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Adaptable Mitsubishi alternator

Casalini Ydea, Sulky, M10, M12, M14 with Mitsubishi engine Alternators are very important to the proper functioning of your VSP car. It enables the battery to be recharged after starting the engine and ensures the production of the vehicle's electricity. 
Belt alternator casalini

CASALINI all models engine MITSUBISHI This alternator belt is made to fit perfectly to the Mitsubishi engine, it therefore ascend the majority of brand carts Casalini . Reliable and robust, it will fill you completely!
Belt dimmer casalini ydea

CASALINI YDEA This adaptable belt is a reference that is intended for the Ydea of the brand model Casalini . This easy to assemble coin will seduce you with its discount prices.
Brake hub stud

All models These brake hub studs ensure a good attachment of your brake discs. Cheap and easy to install, you can consult our advice to mount them in good conditions.
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Casalini m10 front bumper

For Casalini M10 This quality fiber bumper is very durable and will ideally replace the old bumper of your Casalini M10. Very easy to install and with a discount price, hard to resist!
€69.17 €99.17
Lighthouse before casalini

CASALINI SULKY / M10 / M12 Headlights for Casalini Sulky and M10 are very high quality products. We also have a whole range of compatible products for carts Casalini Do not hesitate to consult our catalogue!
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Casalini m10 rear bumper

Rear bumper Casalini M10 This rear bumper is dedicated to the M10 model of the no-licence vehicle brand Casalini. Perfectly adaptable and at a discount price, this ABS quality product will bring you complete satisfaction. All our body parts are delivered raw. They must be primed and painted.
€74.17 €84.17
Air deflector Casalini M14

Casalini M14 Air Deflector The air deflector directs air flow without causing any disturbance. It has been specially developed for the Casalini M14 model. 
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Gimbal Casalini M14 Right

CASALINI M14 Right (650 mm) This quality shaft is a robust part, specially designed for the CASALINI M14 model. Note that this shaft is 650 mm long and is mounted on the passenger side.
€89.17 €149.17
Lights rear casalini

CASALINI M10 / M12 Your rear lights of your Casalini M10 malfunctioning? The rear lights that we propose you will replace them perfectly. They have an excellent lifespan and their price is very attractive
Casalini suspension arms

CASALINI SULKY and DAYTONA M10 This suspension arm is perfectly compatible with the carts Casalini SulkyDaytona, M10. A faulty arm (warped following an impact) can lead to a loss of control of the vehicle and cause serious consequences, so do not wait any longer to replace your parts.
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Pare - brise casalini m10

Casalini M10 / Sulky This windscreen is dedicated to the M10 and Sulky the brand of vehicle without a license Casalini is faithful to the original and will satisfy you as much by its aspect as by its discount price.
€152.50 €207.50
Amortisseur arrière casalini ydea

For Casalini Ydea Your vehicle without a permit Casalini Ydea needs new rear shock absorbers? Opt for this product, sold to l ' unit, that s ' fit perfectly to your cart.
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Head gasket Mitsubishi - F0098000019

Mitsubishi engine White smoke coming out of the exhaust? Abnormal overheating of your engine? These are the signs of a cylinder head gasket that is showing signs of ageing. Replace it without delay to avoid engine failure on your car.
€28.25 €58.25
Mitsubishi engine air filter

Air filter Casalini with a Mitsubishi engine This air filter is specially developed for Casalini make cars fitted with a Mitsubishi engine of 635 cm3 as of 2014. Do not hesitate to replace it and thus giving power back to your licence-free car!
Air filter casalini / mitsubishi

Engine MITSUBISHI This air cleaner is suitable for cars without a permit Casalini equipped with a Mitsubishi engine. Because knows how difficult it is to find parts not expensive for Casalini, we try to find these parts for you at the best price.
Filter diesel casalini

Engine MITSUBISHI This fuel filter is ideal for cars without a permit Casalini with engine Mitsubishi. Because ' it is difficult to find the right product for your car without a licence, offers you thousands of parts at discount prices.
Flexible exhaust casalini sulky

Flexible exhaust for Casalini Sulky: diameter 30   This flexible exhaust for vehicle without a permit casalini Sulky has a diameter of 30 mm. It will replace a defective hose or damaged by adapting perfectly to your car. Its low price and its resistance you will satisfy completely.
4 rear pads casalini games

Set of 4 pads rear for adaptable Casalini These brake pads have specially designed to be mounted to the rear of the Casalini . Remember to check your brake disks which can also be the cause of abnormal wear of your brake pads.
Candle mitsubishi

Mitsubishi engine This candle is dedicated to the Mitsubishi engine. You will easily replace the candles of your Ydea Casalini. Buy this piece at discount prices, without neglecting the quality on
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Capot casalini m10

Casalini M10 Replace the hood abyss of your Casalini M10 with piecesanspermis and its discount prices. This room is specially designed for your model of unlicensed, casalini M10. Made in Abs, it's resistant one-piece and quality assurance.
€102.50 €132.50
Crossover casalini sulky

CASALINI SULKY / M10 / M110 / M12 / M14 / M14 2.0 / M20 REVERSING CABLE Dedicated to the Casalini Sulky M10 / M12 / M14, this reverser cable will solve your problems of switching from forward to reverse. With a long life, this essential cable at a competitive price meets the strictest European standards.
Left rear light Casalini M14

Left back light for Casalini M14 Your  Casalini  M14 back light is faulty following a minor accident, do not hesitate to replace it with our new and adaptable part conforming to the original.  This back light has been chosen for its manufacture quality and its unbeatable price.
Lower ball joint Chatenet CH26,28,30,32,40,46

Suspension ball joint for Chatenet CH26/CH28/CH30/CH32/CH40 and Casalini M10(2nd mounting) M12, M14, M20 Your car does not offer you an optimal road holding anymore, your suspension ball joint must be replaced. You have the possibility to do it thanks to our ball joint specially developed for the models of the brand Chatenet .
Rear-view mirror for casalini m10

Left or right mirror for CASALINI M10 To replace your mirrors of Casalini M10 and benefit from a discount on a new part prices, it is this model that need you!
Rear-view mirror for casalini ydea

Left or right mirror for CASALINI YDEA If you want to replace your mirrors of your Casalini YDEA quickly and easily, this piece is for you! With an advantageous purchase price and easy installation, this model is a sure value!
Mitsubishi engine water pump

Mitsubishi engine water pump If your water pump shows signs of failure (leakage, seizing of the axis...) or you have to carry out your distribution, offers you this new and adaptable water pump of equivalent quality to the original one
Mitsubishi diesel filter

Fuel filter for Casalini with Mitsubishi engine For the maintenance of your Casalini no-licence car with a Mitsubishi engine, choose our fuel filter, original quality and competitive price. 
Original Mitsubishi starter

Original Mitsubishi ignition for Casalini If you have problems starting your Casalini and it has a Mitsubishi engine, you can purchase this original ignition at a discount price at