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Glow Plug

Tired glow plugs make starting difficult, and when they fail, starting becomes impossible. That's why offers you its range of engine glow plugs Lombardini jibs, Yanmar and Kubota at low prices.

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KUBOTA AIXAM glow plugs

ENGINE KUBOTA diameter: 8 minutes If you need to replace your glow plugs from your Aixam 400 e-s-l-sl, 500.4, a721 a741, 751, city, roadline or crossline is this piece need you! Note that the diameter of the workpiece is 8mm and will fit the engine Kubota information to be taken into account when placing your order.
Spark plug cable Lombardini petrol LGW 523 MPI

Aixam, Ligier, Microcar, Chatenet with Lombardini LGW 523 MPI engine Make sure your Lombardini LGW 523 MPI engine runs to its full potential with our high-quality original spark plug cable. With its durable design and perfect compatibility with the Lombardini LGW 523 MPI engine, this spark plug cable offers simple installation and reliable performance, ensuring smooth operation and long engine life. Opt for quality and reliability with our genuine spark plug cable, guaranteeing top performance and maximum reliability for your Lombardini LGW 523 MPI engine
LOMBARDINI glow plugs Focs and Progress

LOMBARDINI FOCS FRONT-DEC 2005 If you need to replace your glow plugs of your cart equipped with an engine Lombardini FOCS, is this piece need you! Note that this piece is for your vehicle if it was put into circulation before December 2005, information to be taken into account when ordering.
Glow plugs yanmar / kubota

YANMAR two JDM / MICROCAR / BASHER / AIXAM 400i / A540 / 400i TWIN This glow plug is suitable for the engine Yanmar two, mounted on the Microcars , Belliers or Aixams (400i, A540 and 400i Twin).
Glow plug LOMBARDINI dci ldw442

Engine Lombardini DCI LDW442 This glow plug is adaptable on all models with a DCI LDW442 engine like on the Microcar MGO, Ligier IXO or even the great wall Sonic models. Order your parts at low prices for your vsp on
MITSUBISHI glow plugs

Mitsubishi engine This candle is dedicated to the Mitsubishi engine. You will easily replace the candles of your Ydea Casalini. Buy this piece at discount prices, without neglecting the quality on