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List of products by brand Casalini

Casalini was founded in Piacenza (Italy) in 1939, and until 1969 produced the first automatic dough-making machine, followed by motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles. Among its best-known products are the Sulkyproduced since 1971: a small three-wheeled car that achieved moderate commercial success.

Quadricycles produced by Casalini are renowned for their sturdy structure and attractive price.

CASALINI M10 / M14 rear brake pad

Set of 4 rear brake pads for Casalini adaptable These brake pads have been specially designed to fit the rear of the Casalini M10 and M14. Don't forget to check your brake discs, which may also be the cause of abnormal brake pad wear.
Adaptable Mitsubishi alternator

Casalini Ydea, Sulky, M10, M12, M14 with Mitsubishi engine Alternators are very important to the proper functioning of your VSP car. It enables the battery to be recharged after starting the engine and ensures the production of the vehicle's electricity. 
CASALINI M10 right wing

Casalini M10 and M12 If your wing has been damaged in an accident and is no longer usable, this left front wing is for you. It's the ideal replacement for your existing part, and you'll be delighted by its sturdiness and discount price.
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Front shock absorber Casalini

Front shock absorber Casalini M14 2.0, M20 The front shock absorber for Casalini M14 2.0 and M20 is the essential part for optimum riding comfort and reliable handling. Designed specifically for the M14 2.0 and M20 models from Casalini, this shock absorber ensures effective shock and vibration absorption, improving the quality of your ride. Choose this quality replacement part for optimum roadholding. Order today for confident driving.
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Front shock absorber Casalini M20

Front shock absorber Casalini M20 (2nd generation) The front shock absorber provides safety and roadholding for your VSP, so remember to replace it if you notice a leak or unpleasant road behaviour.
Amortisseur avant gauche -...

Casalini Sulky, M10, M12, M14 (1st installation) Give your Casalini a pleasant ride and improved handling by replacing your original left front shock absorber. Give it new life on the road with this top-quality replacement part. Opt for original quality by choosing this left front shock absorber for your Casalini Sulky 2008, M10, M12, Pick Up 12, or M14 (up to serial number ZD590249814100667). Order now!
Alternator belt CASALINI mitsubishi engine - 775 mm

CASALINI all models engine MITSUBISHI This alternator belt is made to fit perfectly to the Mitsubishi engine, it therefore ascend the majority of brand carts Casalini . Reliable and robust, it will fill you completely!
Drive belt casalini ydea

CASALINI YDEA This adaptable belt is a reference that is intended for the Ydea of the brand model Casalini . This easy to assemble coin will seduce you with its discount prices.
Brake hub stud

All models These brake hub studs ensure a good attachment of your brake discs. Cheap and easy to install, you can consult our advice to mount them in good conditions.
Steering shaft Casalini

Casalini M10, M110, M12, M14, M20 Designed specifically for Casalini models, this high-quality part ensures a reliable connection between the steering rack and the front wheels. Manufactured with great precision and exceptional durability, this toggle offers you safe driving and responsive steering.
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Front bumper casalini m10 - P2060049723

For Casalini M10 This quality fiber bumper is very durable and will ideally replace the old bumper of your Casalini M10. Very easy to install and with a discount price, hard to resist!
€89.00 €119.00
CASALINI front right...

CASALINI SULKY, M10, M12 This headlight for Casalini Sulky and M10 is a top-quality product. We also have a whole range of compatible products for golf carts Casalini please consult our catalog
CASALINI headlight Sulky /...

CASALINI SULKY / M10 / M12 Headlights for Casalini Sulky and M10 are very high quality products. We also have a whole range of compatible products for carts Casalini Do not hesitate to consult our catalogue!
Rear bumper casalini m10 - P2060049731

Rear bumper Casalini M10 This rear bumper is dedicated to the M10 model of the no-licence vehicle brand Casalini. Perfectly adaptable and at a discount price, this ABS quality product will bring you complete satisfaction. All our body parts are delivered raw. They must be primed and painted.
Air deflector Casalini M14

Casalini M14 Air Deflector The air deflector directs air flow without causing any disturbance. It has been specially developed for the Casalini M14 model. 
Taillights casalini - F2102000072 / F2102000073

CASALINI M10 / M12 Your rear lights of your Casalini M10 malfunctioning? The rear lights that we propose you will replace them perfectly. They have an excellent lifespan and their price is very attractive
Suspension arm casalini - G9003021814 / G9003021824

CASALINI SULKY and DAYTONA M10 This suspension arm is perfectly compatible with the carts Casalini SulkyDaytona, M10. A faulty arm (warped following an impact) can lead to a loss of control of the vehicle and cause serious consequences, so do not wait any longer to replace your parts.
Windscreen casalini m10 - P0019049750

Casalini M10 / Sulky This windscreen is dedicated to the M10 and Sulky the brand of vehicle without a license Casalini is faithful to the original and will satisfy you as much by its aspect as by its discount price.
Rear shock absorber casalini ydea - F2107000025

For Casalini Ydea Your vehicle without a permit Casalini Ydea needs new rear shock absorbers? Opt for this product, sold to l ' unit, that s ' fit perfectly to your cart.
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Hand brake switch Casalini

Handbrake switch Casalini The Casalini handbrake switch is an essential part of your vehicle's handbrake system. Tailor-made for Casalini models, this contactor ensures that the handbrake is reliably activated and deactivated, enhancing your vehicle's safety. Choose this quality replacement part to maintain the reliability of your handbrake. Order today to guarantee your vehicle's safety.
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Stop switch Casalini

Stop switch Casalini The stop switch Casalini is an essential part of your braking system. Designed specifically for Casalini vehicles, this switch is responsible for activating the brake lights when you depress the brake pedal. Choose this quality replacement part for safe driving. Order today to guarantee the reliability of your braking system.
copy of Amortisseur avant...

Casalini Sulky, M10, M12, M14 (1st assembly) Give your Casalini Sulky 2008, M10, M12 or M14 optimal ride comfort by opting for this quality right front shock absorber. The shock absorber is an essential part of your vehicle's suspension, ensuring stable handling, effective shock absorption and a smooth ride. Specially designed for the models mentioned, this right front shock absorber installs easily, effectively replacing the old, worn component. Opt for this replacement part to restore the suspension performance of your Casalini, offering a more enjoyable ride on the road. For safe cornering and unrivalled driving comfort, choose quality with this adaptable right front shock absorber.
Left mirror Casalini M14, M20

Left-hand mirror with turn signal repeater Casalini m14 2.0, M20 The Casalini left-hand mirror is an essential spare part designed specifically for Casalini vehicles. This mirror is carefully manufactured to ensure a precise fit on your vehicle model, ensuring optimum visibility of the left side of your Casalini. Opt for this quality left-hand mirror to maintain the safety and visibility of your vehicle Casalini. Order this replacement part today for worry-free driving and a clear view of the road to the left of your vehicle.
copy of Triangle avant...

Casalini M10 (2nd fit), M12, M14 Designed to fit Casalini M10 (2nd fit), M12 and M14 models perfectly, this wishbone is an OE part that guarantees a precise fit, exceptional durability and optimum performance. As an essential component of the front suspension, it plays a crucial role in your vehicle's handling, stability and ride comfort. Choose this OE part for unrivalled quality. With this original left front wishbone, you can maintain the driving quality of your Casalini at an optimum level. A guarantee of safety and performance for your licence-free car. Order now!
copy of Triangle avant...

Casalini M10 (2nd installation), M12, M14 This wishbone is an essential part of the front suspension, guaranteeing surefootedness and optimum handling. Manufactured to Casalini's exacting standards, this wishbone ensures a precise fit and exceptional durability. Its robust design enables it to withstand the stresses of the road, giving you a comfortable, stable ride. Whether you need to replace a worn part or maintain the performance of your Casalini. Opt for this genuine part for unrivalled quality and give your licence-free car the assurance of a safe and reliable ride by choosing this genuine passenger-side right front wishbone.
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Right front triangle Casalini

Casalini M14 2.0, M20 Original suspension triangle for Casalini, the triangle is the part that connects the hub carrier to the wheel. In the event of a front impact, replace it if it shows impact marks.
Crémalliere Casalini

Casalini Sulky, Ydea M10 and M12 Take advantage of our steering rack for Sulk, Ydea, M10 and M12 models from Casalini at the best price. Repair your VSP with our parts and save big.
Rear brake disc Casalini &amp Bellier B8

Casalini Ydea, Sulky, M10, M12, M14(1st assembly) / Bellier B8 The rear brake disc is an essential part of your vehicle's braking system. Designed to be installed on the rear axle, this brake disc is responsible for slowing or stopping the rotation of the rear wheel when you depress the brake pedal. Opt for this quality rear brake disc to maintain reliable brakes and ensure your safety when driving your vehicle. Order this replacement part today to restore the performance of your braking system.
Disque frein avant Casalini

Front brake disc Casalini, Grecav, Bellier The Front Brake Disc is an essential replacement part designed to replace a worn, damaged or defective front brake disc on your vehicle. This component is specially designed to fit a variety of vehicle makes and models, offering a versatile replacement solution. Opt for this quality front brake disc to ensure reliable braking performance and optimum safety when driving your vehicle. Order this replacement part today for confident braking.
Mitsubishi engine air filter

Air filter Casalini with a Mitsubishi engine This air filter is specially developed for Casalini make cars fitted with a Mitsubishi engine of 635 cm3 as of 2014. Do not hesitate to replace it and thus giving power back to your licence-free car!
Motor support grecav

GRECAV EKE and SONIQUE / LIGIER XPRO / CASALINI This adaptable engine mount will perfectly replace your defective part of your Grecav EkeGrecav, Grecav Sonique, Ligier XPRO, Casalini. With an easy break, and an unbeatable price, it's hard not to be seduced!
Etrier de frein arrière -...

Casalini Sulky, M10, M12, M14, M20, 550, Bellier B8 This model is suitable for a variety of non-licensed vehicle models, making it a versatile choice for keeping your car safe and efficient. If you're looking to replace a defective or worn brake caliper, opt for this genuine part for maximum reliability on the road. With a genuine rear brake caliper, you can drive with confidence, knowing that your braking system is up to the highest quality standards. An essential part for your licence-free car, guaranteeing unrivalled safety and performance. Order now!
CASALINI air filter

Engine MITSUBISHI This air cleaner is suitable for cars without a permit Casalini equipped with a Mitsubishi engine. Because knows how difficult it is to find parts not expensive for Casalini, we try to find these parts for you at the best price.
Fuel filter casalini - F0098000054

Engine MITSUBISHI This fuel filter is ideal for cars without a permit Casalini with engine Mitsubishi. Because ' it is difficult to find the right product for your car without a licence, offers you thousands of parts at discount prices.
Front brake hose Casalini

Casalini Sulky 2008, M10, M12, M14, M20 Ensure safe driving with our high-quality, adaptable front brake hose. Designed to ensure optimum responsiveness and reliable braking performance, our front brake hose fits your vehicle perfectly. Made from durable materials and robust construction, our front brake hose is designed to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring exceptional durability and reliable long-term performance. Order today for confident driving and optimum braking performance, whatever the road you're on. Length: 270mm
Front bumper Casalini M20

Casalini M20 Protect and enhance the appearance of your Casalini M20 with our adaptable front bumper. Specially designed to fit the M20 model perfectly, our front bumper offers robust protection while maintaining the original appearance of your car. Easily replace your damaged or worn front bumper with our adaptable model to maintain the aesthetic integrity and safety of your Casalini M20. Order today to ensure optimum protection and improved appearance for your Casalini M20 licence-free car
Set of 4 rear pads casalini - F0040000735

Set of 4 pads rear for adaptable Casalini These brake pads have specially designed to be mounted to the rear of the Casalini . Remember to check your brake disks which can also be the cause of abnormal wear of your brake pads.
MITSUBISHI glow plugs

Mitsubishi engine This candle is dedicated to the Mitsubishi engine. You will easily replace the candles of your Ydea Casalini. Buy this piece at discount prices, without neglecting the quality on
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Hood casalini m10 - A0060084570

Casalini M10 Replace the hood abyss of your Casalini M10 with piecesanspermis and its discount prices. This room is specially designed for your model of unlicensed, casalini M10. Made in Abs, it's resistant one-piece and quality assurance.
€129.00 €159.00
Inverter cable casalini sulky - F2158000112

CASALINI SULKY / M10 / M110 / M12 / M14 / M14 2.0 / M20 REVERSING CABLE Dedicated to the Casalini Sulky M10 / M12 / M14, this reverser cable will solve your problems of switching from forward to reverse. With a long life, this essential cable at a competitive price meets the strictest European standards.
Fuel rail O-ring Lombardini Focs and Progress

Ligier Microcar, , , , , Chatenet Dué Bellier JDM Grecav The adaptable 9.5 mm fuel rail O-ring is an essential part of the fuel system seal on your hatchback. Made from high-quality materials and a robust design, this O-ring offers reliable, long-lasting performance. Choose this adaptable 9.5 mm fuel rail O-ring to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely.