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Chatenet barooder suspension triangle

CHATENET BAROODER These suspension triangles with exceptional finishes have been developed with the greatest respect for European standards. They can only be fitted to cars without a licence Chatenet Barooder.
€24.58 €41.58
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Suspension chatenet media triangle

CHATENET MEDIA This triangle of suspension is purely designed to adapt to the Chatenet Media. It will make proven by its simplicity of installation followed by its high performance during your daily commute.
€30.00 €45.00
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Chatenet ch26 suspension triangle

CHATENET CH26 / CH30 / CH32 These suspension wishbones have been manufactured under the best possible conditions and with great care to obtain a remarkably reliable product. They are specifically compatible with the models Chatenet CH26 / CH30 / CH32.
€24.58 €41.58
Silent block chatenet

CHATENET MEDIA / STELLA / BAROODER This silent block for unlicensed vehicles of the brand Chatenet - media models, Stella and Barooder - fits perfectly and is easily mounted on the wishbone, avoiding play in the front axle.