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12 volt socket

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, CH40, CH46, Sporteevo and Pick up Directly plugged into your car's power supply without a license, the 12v plug will allow you to connect a GPS, a phone charger or an auxiliary light.
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Door motor 2 son chatenet

For Chatenet Media / Barooder / Speedino / CH26 / CH28 / CH30 / CH32 / CH32 / SporteEvo   Repair the defective centralization of your vehicle without license and save money with this door motor dedicated to the Media models, BarooderSpeddino and CH26 / CH28 / CH30 / CH32 / CH33 / SporteEvo models of the brand Chatenet.
€20.42 €22.42
3rd brake light Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH40, CH46, Sporteevo The 3rd brake light is an integral part of your lighting system, if it is defective replace it with our new and original part.
ABS crown Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, CH33, CH40, CH46, Sporteevo The ABS ring gear is fitted to the rear disc brake of the latest models of Chatenet.
Gas pedal pedal Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, C32, CH40, CH46, Pick Up and Sporteevo Your accelerator pedal is significantly damaged, replace it with our new and original part specially developed for the latest models of the VSP brand Chatenet.
Accelerator pedal rubber Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, CH40, CH46, Sporteevo and Pick up Over the course of the kilometers, the wear and tear on the accelerator and brake pedal rubbers will be felt. Replace your accelerator and brake pedal rubber with our new original part.
Aerator Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, Pick up and Sporteevo Dashboard air vent for ChatenetThis room allows you to direct cold or warm air into your cabin in an optimal way and for greater comfort.
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Chatenet barooder engine binding

Motor connection support for chatenet Barooder This adaptable engine link is a piece designed to model the brand Barooder Chatenet . A piece of fixation of quality, reliable which will perfectly replace your defective part. With a price discount, hard to miss this good deal!
€15.58 €21.58
Chatenet chatelaine headlight

BLACK HEADLIGHT FOR CHATENET CH26 Specially designed for the specific curve of the cars without licence Chatenet Ch26, this headlight (right or left) will give you full satisfaction and will ensure you a good visibility for a driving in all tranquility.
Patella lower chatenet / bellier

Chatenet StellaMedia, Barooder, Speedino, Ligier JS6, JS12, JS14, Optima, PrimaOptimax, Xpro, Bellier Docker, Casalini Sulky, M10, Bellier VX400, VX500, VX550 These suspension ball joints are designed for Chatenet StellaMedia, Barooder, Speedino and Bellier Vx550 but also the older models of Ligier and Casalini. They will offer you a high security and a perfect grip on the roads. If you don't know which model you should take, you can consult our technical department.
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Brake cable has hand chatenet barooder

Cable CHATENET BAROODER This Handbrake cable specially designed for carts Chatenet Barooder will ensure excellent braking due to the very high quality of the material used. This brake is also very resistant to giving it an exceptional longevity. So enjoy this cable to brake at low cost but high quality!  
€12.92 €14.92
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Brake cable has hand chatenet ch26

Cable CHATENET CH26 Specially designed for cars without a license from Microcar Virgo, this cable brake you appotera satisfaction thanks to its high resistance and durability. Always at discount prices, this product is indispensable!
€11.92 €14.92
Brake cable has hand chatenet media

Cable CHATENET MEDIA This Handbrake cable designed for the VSP Chatenet Media has been manufactured in accordance with the highest European standards. The material used to manufacture this brake cable is of great resistance to ensure durability.  
Brake pedal Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, CH33, CH40, CH46 and Sporteevo The brake pedal is a very important safety device of your VSP in case of strong degradation of this one do not hesitate to change it in order to preserve an optimal braking power.
Front bumper Chatenet CH26 Evo carbon

Chatenet CH26 Evo Give style to your Chatenet Ch26 Evo thanks to this bumper before carbon effect. ABS quality and discount price this bumper will fit perfectly to your vehicle without a permit.
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Cable throttle ch26

Chatenet CH26 Accelerator cable   This cable Accelerator, in line with European standards, is identical to the original model of your car without a license. Adaptable on the model of the mark Chatenet CH26, this product will bring you satisfaction and pleasure of driving.
€9.92 €14.92
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Cable accelerator chatenet

Cable CHATENET BAROODER and MEDIA This Accelerator for cable Chatenet media and barooder will be perfect to replace a former faulty cable. This cable is manufactured with first quality materials to give it durability and exceptional ruggedness.   
€6.25 €8.25
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Cable accélérateur Chatenet barooder yanmar

Chatenet Barooder The accelerator cable allows to give the information to pressure or not on the gas pedal for controlling the engine speed. If your accelerator pedal is suddenly too hard or conversely too soft, you probably have a problem on your cable that needs to be replaced. This cable can be mounted only on Chatenet Barooder with YANMAR engine.
€10.58 €11.58

CHATENET MEDIA / STELLA GIMBAL. Only for Media and Stella models Stellaused right or left cardan shaft, 585mm.
Gimbal Chatenet Speedino Right

Chatenet SPEEDINO STRAIGHT This reference is a right cardan shaft designed for the model Speedino of the brand Chatenet . Its robustness as well as its quality, will fill you completely, without speaking about its discount price! Note that this part measures 670 mm.
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Cardan pour chatenet barooder avant 2008 drtoit / gauche

Chatenet Barooder before 2008 This adaptable right and left cardan shaft is for the model Barooder of the brand Chatenet dating from before 2008. This part must be in perfect condition for your safety, you will be seduced by its discount price but also by its longevity! This reference measures 610 mm, an information to take into account when ordering.
€89.17 €149.17
Ceiling light Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, CH40, CH46, Pick up and Sporteevo The purpose of the ceiling light is to illuminate your passenger compartment when opening or closing your doors or to allow you to read a document such as a road map.

GEARBOX CHATENET BAROODER. Gearbox for Barooder of Chatenet with spring inside (used).
Centralization box with remote control Chatenet

Chatenet CH26,28,30,32 and Sporteevo central receiver box with remote control. If your Chatenet cannot be locked properly, it probably means that your central receiver bow is faulty, replace it as soon as possible so as to guarantee your no-licence car can be locked.