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Variateurs boîte Aixam offers you a range of gearbox variators for your Aixam at unbeatable prices! Here you'll find our top-quality products to make your journey more comfortable! You'll find both original and adaptable variators.

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AIXAM 2008 gearbox variable speed drive

Original AIXAM gearbox variator New model This original gearbox variator is strictly reserved for small cars Aixam . It will bring you full satisfaction by its duration of use.
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Inverter box aixam 400

Adaptable on AIXAM 400 / 400 SL / EVO before 2008 This dimmer box adaptable is mainly made to fit on the Aixam 400/400SL/400 EVO. It differs from other competitors by mounting simplicity but by its enormous capacity to handle unforeseen circumstances on the road also.
€109.00 €168.00
AIXAM original gearbox drive before 2008

AIXAM 400 / 400 SL / EVO (VIS) This dimmer original box made to fit with ease on the Aixam 400/400SL/400 EVO. It is not necessarily essential to replace the full drive, check the hooves and change them if necessary.
Box drive mounting

Drive mounting box This set consisting of a bolt, flat washer, and a split washer (anti-unscrewing) will be used to fix in the best conditions the inverter box of your car without a license. It is designed only for cars of brands Aixam and Great Wall