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Distribution offers a wide range of spare parts for VSPs equipped with an engine Lombardini DCI.

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Timing belt Lombardini DCI - 2440411

Engine Lombardini LDW 442 DCI This belt is exclusively designed for cars without a license, fitted with an engine Lombardini DCI (LDW 442). It consists of 124 teeth. Replace your belt quickly to avoid any breakage at the level of the upper part of your engine
Tension pulley Lombardini DCI

Timing belt idler Lombardini LDW 442 DCI and LDW 492 DCI. This timing belt tensioner is designed for the Lombardini DCI adaptable engine. Breaking it can lead to engine failure, so don't wait any longer to replace your defective part!
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Water pump Lombardini DCI - 6584511

Engine Lombardini DCI This water pump is only compatible for the vsp equipped engine Lombardini DCI.
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Distribution kit Lombardini DCi

Timing kit Lombardini DCi LDW442 and LDW 492 Replacing your Lombardini timing kit has never been easier, thanks to our adaptable timing kit comprising belt and tensioner.
€74.00 €99.00
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Distribution kit Lombardini DCI

Lombardini LWD 442 and 492 DCi timing kit Put together the timing kit you need to overhaul your Lombardini DCI engine.
€86.25 €115.00
Flywheel fixing screws Lombardini DCI

Ligier Microcar, , , , , Chatenet Dué Grecav Bellier JDM The original flywheel fixing screw is an essential part in maintaining the strength and stability of your engine system. Made from high-quality materials, this screw offers exceptional resistance to wear and guarantees reliable flywheel mounting. Thanks to its precise design and superior durability, it ensures optimum motor operation, reducing the risk of malfunctions. Choose this original flywheel mounting screw to ensure the performance and reliability of your licence-free car.
Rocker arm Lombardini 442, 492 and 492 Euro 4 DCi

Ligier Microcar, , , , , Dué Chatenet JDM Bellier Grecav Rocker arms are parts associated with the timing system here, placed laterally. Over time, the camshaft can take up play and damage the rocker arms. The rocker arms we sell are original parts for Lombardini 442, 492 and 492 Euro 4 engines.
Top dead center (TDC) sensor Lombardini DCi

Ligier Microcar, , , , , Dué Chatenet Bellier JDM Grecav Ensure optimum performance of your Lombardini 442 and 492 DCi engine with our original top dead center (TDC) sensor. By accurately detecting the engine's top dead center position, this sensor facilitates ignition timing adjustment, helping to improve engine performance and overall efficiency. Its easy installation and exclusive compatibility with Lombardini 442 and 492 DCi engines make it an ideal choice for mechanics and car owners alike. Order today to ensure optimum performance from your Lombardini engine
Hydraulic tappet motor Lombardini 442, 492 DCi

Microcar Cargo, MGO 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, F8C, M8, Ligier Xtoo R, RS, Optimax II, Ixo, JSRC, JS50, Chatenet CH28, Ch46 , Bellier B8, JDM Roxsy, Dué 2, 3, 5 and 6, Grecav Sonique with Lombardini 442 and 492 DCI engines Optimize your engine's performance with our original hydraulic tappet. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, this hydraulic tappet offers exceptional durability and reliability, ensuring long engine life. With its robust design, it is able to withstand the most demanding operating conditions, ensuring optimal motor performance without compromise. Order today to optimize your motor's performance and ensure its longevity
Flywheel Lombardini LDW 442, LDW 492 and LDW 480 HDi

Lombardini LDW 442 DCi, LDW 492 DCI and LDW 480 HDi engines The flywheel is a key part of your engine, and its primary function is to start your engine once the starter motor is in action, ensuring efficient starting of your licence-free car.
Central crankshaft bearing

Lombardini 442 DCi engine central crankshaft bearing Helps prevent excessive friction due due to high crankshaft rotation. Must be replaced quickly to avoid damage to the lower engine. New and original part for Lombardini 442 DCi engine
Support de pompe à injection

Microcar Ligier, , , , , Chatenet JDM Bellier Casalini Grecav The Injection Pump Holder is an essential part of a diesel engine's fuel system. It holds the injection pump in place, ensuring a stable and secure position. The injection pump is responsible for delivering fuel to the engine's injectors, which directly influences the operation of the engine itself. These brackets are designed to the manufacturer's specifications to ensure precise installation and optimum performance. Order now to restore the stability and reliability of your injection pump.
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Coussinet extérieur de vilebrequin

Lombardini engine LDW 442 DCi, LDW 492 DCi, LDW 480 HDi Discover our range of external crankshaft bearings, essential components designed to ensure smooth, reliable rotation of your engine's crankshaft. These bearings are positioned on the outside of the crankshaft, providing crucial support to reduce friction and ensure smooth engine operation. Choose our external crankshaft bearings for peace of mind. Order now to keep your vehicle safe
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Capteur de phase

Lombardini LDW442, LDW492 and 480 HDi engines Explore our selection of connecting rod bearings, essential components for ensuring smooth, reliable rotation of the connecting rod around your engine's crankshaft. These bushings, also known as connecting rod bearing bushings, are crucial to the engine's smooth operation by reducing friction between the connecting rod and the crankshaft. Choose from our range of high-quality connecting rod bearings, precision-engineered to fit different engine models.