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Bellier est un constructeur français de voitures sans permis depuis 1968. Fondé en 1980 par J. Bellier son siège se situe à Talmont-Saint-Hilaire, en Vendée. 


Bellier fut repris en 2010 par le groupe Neuvessel.


Les principaux modèles de Bellier sont La Divane (2001) l' Opale (2005), restylée en 2006. La Jade sera quand à elle lancée en 2008 et donnera en 2010 une version Racing pour le public plus jeune.

Le Docker, un véhicule utilitaire sans permis connait lui aussi un beau succès.

Gas pedal pedal Bellier B8

Accelerator pedal Bellier B8 with Yanmar engine Replace your accelerator pedal for your Bellier VSP with our new, genuine part at an unbeatable price. Specially designed accelerator pedal for the B8 model with Yanmar engine.
Air deflector Bellier Opale

Air deflector Bellier Opale These air deflectors for Bellier Opale are essential accessories for both summer and winter.
Air filter hose Bellier Jade and B8

Bellier Jade and B8 If your hose is porous or has a hole in it, avoid engine damage and replace it as soon as possible with our new original part at the best price.
Air filter housing support Bellier Jade and B8

Air filter holder Bellier Jade and B8 Take advantage of our original air filter housing support for Jade and B8 models from Bellier on our online sales site
Air vent bezel Bellier B8

Black air vent cover Bellier B8 Keep all your vehicle's interior finish intact with our new and original part at the best price for your licence-free car Bellier B8.
Lower ball joint bellier - erad

Ball joint lower Bellier crazy / Opal / Jade and Erad Spacia   Allowing the joint to the front of your vehicle, this lower ball is dedicated to vehicles without a brand license Bellier (crazy, opal and Jade models) and Erad (model Spacia). Over time a ball can either take the game, either to the contrary seize up if we forgot to grease them or if water has penetrated by a damaged bellows.
BELLIER B8 non-heated left-hand mirror

Bellier B8 The left-hand mirror for Bellier B8 is precision-engineered for optimum visibility in different weather conditions. Choose this left-hand mirror for Bellier B8 and improve the safety and driving comfort of your licence-free vehicle.
Front bumper bellier divane - DVCA50

For crazy Bellier Thanks to this superb bumper before, you will be able to refurbish your Bellier Crazy. Its design makes it easily adaptable. Very strong, we propose at discount prices!
Crystal taillights bellier

BELLIER OPALE / DIVANE A problem with your tail lights? These tail lights for BELLIER OPALE / DIVANE are the solution! Very reliable: their lifespan will surprise you. As always, they are offered at an unbeatable price.
Hand brake cable Bellier Jade

Bellier Jade hand brake cable Do you need to replace your Bellier Jade hand brake cable? Take advantage of our new and adpatable parts which perfectly match the technical characteristics of the original part. This hand brake cable is high-quality and good value for money
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BELLIER right headlight jade

BELLIER JADE This headlight, designed for Jade Bellier Jade will ensure excellent lighting thanks to its high quality. It's extremely durable and long-lasting. What's more, it's very affordable.
€104.90 €124.90
Taillights bellier

BELLIER OPALE / DIVANE These rear lights for car without licence of brand Bellier (model DIVANE) are very reliable: they have been designed to offer the best quality/price ratio possible. You will be very happy with this product!
BELLIER VX550 left headlight

BELLIER VX550 This headlight, designed for the VSP Bellier VX550 has been manufactured to give it exceptional longevity and quality. Don't hesitate to consult our catalog, where you'll find a wide range of parts to fit your cart.
BELLIER VX550 right rear light

BELLIER VX550 The left-hand rear light for Bellier VX550 is the perfect product if you're having trouble with your rear light. Its reliability and price will give you great satisfaction.
Drive belt bellier vx utility yanmar v1

BELLIER UTILITY YANMAR V1 This reference is an adaptable Variator belt that fits on the utility of the brand model Bellier . This piece will fit perfectly in your engine Yanmar V1.
Original drive belt bellier truck

BASHER truck engine YANMAR If you make a change in your drive belt on your Bellier TRUCK equipped with a Yanmar engine, this piece is for you! Robust and at discount prices, it is a safe value of our catalogue!
Lower hose Bellier B8

Lower radiator hose Bellier B8 Yanmar engine Replace your original lower radiator hose for Bellier B8 equipped with Yanmar engine, offers you a wide choice of cooling parts.
Brake pedal Bellier B8

Brake pedal Bellier B8 With wear and tear, the brake pedal can show signs of weakness. Don't neglect this safety component, as the pedal actuates your braking system.
Brake pedal spring Bellier B8

Brake pedal spring Bellier B8 The purpose of the brake pedal spring is to reposition your pedal and keep it in place when it's called upon during braking.
Front bumper bellier opale 1

BELLIER OPAL 1 For any change of your bumper before Bellier Opal 1, this piece will charm you with its ease of installation, design and especially its price! 
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Front bumper bellier opale 2

BELLIER OPAL 2 For any change of front bumper for a Bellier Opal 2, this piece will charm you with its ease of installation, strength and especially its price!
€89.00 €99.00
Front bumper bellier vx550

For Bellier VX550 This bumper of quality, in ABS, is very durable and will ideally replace the old bumper of your Bellier VX550. In addition to its discount prices, you will ask easily on your cart!
Gas pedal cable Bellier Divane, Opale engine Yanmar

Bellier Divane, Opale Yanmar engine This gas pedal cable is specially designed for Bellier Divane and Opale models with Yanmar engines. It connects your accelerator pedal to your engine, enabling you to control your VSP's engine speed.
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Inverter cable bellier - DVTR21

Cable switch for Bellier Opal / crazy   Replace your Opal Bellier inverter cable or crazy by this dedicated model in conformity with European standards and at discount prices. Your vehicle without a permit will be no problem in reverse with this cable will bring you satisfaction.
€28.90 €34.90
Inverter cable Bellier Asso - UTTR26

Bellier Asso This cable is specially designed for vehicles Bellier Asso. With its very attractive price, it will allow you to repair your car without license cheaply.
Gas pedal cable Bellier Jade - 01652001

Bellier Jade This cable is specially designed for cars without permits Bellier Jade. It allows to make the connection between your acceleration pedal and your engine, and thus allowing to control the regmie of the engine of your VSP.

CARDAN BELLIER JADE. Second hand cardan shaft Bellier Jade right or left. 605mm.
Centralization receiver with remote control for Bellier

Bellier Divane and Opale The centralization receiver box coordinates the opening of the doors and trunk of your Bellier VSP. If it is no longer functional, think about replacing it thanks to
Right front turn signal BELLIER

BELLIER VX550 WHITE This straight flasher is the ideal replacement for your broken or damaged flasher. You'll be delighted by its ease of use and reliability. The low price and high quality of this flasher for Bellier VX550 is the reason it's so popular with our customers.
Exhaust collar Bellier D35

Bellier diameter 35 mm The original 35 mm diameter exhaust collar for Bellier is specifically designed to ensure a secure and reliable fit for your car's exhaust system. Made from durable, heat-resistant materials, this collar guarantees a tight, secure connection between exhaust components, reducing the risk of leaks or unwanted vibrations. Choose this Genuine Exhaust Collar for Bellier and make sure you maintain the optimum performance of your exhaust system for hassle-free driving.
Cooling T-fitting Bellier B8

Cooling T-fitting Bellier B8 Yanmar engine The 25mm-diameter T-connector creates a cooling system with a bypass. This plastic part should be replaced at the 1st sign of leakage.
Inverter cable bellier - 41178

Cable BELLIER VX550 This crossover cable mounts on the VX550 model of Bellier . With its competitive prices and its durability, it will be essential to your cart. Piecesanspermis also has in stock a range of crossover adapting cable has your car without a licence model.  
BELLIER right-hand custodian Divane and Opale

Bellier Divane / Opale Replace the damaged rear quarter panel of your Bellier Divane or Opale licence-free car with this dedicated part that will restore your vehicle's appeal.
Passenger side / right - DVLG05

Bellier crazy / Opal Replace the custos damaged your car without license Bellier crazy or Opal by this dedicated piece that will restore all its appeal to your vehicle.
Deflector Bellier Jade

Air deflector Bellier Jade Optimize your air flow with our air deflectors for Bellier Jade. Specially designed for the Jade model, this deflector ventilates your cabin without the turbulence of an open window.
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Front brake disc Bellier B8

Bellier B8 The front brake disc, available for the right or left side, is an essential component for safe, reliable braking of your licence-free car. Made from top-quality materials and engineered to exacting standards, this brake disc offers optimum wear resistance and heat dissipation, guaranteeing efficient, consistent braking performance. Opt for this front brake disc and maintain the reliability of your braking system for a safe driving experience.
€50.90 €70.90
Passenger side / right - DVLG07

Opal and crazy Bellier Replace the glass door of your vehicle without license Bellier crazy or Opal by this perfectly adaptable model at discount prices. Remember to choose the side you wish to order.
Exhaust manifold for Béllier BLX

The manifold of your BELLIER BLX has a leak, this part is made for you . Change this part quickly for better combustion and better engine performance
Exhaust manifold screws Bellier Jade

Exhaust manifold screw Bellier Jade Yanmar engine The exhaust manifold is made up of all the exhaust pipes from each cylinder of the engine to the explosion. It must be fastened as securely as possible to protect both your engine and your exhaust system.
Exhaust manifold stud Bellier Jade

Exhaust manifold stud 8x22 Bellier Jade Yanmar engine The manifold stud holds several parts together, such as your exhaust manifold for Bellier Jade with Yanmar engine
Expansion vessel Bellier Jade and B8

Bellier Jade and B8 Lombardini DCi engines The expansion tank is part of the car's cooling system. It stores the liquid, and if it leaks, you risk engine overheating.
Daytime running light Bellier B8

Bellier B8 The daytime running light, available for the right or left side of your license-free car, is an essential part of ensuring maximum visibility and safe driving. Designed to the highest quality standards, this daytime running light offers exceptional durability and optimum brightness for clear, precise signaling. Its easy installation and precise fit make it an ideal choice for replacing or upgrading your vehicle's damaged or worn-out lights. Choose this daytime running light for a reliable and effective solution, ensuring safe driving while adding an aesthetic touch to your licence-free car.