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List of products by brand Aixam

Tyre 145/70/r13 13 inches

TYRE 145/80/13 This 145/80/R13 13 inch tyre is very reliable and will give your car excellent grip. Its excellent quality/price ratio makes it one of our flagship products. This size is used on Microcar MGO and other vehicles.
2 battery terminals +/-

For all vehicles without a license. To avoid an electrical breakdown, don't forget to replace your battery terminals which can oxidize.
20 diameter sanding pad

Kubota cylinder - diameter 20mm engine   Need to change a lozenge of sanding on your vehicle? This model of diameter 20 mm for cars equipped with a cylinder Kubota engine is what need you.
22 diameter sanding pad

Engine Kubota cylinder - diameter 22mm   Need to change a lozenge of sanding on your vehicle? This model of diameter 22 mm for cars equipped with d ' a cylinder Kubota engine is what ' need you.
4 front brake pads - (25mm)...

Front brake pad Braking is an important safety feature. If your car's brake pads are worn out, this product will replace your defective part without any problem. With a lining height of 25mm, you will regain the full braking potential of your vehicle without a licence for a very competitive price. Pad height: 25mm For disc diameter 210 mm Attention for Chatenet CH26, only for CORAM disc brakes
4 platelets before all models

AIXAM - LIGIER - JDM - CHATENET - MICROCAR - GRECAV - BELLIER - MINAUTO. These front brake pads are adaptable on all cars without licence. Worn brake pads can cause abnormal wear of your brake discs. It is recommended to change the brake pad axles when replacing them. Height (pad): 30 mm For disc diameter : 170mm
25 m hose

Fuel hose for diesel Ø 7 mm This fuel hose can be used for the majority of cart models. The dimensions of this reference are Ø 7 x 13 mm. Reliable and robust, this part is sold by the meter but always with the assurance of a discount price!
Gearbox aixam adaptable

AIXAM 400 / EVO / 500.4, AIXAM from 1997 This adaptable gearbox Aixam gearbox can be fitted to the Aixam 400 e-s-l / 400 evolution / and 500.4. Fitted with the mechanical angle gear for the speedometer. This discount price will seduce many!
Adaptable brake master

AIXAM - LIGIER - MICROCAR - JDM - BASHER - GRECAV... If you have any more brake, the brake master cylinder is compatible with most cars without a permit)Aixam, Ligier, Microcar, Chatenet, JDM,..) The master cylinder puts brake pressure fluid and distributes it to the front and rear wheels and can be my cause of the absence of braking
Kubota oil filter

KUBOTA engine - adaptable The oil filter is designed specifically for Aixam equipped with a motor Kubota . Manufactured with the utmost care by our supplier, this product will give you complete satisfaction through its price as well as by ease of installation thanks to our tips.
Adaptable stop switch

Adaptable on master cylinder This stop switch fits on the master cylinder of most cars without a permit) Aixam, Ligier , Microcar , Chatenet ,...). This inexpensive piece is quick to install to indicate brake pedal pressure.
Air conditioning radiator Aixam City, Crosslinecut, Crossover (Impulse and Vision)

Air conditioning radiator for Aixam City, Crossline, Crossover ( Impulse range and Vision) offers you this air-conditioning radiator for the models of car without licence of the brand Aixam ( Impulsion and Visio range ) equipped with air conditioning.
Air intake duct Aixam

Aixam Roadline and Crossline II (Z602 engine), Crossline Impulse (Z602 engine), Crossover and Crossline Range GT Vision, City Range pack Sensation, Crossline WG and Crossline range Sensation Replace your air intake duct as soon as it is torn or even missing. This part is a critical part in the engine fuel system.
Aixam 2005 suspension leg

AIXAM 721 / 721 sport / 741 / 751 / CROSSLINE BEFORE 2008 / City S / Scouty 2005 These struts are specifically adapted for the Aixam 721/741/751/Crossline/City S before 2008. Manufactured to strict European standards, they meet the highest quality standards and are a good value product.
Joint de pare-brise Aixam

Aixam 721 / 741 / 741 / City / Crossline / Roadline / Scouty This windshield gasket is only designed for cars without permits Aixam (2005 to 2008). If you notice a problem of sealing to the level of your windshield or important humidity, be sure to check your joint it is may be damaged and so is more waterproof. So replace the seal with our quality piece
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Carbon effect front bumper Aixam 2008 - 7AG019

Aixam City, City Sport, Crossline, Roadline and Scouty from 2008 to 2010 Discover our new carbon effect front bumper for your Aixam City, City Sport, Crossline, Roadline and Scouty from 2008 to 2010. To replace a damaged bumper or simply to change the style of your vehicle without a license, this quality product at a discount price will fully satisfy you.
€70.83 €90.83
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Interior tailgate aixam 2008 - 7AG460

Aixam City / City S / City Sport and Roadline 2008 This interior tailgate fits on the exterior tailgate of your vehicle without a license. Made of ABS plastic, this quality product at a discount price will fit the following models City, City S, City Sport and Roadline (year 2008 to 2010) of the brand of vsp Aixam.
€55.83 €65.83
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Support bumper aixam 2010

Aixam city / Roadline / Crossline / GTO / 2010 Coupe This front bumper bracket is ideally suited for 2010 Aixam cars of the type 2010 city, roadline, crossline, GTO or Coupé from the Impulsion range. Of very good quality this part will be easily assembled on your vehicle and its more is of the most attractive.
€24.58 €41.58
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Outer panel (passenger side)

Right outer panel for Aixam after 2010 Need to replace the outer panel right of your car without permit Aixam after 2010? Look no further, this product is the one need you! It will meet your expectations both in terms of finish and reliability and its discount prices will captivate you.
€62.50 €82.50
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Cradle engine aixam 2010

AIXAM since 2010 One of our best sellers, this engine cradle is designed to be adapted on Aixam from 2010 (crossline, city,..). Other models of engine cradles for aixam are available on our website. In case of doubt about the parts, our customer service is at your disposal to help you.
€62.50 €82.50
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Exterior tailgate aixam 2010 - 7AP095

Aixam Impulse 2010 Your hatchback has suffered a rear-end collision and needs to be replaced. This part will perfectly replace the old one. Moreover in ABS, it is the guarantee of a resistant and quality part.
€55.58 €66.58
Interior tailgate Aixam 2010 and range Vision - 7XB460 - 7AR460

Aixam 2010 and Impulse range This tailgate is compatible with the models of the Impulsion range of the manufacturer of vehicles without licence Aixam. Robust and of quality thanks to its manufacture out of plastic ABS, this interior tailgate will give again its original aspect to your trunk.
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Reversing cable aixam 2010 - 3at014

For Aixam after 2010 Aixam City, Crossline, CrossoverCoupé, GTO (range), impultion and vision) / Minauto This inverter cable designed for unlicensed vehicles Aixam after 2010 will replace your out-of-use model for an unbeatable price!
€16.25 €18.25
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Plays wing aixam 2010

AIXAM 2010 FENDER CHEEKS: CITY, CROSSLINE, CROSSOVER, GTOCOUPE Your 2010 front fender flange Aixam 2010 front fender flange needs to be replaced? Choose the left or right side. They fit on models from 2010 in ABS.
€18.25 €28.25
Tirant de pare chocs aixam 2011

For Aixam after 2011 (range visionrange, coupé, minauto) Replace the defective tie rod of your front bumper with this product dedicated to the models Aixam after 2011 models of the range Vision (including Coupe) and Minauto. Quality at a discounted price is not to be refused!
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Gimbal ligier ambra right/left

AIXAM 400 - 540 - 300 (560 mm) This cardan shaft is specially designed for the Aixam 400 - 540 - 300 of the brand Aixam . This part has a right and left dimension of 560 mm.
€79.17 €149.17
Dimmer box aixam 400

Adaptable on AIXAM 400 / 400 SL / EVO before 2008 This adaptable speed controller is mainly made to be mounted on the Aixam 400/400SL/400 EVO. It differs from other competitors by its simplicity of assembly but also by its enormous capacity to manage the unforeseen on the road.
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Plays wing aixam

AIXAM 400 EVOLUTION / 400.4 Your cart cheek Aixam 400 Evolution has to be replaced? Then do not hesitate to order this product which will satisfy you by its low price and its great reliability.
€14.17 €24.17
Front headlight aixam

AIXAM 400 E / S / L / SL / 500 / 300 These headlights are specially adapted for the Aixam E / S / L / SL . Durable, they will provide you with very good lighting. They have been manufactured so as to be reliable and inexpensive. Do not hesitate to consult us if you do not know or are not sure of the model you need.
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Cradle engine aixam 400

AIXAM 400 / 400.4 / 400 EVOLUTION / 500 / 500.4 / 500.5 This cradle is specially adapted to Aixam 400/ 400.4/ 400 evolution/ 500/ 500.4/ 500.5. Designed to resist to shocks, we have selected the best materials during its manufacturing. Piecesanspermis, it's quality at the best price.
€60.50 €82.50
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Aixam 400 handbrake cable

Cable Aixam MAC 500 / 400 Mac / Mac 300 / Mac 340 e / 400 / 400 development / 400.4 / 300 and 300 evolution   Cable handbrake of your vehicle without a permit is worn out and needs to be changed? This product will ideally replace your defective part for a low price defying all competition.
€11.58 €16.58