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Tank for licence-free cars

Discover our range of fuel tanks specially designed for licence-free cars of the following brands Aixam, Ligier, Microcarchâtenet, Bellierand Casalini. Our tanks are made from high-quality materials, guaranteeing durability and reliability. Easy to install, these tanks are available in both original and adaptable versions, fitting perfectly to your vehicle for optimum performance.

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Tank Aixam impulse and Vision

Aixam City, GTO, CrosslineCut, Crossover impulse range and Vision Replace your fuel tank with our new and original part for the following models Aixam of the Impulse and Vision. Make sure you make the right choice by opting for spare parts from
Fuel tank Aixam Sensation and Vision, Minauto

Aixam City, CrosslineCut, Crossover range Sensation and Vision, Minauto Access and Cross 2017 Your tank is no longer airtight and your fuel leak is too big, take advantage of our new and original tank for the models of the brand Aixam of ranges Sensation and Vision and Minauto 2017.
Fuel filler cap surround

Aixam all models from 400SL / Microcar Lyra, Virgo, MC1, MC2, M8, MGO / Ligier Nova, Be-two, Be-up, Xtoo 1, 2, Xtoo max, R, S, RS, Optimax 2, IXO, JS50, JS60 / Chatenet CH26, 28, CH30, CH32, Sporteevo / JDM Albizia, Abacca, Aloes, Roxsy, Xheos and Bellier B8 Your fuel filler cap surround can wear down with time and diesel deposits. This part is important, as it protects your bodywork from scratches made by the fuel pump nozzle. It also ensures the cap's stability. Changing this part is very simple and takes just a few minutes.
Reservoir chute Microcar Virgomc1 and MC2

Microcar Viro 1, 2, 3, MC1 and MC2 Find our tank spout type part for Microcar at a discount price on our site, specially designed for Virgo and MC1, MC2 models from the brand Microcar
Reservoir chute Ligier JSRC, Microcar MGO1 and 2, M8, F8C and Dué First and Coupé

Ligier JSRC, Coupé, Mcirocar MGO1, MGO2, M8, F8C and Dué First, Coupé Your fuel filler neck is showing signs of leakage, don't hesitate any longer and replace it with our new part offered at the best price on our website
Fuel tank Ligier and Microcar

Ligier Nova, XTOO 1, 2, Max, XTOO R, RS, S, Optimax, Ixo, JS50, Microcar Cargo, MGO 3, 4/5, 6, Dué 2, 3, 5, 6 Over time, the tank may leak. Replace it with our new original part for Ligier, Microcar and Dué.
Foam tank seal

Ligier JS50, JS50L, JS60, Microcar MGO3, 4/5, 6, Dué 2, 3/5, 6 Need a foam tank seal? Buy our new part.
Reservoir chute Aixam

Aixam A721, A741, A751, Roadline, City, City S, Scouty, City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover, GTO (Impulse, Vision, Sensation, Emotion ranges) Minauto The original fuel filler neck is an essential component for safe, hassle-free refuelling of your licence-free car. Manufactured to the highest standards, this fuel filler neck guarantees a precise fit and a reliable seal, ensuring smooth operation of the fuel system. Choose this genuine fuel filler neck to maintain the integrity and performance of your licence-free vehicle.