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Diesel fuel pump

KUBOTA fuel pump This original fuel pump fits on the motor of the brand Kubota . This room remains a safe bet, with the advantage of a discount price!
€37.42 €87.42
Oil dipstick Aixam

Oil dipstick for engines Kubota Z402 and Z482 The oil dipstick is an essential part of your engine, allowing you to regularly check the level of your engine oil, it must be present on your vehicle.
Fuel gauge gasket Aixam

Aixam 721, 741, 751, City, City S, Roadline, Crossline, Scouty The water gauge gasket is an important part of your fuel tank's tightness, over time the rubber will crack and no longer hold the fuel gauge in place.
Oil filler cap Aixam

 Aixam oil filter cap for Kubota Z402 and Z482 engines The oil filter cap for your Kubota engine is faulty or lost ? Buy an original cap especially designed for  Kubota Z402 et Z482 engines. Adaptable on many  Aixam  models. 
Fuel gauge nut Aixam, Minauto

Aixam City, CrossoverCut, Crossline and GTO (Impulse range, Vision and Sensation) and Minauto Access and Cross Your fuel system must be in perfect condition, so check this type of part like the fuel gauge nut in case of failure this can cause the gauge to break.
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Complete diesel filter Aixam adaptable

Complete diesel fuel filter adaptable for Aixam after 2003 This complete diesel filter consists of two parts, the filter housing and the fuel filter. Take advantage of our new and adaptable part at the best price on
€16.42 €32.42
Complete diesel filter Aixam

 Aixam complete fuel filter as of 2003 You need a complete fuel filter (housing for filter cartridges) for  Aixam  cars as of 2003? You will find an original part at a discount price on Specifically designed for Aixam models  after 2003
Air intake duct Aixam

Aixam Roadline and Crossline II (Z602 engine), Crossline Impulse (Z602 engine), Crossover and Crossline Range GT Vision, City Range pack Sensation, Crossline WG and Crossline range Sensation Replace your air intake duct as soon as it is torn or even missing. This part is a critical part in the engine fuel system.
Injector Aixam engine Kubota Z402

Aixam and Minauto all models with motor Kubota Z402 and Z482 A defective injector presents several signs, black smoke, over-consumption, jerks, difficulty in starting which can tell you that you must replace your injectors.
Fuel gauge Aixam and Minauto

Aixam CityCut, Crossline, Crossover (range Sensation 2eme montage and Emotion) and Minauto Access The fuel gauge transmits information on the level of fuel remaining in the tank. If your gauge is damaged, replace it as soon as possible and avoid a dry breakdown.
Fuel gauge Aixam Mega 1 & 2 and D-Truck

Aixam Mega 1, Mega 2 and D-Truck Replace your fuel gauge for your truck of the brand Aixam, Mega phase 1 and 2 and for the D-Truck at competitive price on our site.
fuel gauge Aixam

Fuel gauge for Aixam 721/741/751/City/City S/Roadline/Crossline/Scouty Specially designed for Aixam models, this fuel gauge is the ideal part for VSPs. 
Fuel gauge connector Aixam

Aixam City, CrosslineCoupé (range Sensation and Emotion 2nd assembly) The fuel gauge connector provides the link between the tank of your VSP and your engine's fuel system.
Fuel gauge quick coupling Aixam

Aixam City, CrosslineCoupé (range Sensation 2nd assembly and Emotion range) The fuel gauge connector allows you to connect the fuel hose to your fuel gauge and thus transmit all information such as fuel consumption.
Fuel gauge gasket Aixam

Aixam City, GTOCut, Crossline, Crossover (Impulse range, Vision, Sensation and Emotion) Minauto 2011, 2015, Minauto Crossline, Minauto Crossline 2015 With time, fuel deposits, your dipstick gasket can deteriorate and thus call into question the proper functioning of your dipstick Aixam in itself. So it is important to change the gasket at the first signs of wear Aixam. Piecesanspermis assures you the lowest prices on your range of replacement products Aixam.
Injector nose Aixam and Minauto engine kubota Z402, Z482 and Z602

Aixam 400sl, 400.4, 400 Evo, 500.4, 500.5, 721, 741, 751, City, City S, Crossline I, Scouty, Roadline, CityCoupé, Crossline Crossover, GTO impulse range, Vision and Sensation, Mega 1 & 2, D-truck, Minauto Replace your injector nose for your VSP brand Aixam or Minauto equipped with an engine Kubota Z402, Z482 and Z602 at the best price with our new and adaptable part on
Reservoir Aixam impulse and Vision

Aixam City, GTO, CrosslineCut, Crossover impulse range and Vision Replace your fuel tank with our new and original part for the following models Aixam of the Impulse and Vision. Make sure you make the right choice by opting for spare parts from
Fuel tank Aixam Sensation and Vision, Minauto

Aixam City, CrosslineCut, Crossover range Sensation and Vision, Minauto Access and Cross 2017 Your tank is no longer airtight and your fuel leak is too big, take advantage of our new and original tank for the models of the brand Aixam of ranges Sensation and Vision and Minauto 2017.
10w40 motor oil

Oil for all vehicle without a permit This engine oil 10W40 semi-synthesis has made specially for the maintenance of all cars without a permit. The tank is with a capacity of two litres knowing that you have need of a liter and a half when your drain. Remember to check your oil level regularly.