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Fuel gauge Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH32, CH40, CH46, Pick up and Sporteevo The fuel gauge allows you to know in real time your fuel level in your tank in case of failure. Avoid a dry breakdown and replace your part with
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Pre-filter diesel yanmar

Pre-filter Yanmar This fuel pre-filter fits cars without a permit to yanmar engine. Mindful of its clients, has selected its best supplier in order to provide a reliable product at competitive prices. Also mounts on the DCI engines.
€2.40 €2.75
Filter diesel yanmar

Engine YANMAR double This fuel filter is suitable for all cars without permits that have an engine yanmar double) JDM , Ligier , Microcar ,...) If you do not know or are unsure about the number of cylinders of your cart, you can ask our customer service.
Yanmar oil filter

Engine YANMAR (MITSUBISCHI, JDM...) The oil filter is adaptable to Microcar , Chatenet and JDM equipped with a motor Yanmar . Knowing q' an oil filter should be replaced regularly, thanks you change your filter yourself at a lower cost.
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Driving thermostat yanmar

YANMAR engine This thermostat to engine Yanmar is a versatile, reliable and easy to install, your cart. With a price as attractive, hard to resist!
€11.58 €16.58
Cooling propeller Microcar, Chatenet, BellierjDM engine Yanmar

Suction cooling propeller for Microcar, Chatenet, Bellier and JDM with motor Yanmar twin-cylinder engine Your suction cooling propeller allows outside air to be brought to your engine radiator and thus cool it. If you find that your propeller is defective, replace it with our new and adaptable part of equivalent quality to the original one.
Upper radiator hose Bellier B8

Bellier Divane, Opale, Jade and B8 engine Yanmar The cooling hose ensures the proper flow of coolant to the various components of your engine, if you notice that it is cracked or has significant leaks replace it quickly.
Kit 2 durite de radiateur supérieure Bellier B8

Set of 2 top hoses from Bellier B8 with engine Yanmar Replace your hose kit for Bellier B8 with engine YanmarPiecesanspermis.f offers you this new and original part at the best price.
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Stop solenoid yanmar engine

YANMAR engine stop solenoid This engine stop solenoid fits on the motor YANMAR quality piece that will help you in case of failure to restart your engine on the road. This piece is used to stop the engine.
€36.58 €66.58
Cylinder head gasket

YANMAR engine This cylinder head gasket is reserved for the engine of the brand Yanmar . Reliable and resistant, it will ideally replace your defective part!
JDM motor and gearbox support Xheos and Bellier B8

JDM Xheos and Bellier B8 (engine Yanmar) The engine - gearbox linkage support is an essential part for the good maintenance of these two elements, at the first signs of failure, replace it. The breakage of this organ can cause damage as well on your engine as your gearbox.
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Water pump yanmar

YANMAR engine This water pump is adaptable to the motors Yanmar . With proven reliability and a price attractive, hard to resist!
€69.93 €83.25