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Microcar est un constructeur français de voiture automobile sans permis en activité depuis 1980. Il a été racheté en 2008 par Ligier et depuis les deux constructeurs travaillent main dans la main avec des synergies fortes tout en conservant des modèles distincts.

L'usine de fabrication Microcar est située à Montaigu (Vendée).

Microcar conserve la réputation d’être une marque de qualité au design épuré.

3rd brake light Microcar Virgo 1, 2 and MC1, MC2

Microcar Viro 1, 2, MC1 and MC2 Does your 3rd brake light no longer work at all? Replace it with our new original part specially developed for Microcar Virgo I, II and MC1 and MC2 VSPs
4 MICROCAR rear brake pads after 2006

MICROCAR MC - AFTER 2006 These rear brake pads are dedicated exclusively to cars without Microcar MC2 from 2006. Specially designed to resist moisture and high temperatures, they come from one of our best suppliers.
4 rear brake pads microcar - 1002126

MICROCAR 1st VERSION prior to 2006 These sold by four brake vent inserts are suitable for older version of Microcar before 2006. You will be convinced by its effectiveness during emergency braking. has also in stock for the microcar brake pads after 2006.
4 rear brake pad microcar and ligier - 1008465

MICROCAR MGO 1 and 2 / F8C / M8 (1st mounting) - LIGIER IXO (1st mounting) / JSRC - Dué FIRST These brake pads have been specially designed to be mounted at the rear of the car MGO 1 and 2, F8,M8, FLEX (2012), Dué First and on the rear of LIGIER IXO (up to number 6489), LIGIER JSRC. Remember to check your brake discs which can also be the cause of abnormal wear of your brake pads.
4-pin preheating relay Microcar

Microcar MC1 and MC2 The glow relay provides the power supply to the spark plugs and also regulates the glow time of the spark plugs. If your relay is malfunctioning it can cause starting difficulties.
5-wire door motor microcar

For Microcar Mgo   Need to change your Microcar MGO door motor? Choose this product dedicated to your vehicle without a permit that will restore your centralized its raison d'etre. Repair your locking low-cost and enjoy new fully of your car.
MICROCAR M8 right front fender

Right front fender Microcar M8 Your front fender has been damaged in a road accident and you need to change it? With piecesanspermis, you can take advantage of our new parts at discount prices.
Air conditioning belt

Microcar MGO2, M8, F8C, Ligier JSRC The air conditioning belt compatible with Microcar MGO2, M8, F8C, and Ligier JSRC models is an essential part for maintaining the efficient operation of your air conditioning system. This belt is precision-engineered to ensure optimum power transmission and reliable air-conditioning performance in your vehicle. With this air conditioning belt, you can enjoy a comfortable, cool interior on hot days, enhancing your driving experience. Choose this quality replacement part to keep your air conditioning system in excellent working order. Order today for a pleasant driving environment all year round.
Air-conditioning radiator Microcar

Microcar MGo 3, MGo 4 and Dué 2 and 3 Your air-conditioning does not produce cold anymore, the radiator (or condenser) of your air-conditioning must be defective, replace it by our part of equivalent quality to the original one by preserving a price well lower than the original one.
MC1 and MC2 aluminum aerators

Microcar MC1 and MC2 Buy our air vent with original aluminium finish for Microcar MC1 and MC2 at the best price and thus enjoy optimum comfort on board your VSP.
Lower ball joint microcar - 1000530

This ball is mounted on MICROCAR LYRA / VIRGO / MC1 / MC2 / MGO  With time they can either take the game, or to instead bind if they forgot to grease or if water has penetrated by a damaged bellows. Find also all our suspension wishbones for Microcar and other brands
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Steering knuckle microcar - 750976

MICROCAR VIRGO and MGO These direction bearings have been produced especially for Microcar Virgo and MGO. They are part of our Bestsellers graces to their ease of installation and manufacturing of precision. Don't wait any longer and come and discover our other parts for car without a license
€11.90 €12.90
Alternator belt MICROCAR, CHATENET, BELLIER - GRECAV engine Lombardini Focs - 763 mm

MICROCAR VIRGO - MC1 - MC2 engine LOMBARDINI FOCS This alternator adptable belt is intended for fans for Microcar MC1, MC2, and Virgo. Note that your cart must be equipped with an engine of the mark Lombardini JIBS. Difficult to resist its reliability and its discount prices!
MICROCAR alternator belt MGO1, MGO2 , M8, F8C and Ligier JSRC - 617 mm

Belt alternator Adaptable on Microcar MGO Yanmar engine. This alternator adptable belt is intended to the  Microcar MGO. Note that your cart must be equipped with an engine of the mark Yanmar . Difficult to resist its reliability and its discount prices!
Drive belt microcar mc2 yanmar

MICROCAR MC2 engine YANMAR This product is a flexible strap that corresponds to the Yanmar engine, for model MC2 of the mark Microcar . With a discount price and a pose assisted through the tutorials of Stephano, difficult not to succumb!
Original drive belt microcar mc1 / mc2 jibs

MICROCAR MC1 / MC2 engine LOMBARDINI FOCS This belt is compatible with Microcar MC1/MC2 with Lombardini focs engine. It is strictly made from high quality materials by the best manufacturers.
Bumper grille

Bumper grille Black color This honeycomb bumper grille will give a more assertive look to your car without licence. The grid is made of aluminium mesh. It will be easily cut to fit precisely on your VSP ( Chatenet , Microcar ,...) This grid is available in dimension 1.25m * 30cm
COMEX gearbox Microcar MGO1 / MGO2 / M8, Due First 1/8

For Microcar MGO 1 and MGO 2 / Dué / M8 with rear sensor - Ratio 1/8 You're having trouble shifting from forward to reverse. Replace the reversing gearbox on your Microcar Mgo 1 and 2 / M8 / Dué with our gearbox specially designed for your VSP model. - Microcar Mgo 1 and 2 with 14" aluminum rims - Microcar M8 with 14-inch aluminum rims - Gearbox ratio: 1/8 Remember to check the position of the speed sensor.
COMEX gearbox Microcar MGO1 / MGO2 / M8, Due First 1/11

For Microcar MGO 1 and MGO 2 / Dué / M8 with rear sensor - Ratio 1/11 You have difficulty shifting from forward to reverse. Replace your Microcar Mgo 1 and 2 / M8 with our gearbox specially designed for your VSP model. - Microcar Mgo 1 and 2 with 13" rims - Microcar M8 with 13-inch rims - Gearbox ratio: 1/11 Remember to check the position of the speed sensor.
Hood Microcar MGO 3 and Dué 2 (P85)

Bonnet Microcar MGo 3 and Dué 2 P85 You have been a victim of a minor accident and you need to replace your bonnet, choose our adaptable part 3 x cheaper than the original at the equivalent quality in order to repair your Microcar or Dué.
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H1 bulb set

This set of bulbs H1 consists of:   -1 bulb H1 12V 55W -1 stop bulb 2 studs 12V 21/5W -1 white flashing bulb 12V 21W 1 plot -1 bulb 12V 5W (fire position or taillight) Oiler -1 witness without nerve 12V 5W bulb -1 fuse 10 amp -1 fuse 15 amp
€6.40 €7.40
H7 bulb set offers you this box of bulbs H7 including:   -1 bulb H7 12V 55W -1 stop bulb 2 studs 12V 21/5W -1 white flashing bulb 12V 21W 1 plot -1 bulb 12V 5W (fire position or taillight) Oiler -1 witness without nerve 12V 5W bulb -1 fuse 10 amp -1 fuse 15 amp
Brake / shoe fixing kit

Brake attachment Kit / JAWS This brake attachment kit is compatible with a large number of car without a licence. This set includes 2 springs, 2 rods and 2 great clips to change your system of braking without difficulties but also without breaking the Bank!
Hand brake cable microcar mc1 - 1004198

Cable MICROCAR MC1 Take advantage of our unbeatable pricing on this Handbrake cable specifically developed for cars without a permit Microcar MC1. Its long lifespan and its discount price will satisfy you fully. So go ahead and choose the quality and price!  
Hand brake cable microcar mc2 - 1003409

Cable MICROCAR MC2 If you have a cart without a permit Microcar MC2 and posed you your brake cable problem, this product is for you. High reliability, this brake cable will be perfect to replace your defective cable.
Hand brake cable microcar mgo - 1006210

Cable MICROCAR MGO This Handbrake cable has been specially developed for the carts without a license Microcar MGO. Very reliable and very cheap, it will surprise you thanks to its durability and ease of installation. 
Hand brake cable microcar virgo - 660438

Cable MICROCAR VIRGO Your brake cable is defective? Do not hesitate! Choose this cable of high reliability, and durability at an unbeatable price! It is specially designed for carts Microcar Virgo.  
MICROCAR right rear brake disc CargomGO, M8, F8C, Ligier Optimax, Ixo, JS50, Dué 2, 3

Brake disc rear Microcar MGO / M8 left or right.   Adaptable on the Microcar MGO and M8 unlicensed vehicles, these rear brake discs conform to the highest standards of the European Union. Important security feature, braking must be monitored carefully. Our brake discs are sold at the unit. Choose the side (left or right) you want to just below the price.
Complete front brake disc microcar - 779016

MICROCAR LYRA / VIRGO 1-2-3 These full-priced discount front brake discs are installed on vehicles Microcar Lyra and Virgo. Some discs are not severable from the hub, also invite you to discover simple brake discs without the hub for the same models of carts.
Front brake disc mgo - 1008471

Brake front MGO These brake discs are easily installed in front of the last generations of Microcar MGO. Its attractive price and effectiveness to perfectly meet the braking situations. We have similarly pads front and rear Microcar MGO
bras de suspension arrière...

Right/left rear suspension arm Ligier, Microcar, Dué This suspension arm is perfectly compatible with VSP Microcar, Ligier, Dué A defective arm (warped following an impact) can lead to a loss of control of the vehicle and cause serious consequences, so don't wait any longer to replace your parts and opt for our new part at the best price
H7 bulb

Need to replace bulbs H7 of your car without a license or simply having to spare in prevention of a future failure, you're in the right place. This H7 bulb is used for the main headlights (lights and road crossing), if one of the present bulbs on your vsp is blown, he must quickly replace it.
Front bumper microcar mc1 / mc2 - 1002698

MICROCAR MC1 / MC2 1st series (A painting) This bumper is adaptable only on cars without a permit Microcar MC1 / MC2. You will be very satisfied its great solidity, especially for the small price that we offer.    
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Front bumper microcar mgo - 1008114

MICROCAR MGO For any replacement of bumper for the model Microcar MGO, this piece is for you! with its ease of installation and its robustness made unje best sales from our catalog, and at discount rates always
€79.00 €99.00
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Front bumper microcar mgo - 1010740

MICROCAR MGO 2 nd series Bumper front for Microcar MGO from the second series, easily instalable and robust! This bumper will fill you completely with in more an irresistible price!
€79.00 €99.00
Front bumper microcar virgo 1 - 664388

MICROCAR VIRGO 1 (A PAINTING) This bumper that is offered here is designed for cars without a permit Microcar VIRGO. You will be very happy: the proposed price is unbeatable and the material used makes this bumper very solid.
Front bumper microcar virgo2

MICROCAR VIRGO 2 (A PAINTING) You want to replace the bumper before your Microcar VIRGO 2? In this case, we recommend you this superb product. Sold at an unbeatable price, it is very well designed and its strength will allow you to ride with confidence.  
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Front bumper microcar virgo3 - 1000980

MICROCAR VIRGO 3 (A PAINTING) This bumper is adaptable to Microcar VIRGO 3. It will be perfect to change your old bumper. Do not hesitate to, consult our catalogue in order to enjoy our quality products at discount prices!
€73.00 €98.00
Bumper grille

Bumper grille This dimpled bumper grid honeycomb will bring a "look" more assertive in your car without a license. The grid is aluminium mesh. She will easily cut to fit precisely with your VSP) Chatenet , Microcar ,...) This grid is available in size 1.25 m * 30 cm