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Cache avec led - clignotant pour retroviseur ch26

Indicator cover for ITALCAR mirror A small design part which will supplement your rear-view mirror of ITALCAR! Delivered with its fixing system, this reference will allow you to be better seen and especially to save thanks to its discount price!
Door seal

Door seal for Ligier... Your door seal is defective or damaged on your Ligier ? You have air intakes, water leaks, your seal is therefore less effective. Don't hesitate to replace it with our door seal for cars without a licence. Sold by the meter, it will allow you to take the quantity that you wish. This gasket is waterproof and windproof
Handbrake rod

All models This hand brake linkage is adaptable on all cars equipped with rear drum unlicensed. As soon as you press your hand brake, this piece must push your machoirs to curb your vsp. If this is not the case, the rod may be broken and can no longer function properly and replacement is necessary.
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Damper before italcar

Shock absorber before origin ITALCAR KING / T2 / T3 and TASOO BINGO and DOMINO. Concerned about your security, did make these shock absorbers front specially for Italcar. Quality, they will bring you serenity and a better grip on the road.
€76.67 €95.83
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Radiator italcar tasso

Adaptable on Italcar Tasso This adaptable radiator is compatible with the models of the brand Italcar. With a simple installation and quality, difficult to resist an attractive price! Note that this model is compatible with the model only tasso.
€89.17 €129.17
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Damper rear italcar

Shock absorber rear original ITALCAR KING / T2 / T3 and TASOO BINGO and DOMINO. Designed for better road handling, these rear shocks for Italcar mini price are manufactured by the best specialists in the car without a license. Guaranteed its shock absorbers for a period of one year in the event of default.
€76.67 €95.83