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Accelerator cable Grecav

Discover our selection of gas pedal cables specially designed for Grecav vehicles. As always, offers quality at the best price.

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Cable accelerator grecav - BAF590008203

Accelerator cable GRECAV EKE This accelerator cable has been specially developed for the minicar of type Grecav Eke. Its length will fit perfectly to your cart. This accelerator cable will give you full satisfaction because of its flexibility and robustness!  
€20.00 €26.00
Grecav gas pedal cable Sonique

Accelerator cable Grecav Sonique  You accelerator cable is showing signs of wear preventing correct acceleration of the vehicle, choose our cable specially designed for the  Sonique  model of the Grecav brand.
Grecav gas pedal cable Sonique DCi

Accelerator cable Grecav Sonique DCi Superior quality part, this accelerator cable is specially designed for the Grecav Sonique fitted with a Lombardini DCi engine.  Good price and top quality at