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Variateurs boîte Ligier

Discover our large catalog of gearbox drives for your LIGIER. offers you quality parts, whether they be original or adaptable and always at discount prices. Don't wait any longer and buy at Piecesanspermis.

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LIGIER Xtoo variable speed drive

Adaptable on LIGIER XTOO before 2008 This dimmer box adaptable has been specially developed for vehicles Ligier XTOO. In order to offer products at unbeatable prices, Piecesanspermis has selected its best supplier for production at prices reduced.
€109.00 €159.00
Original gearbox drive before 2008 Ligier, Microcar, Chatenet, BellierjDM, Grecav, Casalinierad

LIGIER XTOO This dimmer original box is exclusively dedicated to vehicles without a permit Ligier XTOO. Unrivaled quality that you find nowhere else, it was manufactured by the best specialists in the car without a license.
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Adaptable gearbox drive Ligier, Microcardué, ChatenetjDM, Bellier, Casalini

Ligier Microcar, , , , , Dué Chatenet Bellier JDM Casalini The post-2008 adaptable gearbox variator is an essential part designed to improve the performance and durability of the gearbox in license-free cars. Manufactured to precise specifications, this variator is perfectly suited to post-2008 models, offering improved power transmission and smoother driving. Opt for the adaptable post-2008 gearbox variator for an enhanced driving experience and optimum performance from your license-free car.
€154.90 €168.90
Variable speed drive CHATENET ch26

Dimmer box original CHATENET CH26 This dimmer original box is purely consistent with the Chatenet CH26. Our products have undergone a battery of tests of quality in order to verify that they have been manufactured according to the safety standards imposed by French legislation.
Gearbox variator spring

Fits all pre-2008 models Aixam, Ligier, Microcar, Chatenet, JDM, Bellier, Grecav.
Adaptable cylindrical socket for box variator

Ligier, Microcar Optimize the performance of your no-license vehicle with our high-quality adaptable cylindrical bushing. Designed to fit perfectly and ensure smooth operation, our cylindrical bushing guarantees a stable and secure connection between your car's essential components. Easy to install and compatible with a variety of license-free car models, our Adaptable Cylindrical Bushing is the ideal accessory for maintaining the integrity and reliability of your vehicle. Order today to ensure optimum performance and driving confidence