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Wheel cylinders offers more mounted wheel cylinders on cars without a permit (aixam, microcar, ligier, bellier, chatenet, jdm, grecav..). Don't forget to check the diameter of the cylinder so that it adapts to your vsp.

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Rear wheel cylinder diameter: 15.8

AIXAM - JDM - BELLIER - CHATENET - LIGIER - GRECAV - MICROCAR - MINAUTO Fitted on all AIXAMs at the rear. These 15.8 diameter wheel cylinders can be easily fitted to many models of vehicles without a licence. Other wheel cylinders of different diameters are available depending on your car.
Wheel cylinder diameter: 19

JDM-BELLIER-CHATENET-LIGIER-GRECAV-MICROCAR These wheel cylinders with a diameter of 19 can be fitted to most cars without a licence. They allow the transformation of pneumatic energy into mechanical energy. High quality, these parts will fulfill their function with efficiency.
Wheel cylinder diameter: 22

AIXAM-JDM-BELLIER-CHATENET-LIGIER-GRECAV-MICROCAR These 22 diameter wheel cylinders are compatible on different types of carts. offers different diameters depending on your vehicle. Please also visit our site our brake master cylinder.
Wheel cylinder Aixam range Sensation

Rear wheel cylinder Aixam range Sensation You feel that your braking is less biting or that a leak has appeared at the level of your drums, replace your rear brake master cylinder by our quality part preénium specially designed for the City Coupé and Crossline from the range Sensation.
Rear wheel cylinder Aixam range Sensation

Right rear wheel cylinder Aixam range Sensation You notice a leak in the wheel cylinder or also call master cylinder, replace it with our high quality part to find a safe braking. Compatible with the following models City , Crossline and Coupé models Sensation from Aixam .
Adaptable stop switch

Adaptable on master cylinder This stop switch fits on the master cylinder of most cars without a permit) Aixam, Ligier , Microcar , Chatenet ,...). This inexpensive piece is quick to install to indicate brake pedal pressure.
Brake limiter Aixam - 6F16

Aixam before 2008 The brake on a car without a license is important and to pay attention to safety. To avoid blocking your rear wheels when braking, need you a limiter of brake in good condition, because it is him which reduces pressure on the rear wheels. It allows to distribute the braking between the front and rear of the vsp.
Wheel cylinder bleed screw

Aixam Ligier, , , , , Jdm, , , Chatenet Dué Microcar Grecav Minauto Bellier Casalini The adaptable wheel cylinder bleed screw is an essential component for regular brake system maintenance. Designed to provide effective bleeding of air and impurities accumulated in the brake fluid, this screw ensures the smooth operation of your unlicensed vehicle's braking system. Its simple installation makes it a practical choice for mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. Choose the adaptable wheel cylinder bleeder screw to guarantee optimum braking performance and maximum safety on the road 8mm thread diameter