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Support Moteur offers a complete catalog of engine support parts for VSPs equipped with an engine Kubota.

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Alternator support kubota - K198966442

For alternator Kubota   Dedicated to the Kubota brand engine alternators, this support will adapt smoothly to your vehicle without a permit. Its discount prices made him a must!
Starter bracket Kubota new model - 1758004620

New Aixam model from 1997 Your support allows more to maintain your stable starter, if it must be used see broken. Consider replacing it with our adaptable room and quality. See the list of compatible models
Starter bracket Kubota old model

older models Aixam before 1997 This support allows maintain your starter so he can be properly positioned on the flywheel. And so allow your vsp to start. If you find that your starter is very stable, think to control your support it is probably the cause.
Cylinder head screws Aixam, Minauto

Aixam, Minauto Genuine cylinder head bolts for Kubota Z402, Z482 and Z602 twin-cylinder engines are essential parts for ensuring the integrity and strength of your vehicle's cylinder head. Their high-quality construction ensures optimum strength and reliable performance, keeping your engine running smoothly. Opt for these genuine cylinder head bolts to maintain the efficiency and durability of your Kubota engine, and ensure a safe ride M8 X 1.25