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Oil filters Microcar

Fuel filters for MICROCAR offers a wide range of discount diesel filters for your MICROCAR. Select the fuel filters you need according to the model of your MICROCAR. Diesel filters block impurities and residues in the fuel.

Active filters

Fuel filter lombardini - 3730121

Adaptable on engine LOMBARDINI FOCS This filter in diesel at discount prices is compatible on most new models of vehicles without a permit) Ligier , Microcar , Chatenet , JDM ,..) equipped with a motor Lombardini JIBS from the year 2003. also invite you to find this filter of origin at the best price.
YANMAR fuel filter

Engine YANMAR double This fuel filter is suitable for all cars without permits that have an engine yanmar double) JDM , Ligier , Microcar ,...) If you do not know or are unsure about the number of cylinders of your cart, you can ask our customer service.
Fuel filter lombardini - 3730121

Original fitted to many models LIGIER, CHATENET, MICROCAR... This fuel filter is compatible on many carts model with motor Lombardini jibs from the year 2004. It is considered by its quality and performance excpetionnelles, all this at very competitive prices.
Fuel prefilter Lombardini DCi 442 and DCi 492

Diesel pre-filter Lombardini DCi 442 and DCi 492 This diesel pre-filter is for licence-free cars fitted with a Lombardini DCi 442 and 492 engines. It will definitely please you for its manufacture quality and its discount price. It is recommended to change the pre-filter at every 10,000km service.
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YANMAR diesel prefilter

Pre-filter Yanmar This fuel pre-filter fits cars without a permit to yanmar engine. Mindful of its clients, has selected its best supplier in order to provide a reliable product at competitive prices. Also mounts on the DCI engines.
€2.95 €3.30
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Fuel filter LOMBARDINI dci

Filter adaptable diesel LOMBARDINI LDW 442 CRS engine This fuel filter is specifically to vehicles without a permit with engine Lombardini FoCs ldw. This product has been subjected to quality tests in order to obtain a high performance. With, you'll be amazed by its thousands of outstanding products at price canon.
€6.72 €9.60
Complete diesel filter Lombardini DCi

Complete diesel filter for Lombardini DCi engine offers this fuel filter holder with fuel filter and probe for Lombardini 442 and 492 DCi engines fitted to VSP makes Microcar , Ligier , Chatenet , JDM , Bellier , Dué .
Complete diesel filter Yanmar

Complete diesel filter Yanmar engine The diesel filter housing is an important part of your car's fuel system. If it leaks or deteriorates, replace it quickly.
Fuel filter lombardini - 2175045

Adaptable for older model This fuel filter is restricted to cars without a permit) Ligier , Microcar , Chatenet ,...) with a motor Lombardini focs before 2004. It will give you complete satisfaction with an identical quality originally. It is recommended to change diesel fuel filter all 10000 kms.
Fuel filter lombardini - 2175045

Origin for former model This fuel filter is adaptable to the majority of cars without a permit with an engine Lombardini FoCs before 2004. You will be captivated by its effectiveness in filter impurities and water from the condensation of the air inside the tank .
YANMAR mono fuel filter

Filter diesel YANMAR cylinder This fuel filter is mounted on cars without a permit) JDM , Microcar , Ligier ,...) with a mono yanmar engine cylinder. With regard to engines Yanmar BI cylinder, do not hesitate to consult our different products adapted to your cart.
Robin diesel filter

Filter diesel ROBIN. This fuel filter is mounted on carts that have a Robin engine. Because ' it is hard to get parts of car without a licence, is strives to find daily products at unbeatable prices
Fuel priming bulb

Priming to fuel pump This primer bulb is for the carts have a diesel engine. It will allow you a rebooting of your system simply. This quality product will fill you completely thanks to its quality of manufacture but also by its discount prices!
Filtre à gasoil origine -...

Ligier Microcar, , , , Chatenet Bellier Dué Grecav Realize your maintenance thanks to our original diesel filter cartridge for Lombardini LDW442 and LDW492 DCi cars Choose this genuine Lombardini part to ensure the reliability of your engine. Filter your fuel with expertise and keep your vehicle in perfect working order. Choose quality and durability, opt for Lombardini's unrivalled performance.
Fuel filter support bracket

Microcar MC1, MC2, MGO1, Chatenet Barooder, CH26, CH32, CH33, CH39, Bellier VX550, VX650, DIvane, Opale, Jade, B8, JDM Titane, Albizia, Abaca, Aloes , Roxsyn Xheos The fuel filter support bracket is an essential part of your fuel system. This bracket is specially designed to hold your vehicle's diesel filter in place, ensuring your fuel system runs smoothly. Choose this quality support bracket to keep your fuel system running smoothly and avoid fuel-related problems. Order this spare part today for worry-free driving and reliable fuel supply.