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Microcar Radiators

Quality engine radiators at low prices? With Mini-auto parts, everything is possible! Come and discover our radiators specially designed for your Microcar

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MICROCAR radiator virgo 3 / MC1 / MC2 with ByPass

MICROCAR VIRGO 3 / MC1 / MC2 with BY PASS (2 outputs) engine LOMBARDINI FOCS (aluminum origin) This heater is designed to adapt to the 3rd generation of the mark Virgo / MC1 / MC2 model Microcar . It should be noted that this model is intended for engine Lombardini Jibs with by-pass, it therefore has two outputs on the lower level of the room. Its quality of manufacture will immediately seduce you!
€109.00 €119.00
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Radiator microcar mc1 lombardini - 1001957

MICROCAR MC1 with by-pass (2 outputs at the bottom) for engine LOMBARDINI FOCS  This heater for Microcar MC1 is equipped with two outlets located at the bottom of the piece type By Pass. This reference adaptable is only compatible with the brand engines Lombardini .
€64.00 €99.00
Radiator microcar mc1 lombardini - 1003415

Radiator origin for MICROCAR MC1 with engine LOMBARDINI without BY PASS (only 1 output below). This original radiator is intended for models from the brand Microcar for its model MC1. Compatible with Automation Lombardini without Bypass, it therefore has only one output on the bottom. This coin will fill your expectations and will seduce you with its discount prices!
Radiator ligier nova / xtoo

LIGIER NOVA AND XTOO (ENGINE FOCS) ADAPTABLE This adjustable heater is reserved to Nova and the mark Xtoo models Ligier . It should be noted that this model is restricted to the engine Lombardini Jibs. With insurance to pay the best price, hard to resist!
Radiator ligier xtoo - nova - ambra - 118429

With Group fan + probe This electric fan group with probe is adaptable on various models of the brand Ligier such as the Xtoo, Nova and the Ambra. If you need to change this piece on your cart, don't hesitate anymore and succumb to its discount prices!      
Air-conditioning radiator Microcar

Microcar MGo 3, MGo 4 and Dué 2 and 3 Your air-conditioning does not produce cold anymore, the radiator (or condenser) of your air-conditioning must be defective, replace it by our part of equivalent quality to the original one by preserving a price well lower than the original one.
Radiator microcar virgo 1 / 2 - 640051

MICROCAR VIRGO 1 / 2 This piece is an adaptable radiator for the Virgo, 1st and 2nd generation model, the mark Microcar . Easy to assemble and with a price attractive, hard to resist!
Cooling liquid

Cooling liquid -25° You have to carry out a supplement of the  cooling liquid  or a draining of your cooling circuit, choose our professional cooling liquid which will guarantee the optimal cooling of your engine
Expansion vessel plug ligier - 118403

jar of expansion tank cap This jar of expansion tank cap is screwed on Ligier . It mounts on models 162 / AMBRA / NOVA / XTOO MAX. Its discount price can only seduce you!
Expansion vessel Microcar

Expansion vessel Microcar MGO 2, 3, 4, M8, F8C, Cargo and Dué 2 and 3 Is your expansion tank or coolant reservoir cracked or badly damaged? Don't neglect this part and replace it as soon as possible, otherwise your engine may overheat. Coolant reservoir for Microcar.
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Blower propeller - 9718333

Blower fan for engine LOMBARDINI FOCS This blower propeller is designed for the cooling of the radiator for the carts equipped with a motorization Lombardini Jibs. 
€24.90 €27.90
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Extractor fan - 9718331

Propeller hood for engine LOMBARDINI FOCS This ducted propeller is designed for the cooling of the radiator, for the models of cars fitted with an engine Lombardini Jibs. Reliable and strong, its discount price can que séduire vous!
€24.90 €27.90
Cooling propeller Microcar, Chatenet, BellierjDM motor Yanmar

Cooling suction propeller for Microcar, Chatenet, Bellier and JDM with Yanmar twin-cylinder engine Your cooling suction propeller allows outside air to be brought to your engine radiator, thus cooling it. If you find that your propeller is defective, replace it with our new, adaptable part of the same quality as the original.
Silent radiator block Ligier, Microcar and Dué

Ligier Be up, Ambra, BE two, Nova, XTOO1, 2, XTOO R, RS, S, Max, Ixo, JS50, JS60, Flex, JSRC, Optimax, Microcar Cargo, MGO1, 2, 3, 4/5, 6, M8, F8C, MCross, Dué First, Dué 2, 3/5, 6, Bellier B8 With wear and weathering, your silent blocks wear out and no longer hold your cooling radiator securely in place.
Silent bloc radiator Ligier, Microcar and Dué

Genuine radiator silent block for VSP Ligier, Microcar and Dué. Your engine radiator is vibrating more and more and tends to come out of its housing. This is the symptom of an ageing silent block. Don't hesitate to carry out this small repair thanks to our new and discounted parts on
Air conditioning compressor Ligier, Microcar and Dué

Ligier Ixo, JS50/JS50L, Microcar MGO 3/4/5/6 and Dué 2/3/5/6 This air conditioning compressor is reserved for models from Ligier, Microcar and Dué . With the assurance of paying for quality products at the best price, it's hard to resist!
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Electric fan ligier - 118425

Electric fan Assembly for LIGIER This electric fan Assembly is adaptable on various models of the brand Ligier . If you need to change this piece on your cart, don't hesitate anymore and succumb to its discount prices!
€48.00 €60.00
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Thermo contact sensor for radiator LIGIER,MICROCAR , DUÉ

Sensor Thermo-contact for radiator LIGIER and MICROCAR This Thermo-contact for heater probe is adaptable on trademarks Ligier and Microcar car without a licence. Sturdy and reliable, it will allow you to make your repairs quickly and inexpensively!
€12.90 €13.90
Heating valve aixam - 2K012

This shut-off valve is mounted on heating radiators to Aixam . It allows to manage the interior heating of your vehicle. A quality part, robust which will correspond to your expectations!
Stop radiator leak

Stop radiator leak If you notice one or more leaks in your cooling radiator, don't hesitate to use our stop radiator leak additive to prevent your engine from overheating.
Thermostat de climatisation

Ligier Ixo, JS50, Microcar MGO3, 4/5, 6, Dué 2, 3/5 The air-conditioning thermostat is a crucial component of the air-conditioning system, responsible for regulating cabin temperature. Designed to guarantee optimum thermal comfort, this thermostat controls the operation of the air conditioner by adjusting the temperature of the air blown into the car. Restore the thermal comfort of your no-license car by choosing the quality and reliability of our Genuine Air Conditioning Thermostat. Opt for guaranteed performance and peace of mind. Order now for efficient air conditioning throughout your journey.
Ensemble de tirants climatisation

Microcar MGO2, M8, F8C, Ligier JSRC The air-conditioning tie-rod assembly is an essential part of the system, responsible for the correct positioning and stability of the air-conditioning components in your vehicle. These tie rods play a crucial role in holding the various components of the air-conditioning system in place, ensuring its smooth operation. Restore the integrity of your air conditioning system by choosing the quality of our Genuine Tie Rod Kit. Choose confidence and peace of mind. Order now for efficient, long-lasting air conditioning on the road.
Tendeur courroie climatisation

Microcar MGO2, M8, F8C, Ligier JSRC It is a component of a vehicle's air-conditioning system. It is responsible for maintaining the correct tension on the air-conditioning belt, thus ensuring the proper operation of the air-conditioning compressor. The air-conditioning compressor plays a crucial role in the process of cooling the air inside the vehicle. The air-conditioning belt, kept under tension by the tensioner, enables power to be transmitted from the engine to the compressor
Patte support de radiateur

Microcar MGO1, MGO2, M8, F8C, Ligier JSRC The "Radiator support bracket" is a part of the radiator support system in the engine compartment of a vehicle. This bracket is usually attached to the car's chassis and serves to hold the radiator securely in place. The radiator support bracket plays a crucial role in ensuring the stability of the radiator, which is essential for its efficiency. If you need to replace the radiator support bracket, it's important to choose a genuine quality part to guarantee the radiator's safety and stability. Opting for a genuine support bracket ensures precise compatibility with your vehicle model. Order now for a safe and reliable replacement solution.
Cache de radiateur

Ligier XTOO R, RS, S, Optimax, Microcar Cargo The licence-free car radiator cover is an essential spare part that helps protect your vehicle's radiator. Made from hard-wearing plastic, it attaches to the front of the car to cover the radiator and prevent debris such as dust, road debris and insects from damaging the radiator's fragile fins. It also helps maintain adequate airflow around the radiator, promoting optimum cooling system performance. It's easy to install and provides an affordable solution for maintaining the performance of your no-license vehicle. Buy now!