybar, exit aid handle

Suitable for all vehicles with rectangular striker plates This handle is aimed primarily at people with reduced mobility who need a solid, practical, removable support when getting out of their car. The handle fits onto a rectangular strike plate found when the door is open. Use: belt cutter, window breaker and mainly as a support handle
Lumbar cushion

Adaptable to all licence-free cars Optimize your driving comfort with our adaptable lumbar cushion, designed to fit all models of licence-free cars. This ergonomic cushion provides extra support for the lower back, helping to reduce fatigue on long journeys. Its adjustable design and high-quality materials guarantee a perfect fit and optimum comfort for all drivers. Easy to install and adjust, this lumbar cushion is the ideal accessory for improving your posture and reducing back pain while driving. Treat yourself to a more pleasant driving experience by opting for our adaptable lumbar cushion today!
Steering wheel ball

Adaptable to all licence-free cars. Make maneuvering easier and enhance your driving experience with our adaptable steering wheel ball. Designed to provide a comfortable grip and improved steering control, this steering wheel ball is an essential accessory for drivers of license-free cars. Its simple installation and universal fit make it a practical addition to any vehicle. Experience smoother, safer driving with our adaptable steering wheel ball. Order it today to make your travels more pleasant and ergonomic
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Protections de Garage en Mousse

Universal parking corner protectors Foam corner protectors are essential accessories for preventing bumps and scratches when parking your unlicensed car. Easy to install, these protectors absorb impacts and effectively protect the corners of your vehicle. Practical and discreet, they're the ideal investment for keeping your car looking like new, while guaranteeing optimum protection against damage caused by accidental parking. Order now!
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Protections de Garage en Mousse - Spécial Colonnes

Wall-mounted Foam Garage Protectors Our wall-mounted exterior protectors are designed to protect the walls from impact and to give structure to the parking lot on our site for the sale of spare parts for licence-free cars. These protections will help prevent shocks and damage caused by vehicles entering the garage. Order now!
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Chaine à neige 9mm

Metallic Snow Chain with Mechanical Tensor - 9 mm Snow chains are an essential accessory for licence-free cars on snowy or icy roads. Easy to install, these chains provide better grip and safety during winter driving. Order now!